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Constitution of Collier Row Bridge Club



Internal Constitution and Rules

30 September 1989

amended 15 April 1993

and 13 May 1999

and 16 November 2000

and 23 May 2015


1. Preliminary

1.1 Collier Row Bridge Club is a constituent section of the North Romford Community Association. Internally, and in correspondence with other bridge clubs and associations, it may be referred to as "Collier Row Bridge Club (NRCA)".


1.2 The Club premises are at the North Romford Community Centre, Clockhouse Lane, Collier Row, Romford RM5 3QJ.


1.3 The Club operates within the constitution of the North Romford Community Association and is subject to the jurisdiction of the Association’s Committee. All internal matters relating to the Club shall be under the control of a Club Committee, whose decision on any matter shall be deemed as final.


1.4 The Club shall operate on an annual basis from the first day of April to the last day of March each year, and an Annual General Meeting shall be held on the third Thursday in April each year.


1.5 The Club shall be affiliated to the English Bridge Union (E.B.U.) through the Essex Contract Bridge Association (E.C.B.A.).



2. Objectives

2.1 To provide opportunities for members to meet regularly with the aim of enjoying the game of bridge.


2.2 To encourage members to improve their ability in bidding and playing bridge.


2.3 To provide facilities for members to play Duplicate and Rubber Bridge.


2.4 To encourage members to participate in bridge tournaments.


2.5 To co-ordinate and co-operate with other bridge clubs.

2.6 To promote or assist with charitable activities connected with bridge, at the discretion of the Committee.

2.7 To organise any events and carry out activities as may be determined by the Committee.



3. Membership


3.1 Individuals must apply to the Committee for membership.

3.2 All applications shall be examined by the Committee which has the right to refuse membership to any person, without giving a reason.

3.3 All members of the Club must be paid-up members of the North Romford Community Association. A person shall be deemed a member of the Club when his or her Association membership number has been notified, and a nominal supplementary charge has been paid, to the Club Treasurer.

3.4 All members must agree to abide by the Constitution of the Association and the rules of the Club.

3.5 The Committee may suspend the membership of any member at any time, for reasons of misconduct or unsocial behaviour, if in their opinion such suspension is in the best interests of the Club. Such action shall be communicated in writing to the member at the earliest opportunity.

3.6 A register of members names, addresses and telephone numbers shall be maintained and kept up to date by the Committee. No information shall be held on computer without the express consent of the member concerned. Likewise, disclosure of any information on the register will only be made with such consent.



4. Officers and Committee

4.1 The Committee shall consist of at least five and no more than eight Club members. It shall include three officers of the Club, namely the Chairman, the Secretary and the Treasurer. Officers of the North Romford Community Association shall be ex-officio members of the Club Committee.

4.2 The officers and members of the Committee shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting of the Club.

4.3 Each member of the Committee shall hold office from the end of the Annual General Meeting to the end of the next Annual General Meeting.

4.4 All Committee members shall retire at the Annual General Meeting and be eligible for re-election.

4.5 The Committee may fill, by co-option, any casual vacancy that may occur in their number. The person so filling the vacancy shall retire at the subsequent Annual General Meeting and shall be eligible for re-election.

4.6 The Committee may co-opt one or more additional members during the year if it feels this to be desirable in the light of any special circumstance which may arise. Any such co-opted members must retire at the following Annual General Meeting. They shall be eligible for re-election; however not more than eight members may be elected to the new Committee.

4.7 One member of the Committee shall serve as Section Representative on the Council of the North Romford Community Association.

4.8 A quorum of the Committee shall consist of not less than four members.

5. Meetings

5.1 An Annual General Meeting shall be held every year on the third or fourth Thursday in April.

5.2 The Committee shall meet at its discretion by mutual consent not less than four times in each year.

5.3 The Committee shall have the power to call an Extraordinary General Meeting, and shall be required to do so if requested by a group of at least twelve Club members. The business to be conducted must appear on the Agenda, and no other business discussed. The Secretary shall inform members of any such meeting at least fourteen days beforehand.

