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Monday Night Bridge

(closed at present)


Beginners Club

Monday evenings 

6.15 - 8.30  

(Please arrive by 6.10)


Open to all Colchester Bridge School students


Course Contents
'Quickstart' course


'Quickstart' - an introduction to Bridge


This is a 6-week accelerated course, which assumes no prior knowledge of Bridge


Course contents


1. Bridge as a trick-taking game, counting your points, Minibridge

2. Scoring. Playing with Trumps

3. Bidding - how it works. Opening 1NT and responding

4. NT and suit bidding

5. Suit bidding and responses

6. Weak vs strong hands


Date of next course: To be arranged

Venue: St Johns Church Centre, CO4 0HP

Course fee: £48, payable at first session


(This is a very basic introduction, and it is recommended that you carry on playing, to integrate what you have learnt. The Monday night Bridge sessions are open to all students.

And if you are interested in learning more, the foundation level course 'Beginning Bridge' covers all you need to know)


Bridge Beginners Course
Beginning Bridge
This is a foundation course, with 30 sessions split into four modules.
It covers all the basic bidding and play techniques
                                  Part 1 - Starters
1                  Getting started with Minibridge
2                  Playing No Trumps
3                  Playing with Trumps
4                  Planning the play
5                  Playing defence
                        PLAY PRACTICE
6                      Bidding 1 NT
7                      Responses to 1NT
8                      PLAY PRACTICE
Bridge Beginners Course
                                     Part 2 - Main courses (Bidding)
Session     9                   Suit bidding
              10a                 Suit responses
              10b                 Suit responses (contd)
              11                   Breaking the barrier - Strong rebids
              12                   Bidding strong balanced hands      
              13                   Play Practice      
                                     Main courses (Play of the cards)
              14                   Creating more tricks - Declarer play
              15a                 Tricks in No Trumps - Finessing
              15b                 Tricks in NT - Entries
              16                   Tricks in Trumps - To draw or not to draw    
Bridge Beginners Course
                                       Part 3 - Side dishes
Session 17                     Opening leads    
              18                     Killer Defence   
              19                     Overcalling
              20                     Takeout Doubles 
                                       PLAY PRACTICE                                                                                          
              21                     Recap and the 1NT Overcall
              22                     'Stayman' convention
              23                     Recap and 4441 hands                                                
Bridge Beginners Course



                                Part 4 - Sweets and Savouries


Session  24              Opening 2NT

             25               The 2C Game-forcing bid

             26               Slam bidding

             27               Pre-emptive bids

             28               Countering pre-empts

             29               'Weak Twos'

             30               Final play session




Refresh and Progress - Topics


Refresh and Progress


This is a 10-week revision course for those who have attended classes previously and want to improve their bidding.

Formal teaching is kept to a minimum. The sessions start with a short orientation quiz, and then concentrate on bidding and discussion of set hands.


(This course is not suitable as an introduction to Bridge or for those who have been away from the game for a long time - consider joining the Quickstart course or the Beginning Bridge course)






          1.  Opening bids and supporting partner (+ Losing Trick Count)

          2.  Suit responses and opener's second bid

          3.  Opener's strong rebids

          4.  Opening and responding to 1NT (Stayman & Transfers)

          5.  Bidding strong balanced hands

          6.  Overcalling

          7.  Takeout doubles (+ Negative Doubles)

          8.  Pre-emptive bids

          9.  Weak twos/Strong twos

         10. Protective bidding (balancing)