Collins Bridge Club
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Using the CBAI Handicap Guidelines, handicaps are shown for all Club Members. CBAI offers two models:

  • A player's handicap is the difference, in percentage, between the Club’s average winning percentage (currently about 61.3%) and the player’s average percentage over a period. For example, a player with an average of 50% would have a handicap of 12%.
  • A stricter option, giving a player 2/3 of the above allowance. The player with an average of 50% would now have a handicap of 8%.

​We have selected the stricter option.

Usually we go back six months of play to determine a player's average. A minimum of three games is needed.

Also, a cut-off (maximum permitted handicap) based on Grade is shown: 0% for National and Regional Masters, 3% for Masters, 7% for A1, 9% for A2, 11% for B1 and 15% for B2 players. This maximum of 15% is more or less in line with CBAI’s stricter option. We extend this to 18% maximum for Novices. On our printout, players affected by Grade cut-off have their handicaps shown in RED.

Handicaps in BLUE are for players who have not played three or more games in the last six Season months: they retain their old handicaps, or – if new members – they are assigned a handicap.

In addition to mathematical and grade settings, the Handicap Committee may make any other adjustments it considers appropriate. Currently under "General Play", a cut of 2% is applied to major prize cup holders (excluding the Club Pairs, which is a scratch event). This 2% is subtracted before any RED Grade cut-off is applied. 

Every two months or so, all handicaps will be revised, using the CBAI formula described above, and again based on a player's last six months of play.

Members are welcome to make submissions to the Handicap Committee:

  • For the improvement of the Handicap System generally;
  • On their own handicaps.

Handicap Committee: Imelda Cullinan, Cormac Lalor, Gerard O'Halloran.

Click for CBAI guidance notes:  Handicap System for Clubs