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Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on 30th April 2019 are now available via the tab above

Etiquette during play
A Gentle Reminder
  • The Club standard is ACOL. If your partnership is playing a different system be sure to alert any artificial bids.
  • Record pair numbers and names on the traveller of the first board played, indicating N/S details first
  • Count your cards face down for every board
  • Do not touch the bidding box whilst considering your bid
  • Announce all bids associated with 1NT and 2NT bids
  • Use the alert card as appropriate
  • Leave the bidding cards on the table until the intial lead has been made
  • Dummy should not touch or indicate any card during play until instructed by the declarer
  • Play promtly so as not to delay the table movement
  • Please be aware that hesitation during play may be regarded as an attempt to mislead the opposition and should be avoided
  • Agree total tricks made are agreed before returning cards to the card carrier
  • Carefully record results on the traveller. East to check the details are correct
  • Do not discuss the hand after playing it as those playing it next may overhear