5.4 The Chairman of the Committee shall conduct any meeting. In his or her reported absence, or failure to appear within fifteen minutes after the scheduled time of commencement of the meeting, another member of the Committee shall deputise for that meeting only.

5.5 An agenda shall be made available at every meeting by the Secretary.

5.6 Records shall be taken and minutes kept at all meetings. The minutes shall be confirmed by the Committee at its subsequent meeting, and signed by the Chairman of that meeting. Thereafter, such minutes shall be conclusive as to all matters therein recorded and purported to have been done or directed to be done.

5.7 The Committee may at its discretion invite other persons, concerned with the business to be discussed, to attend a meeting.

5.8 Any proposals to be raised at any General Meeting must be published at least fourteen days beforehand, and displayed on the Club notice board on at least the two Thursday evening prior to the meeting. No proposal which has not been so published may be discussed at the meeting.

5.9 Should any proposal raised under 5.8 above involve, in the Committee’s opinion, a major change in Club policy, the Committee will hold a meeting to consider such proposal in detail. The Committee will report on its findings to the General Meeting, and make voting recommendations to the members present. No vote may be taken on any such proposal until the Committee has so deliberated.

6. Voting

6.1 No person shall be deemed to have the power to vote at any meeting unless he or she is a member and has paid in full the subscription for the current year.

6.2 Voting shall be by a show of hands of the members present unless otherwise determined by the Chairman.

6.3 In the event of an equality in the votes cast, the Chairman shall have a casting vote.

6.4 Individual Committee members will be expected to vote in accordance with any collective Committee recommendation under 5.9 above.

7. Card Room Rules

7.1 The playing of bridge shall at all times be conducted in compliance with the current Laws of Duplicate and Rubber Bridge, and with published E.B.U. Rules and Ethics Directives. Only EBU-licensed systems and conventions may be used. 

7.2 The Tournament Director shall be in sole control of the session of play and his decision during the period of play on any Club evening is final.

7.3 Members, guests and visitors shall play at the tables allocated to them when their attendance fee is accepted by a Committee member.

7.4 Visitors may be admitted to Club evenings at the discretion of the Committee, but in the event of a turnout which exceeds the capacity of accommodation, members will be given priority.

7.5 All members, guests and visitors shall be ready to play at 7.30 p.m. promptly on duplicate Club evenings, and the last round is to commence not later than 10.15 p.m. Any players who have not signed in by 7.25 p.m. may be refused attendance to the session.

7.6 With the exception of the Tournament Director and of those persons who are disabled or incapacitated, all players must draw a card on arrival to determine their starting positions.

7.7 All players shall make every effort to be tolerant, polite, and display good manners at the Club at all times. Any person causing offence to another person in the card room may be expelled immediately, without prior notice.

7.8 Players shall have the right to ask the Tournament Director to record the details of any psychic bid. Such records will be kept on club premises and shall be available for inspection by members.

8. Complaints and Appeals

8.1 Any member wishing to level a complaint against any other member of the Club or against any guest or visitor, should do so in writing to a member of the Committee. The Committee shall make a decision on such complaint at its next meeting.

8.2 A member shall have the right to appeal against any suspension or other action taken by the Committee, or against any action of the Tournament Director provided that a protest is registered at the time. Appeals will be heard by the Committee, and the appellant shall have the right to attend and speak at the appeal hearing, and to call witnesses.

8.3 No local ruling by the Committee will take away a player’s right, if he or she so wishes, to appeal to the E.B.U.

9. Exclusion of Liability

Neither the Club nor any Officer or Committee Member thereof shall be liable to any member, guest of a member or visitor for any loss of or damage to any property occurring from whatsoever cause, in or about the Club’s premises; nor for any injury sustained by any member, guest or visitor whilst on or entering or leaving the Club’s premises.