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Club Etiquette
Please note that your Club Committee has agreed that, to avoid any risk of spillage onto the cloths, cards or bidding boxes, NO DRINKS SHALL BE PLACED ON THE BRIDGE TABLES.
Your cooperation is much appreciated.
The “Club” shall be called the Colchester Duplicate Bridge Club. The aim of the Club is to play and encourage duplicate bridge in Colchester.

(i) The management of the Club shall be vested in a “Committee” consisting of a “Chairman”, “Tournament Director”, “Treasurer”, “Secretary”, Team Captain, and up to four other members.
(ii) A quorum of the Committee shall be any five Committee members and shall have full powers to transact and arrange the business of the Club.
(iii) The Committee shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting (“AGM”) and shall serve until of the next AGM. All Committee members are eligible to stand for re-election.
(iv) Any casual vacancy occurring in the Committee may be filled by the remaining Committee members by co-opting another member.
(v) The Club’s Year shall run from 1 October to 30 September.

  General Meetings
(i) The AGM shall be held on a Club night within six weeks of the Club Year end. Notice of the AGM and an agenda shall be given on the Club’s notice board at least fifteen days before the meeting.
(ii) Nominations for the Committee, proposed and seconded, and items to be discussed under any other business, approved by two members, should be placed on the Club’s notice board or given to the Secretary, in writing, at least six days before the meeting.
(iii) The business of the AGM shall comprise the Chairman’s report for the previous Year, approval of the audited accounts for the previous Year by the Treasurer, fixing the annual subscription for the current Year, election of the Committee, election of an auditor, and any other business for which notice has been given.
(iv) A quorum of the AGM shall be twenty-five members including three Committee members.
(v) A Special General Meeting (“SGM”) may be called by the Committee or by a written request signed by at least ten members stating the exact purpose of the meeting. The Secretary shall call the SGM as soon as possible giving at least fifteen days notice to all members.
Membership is open to all bridge players whose standard of play and conduct meets the requirements of the Committee. The Committee may refuse any application for membership. The Committee may suspend a member or refuse to renew membership by giving a reason to the member in writing. The decision of the Committee shall be final.
Visitors are allowed but shall be subject to the same standard of play, conduct and rules that applies to the members. Visitors shall not be allowed to attend more than five times in a Year unless they have applied for membership and this has not been refused.
(i) The amount of the annual subscription shall be decided at the AGM or at a SGM and is due immediately.
(ii) Any member whose subscription remains unpaid on 31 December shall cease to be a member unless the Committee consider there are special circumstances.
  Table Money
Table money for members and visitors shall be fixed by the Committee and notice of any change shall be given on the Club’s notice board at least fifteen days before any change can be effective.
  Playing Rules
(i) The Club shall be affiliated to the English Bridge Union.
(ii) Playing rules shall be governed by the current International Code and Laws of Duplicate Contract Bridge as adopted by the English Bridge Union.
(iii) The Tournament Director or the tournament director for the evening shall have the right to penalise or disqualify any member or visitor from a competition or event, who in his opinion, has infringed any playing rule.
(iv) All members of the Committee shall act as the Appeals Committee but excluding any Committee member involved in the appeal.
  Alteration to the Constitution
The Constitution shall not be modified in any way except at an AGM or SGM for which notice has been given to all members.
The Club can only be dissolved by a resolution voted for by at least two thirds of all members voting in person or my proxy at a Dissolution General Meeting for which twenty-eight days written notice has been given to all members. The assets of the Club shall be disposed of in accordance with the decision of the Dissolution Meeting.
  Dates of Approval
Approved by members at AGM held on 8 October 1996, and amended on 19 October 1999, 20 February 2001, 25 September 2001 and 26 October 2010.