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New Season Competitions

The Summer online Accumulator Competitions will run as follows: 

  • Tuesday Matchpoints:  fortnightly from 16th April to 20th August,
  • Tuesday IMPs:  fortnightly from 23rd April to 27th August  (alternating with the Matchpoints competition),
  • Thursday Matchpoints:   weekly starting on 2nd May to end August.
  • Saturday Matchpoints:  weekly starting on 4th May to end August.
  • Monday Matchpoints:  weekly starting 6th May to end August.

We pay small monetary prizes to the winners of all these competitions, and in future these will be paid as credits into the players' BBO accounts.

Change in Scoring Method for Boards played versus Robots

As you know, if we have a half table, then we introduce a pair of BBO robots in our duplicate events.  Players have the choice of playing the boards against the robots, or not.  The scores on these boards do not count and are removed from the final results.

Starting with the beginning of the Summer competitions above, the club is changing the way we remove the scores on those boards.

Instead of setting the result on the board to “Average”, we will set the boards against the Robots to be “Not Played”.

This method is adopted by other major clubs in Scotland (including the New Melville) and is generally regarded as a fairer method than averaging, as it reduces the degree of bias. 

Setting the boards to Not Played is achieved by deleting the robot pair from the event, which can only be done after the tournament has ended, outside the BBO system.

A consequence of this is that the results for the tournament as shown on BBO will NOT be the final results, and there will be some differences between BBO's provisional results and the final results shown on the Club's website.

Unfortunately, we have no way of correcting the BBO results, as the BBO system does not have the facility to delete the robot pair results in the way we want.

The final adjusted results, as posted on the club's website, will be used for all Masterpoint awards and Accumulator Competitions.

Last updated : 29th Apr 2024 15:32 BST
Welcome to the website of Colinton Castle Bridge Club, Edinburgh (affiliated to the Scottish Bridge Union).

Here you will find information about all our activities, our calendar of events, results for our competitions, and information about joining the club.  Click on the menu links to the left.

We run a full programme of on-line bridge competitions, using the BBO platform, currently 4 tournaments a week (see below for details).


In addition, all Colinton Castle members are invited to come and play F2F bridge as guests at Pentland Bridge Club at Juniper Green on Thursday evenings at 7pm during the winter months.

Results for the Pentland events can be found on the Pentland Bridgwebs site


Last updated : 3rd Oct 2023 14:47 BST


All Tournaments count towards competitions  Click on Competitions on the website menu for details of the competitions currently running

Tuesdays 7pm - Members only.  
(Guest partners allowed where a Member has no Member partner available.  A guest player may only play a maximum 3 times on Tuesdays.)

Registration:  5pm - 6:50pm. Players online by 6:50pm at the latest
Cost : $2 BB per player
Format: usually 20-24 boards. Alternates weekly between Matchpoints and Cross Imps.

Saturday 2:30pm - all SBU Members welcome.  

Registration:  12:30pm - 2:20pm.  Players online by 2:20pm at the latest
Cost : $2 BB per player

Format: usually 20-24 boards. Matchpoints. 

Mondays 10am - All SBU members welcome

Registration:  8am - 9:50am. Players online by 9:50am at the latest
Cost : $2 BB per player
Format: usually 20-24 boards. Matchpoints.

Thursdays 10am in conjunction with Dundee Bridge Club - All SBU members welcome. 

Registration:  8am - 10am. Players to be online by 10am
Cost : $3 BB per player
Format: usually 20-24 boards. Matchpoints.

Note Dundee and Colinton Castle take turns to host these events.  When Dundee are the host, the event will be listed under SBU_C_DUN, rather than SBU_E_COC.

Tips on registering, loading $BB and using the partnership desk are available in this Video (Members have been advised of the password). See also Bridge Base Online Guidelines for further tips on etiquette.

Last updated : 7th Nov 2023 13:00 GMT
About Colinton Castle Bridge Club

We extend a warm welcome to all bridge players.  The club is a very friendly one, but the bridge is taken seriously.

The Club has been established for many years in south Edinburgh.  Prior to Covid, we played duplicate bridge every Tuesday evening from the start of September to the end of June at the Braid Hills Hotel, 134 Braid Road Edinburgh.  On 3rd September 2023 we restarted monthly face-to-face duplicate games at the Braid Hills Hotel, and these are currently taking place every 4 weeks.

Since 2020 we have been running a regular programme of bridge games on-line, using BBO, and this is continuing.

The club ran two teams of eight in the SBU East District Leagues, which ran for many years up to 2019/20 but the matches that season were not completed due to the Covid pandemic.  It is currently not clear if or when these Leagues will resume.  See League Teams items on the menu for more details of the current position.  In the meantime several club members participate successfully in teams of four in the SBU Online Bronze League and the SBU Online Open League.

Last updated : 3rd Oct 2023 14:46 BST
Colinton Castle/Dundee Thursday Summer Accumulator
Scorer: Joe McLuckie
Cross IMPs Summer Accumulator
Scorer: Kay
MondaySummer Accumulator
Scorer: David Nisbet
Sat 20th July 2024
Saturday SummerAccumulator
BBO 2:30pm
Director: David
Mon 22nd July 2024
MondaySummer Accumulator
BBO 10am
Director: David
Tue 23rd July 2024
Matchpoints Summer Accumulator
BBO 7 pm
Director: Rob
Thu 25th July 2024
Colinton Castle/Dundee Thursday Summer Accumulator
BBO 10am
Director: Rob
Sat 27th July 2024
Saturday SummerAccumulator
BBO 2:30pm
Director: David