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23rd Mar 2021 16:43 GMT
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Clockhouse Bridge Club moves online!

Welcome to The Clockhouse Bridge Club
Web Site
Web Site

The Clockhouse Bridge Club

Welcome to the Clockhouse Bridge Club website, hosted by Bridgewebs at:

If you add this to your 'favourites' (in Internet Explorer) or 'bookmark' it on some other browsers, you will be able to get onto the site with two clicks.

Last updated : 13th Jun 2018 15:26 BST

Clockhouse Bridge Club is now playing bridge online in a private room of the Bridge Club Live website. The session times are Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

The room opens 7:10pm to get seated and the play starts at 7:30pm. Please be seated early and enjoy your bridge.

The first session was Thursday 17th September.

If would like to take part but have not yet done so, please go to and subscribe as a full member.

Then register as a Clockhouse Bridge Club member by clicking on the BCL home page tab called “members”, then “clubs”. Find and click on Clockhouse Bridge Club from the list of clubs. This brings you to the Clockhouse Bridge Club page of the BCL main site. Press “press here to register”.  You’ll see your user name (alias) added to all the other members’ names. You’ll also find here the links to the Private room for our Tuesday and Thursday sessions.

Questions by email to Leon Wynne (click name to create).

Last updated : 15th Oct 2020 15:13 BST
Important - Member Area

If anyone has problems logging in to the member area try your latest email address, if this doesn't work get in contact with Philippa Brunton.

It is now a requirement to use your email and password to view results, member lists, competitions and personal analysis. Please check your login is working, if you have forgotten your password or never set one click Set/Reset Password on the login screen. Please check your personal details are correct, including Opt Ins for visibility of personal data, and note it is your responsibility to keep this up to date.

Please use the secure website to protect your password. Remember to update any bookmarks, or favourites you use to access the site.

Arrival Times

If you want the club to find you a partner for a session, you must arrive by 19:10; we will then guarantee to find you a partner. Arrive later and the director may need to turn you away if your arrival disrupts the movement already setup.

Pairs should make every effort to be seated by 19:20 for a start shortly thereafter.

27th July 2021
BCL Duplicate
Director: Nina Allen
29th July 2021
BCL Duplicate
Director: Mike Welton
3rd August 2021
BCL Duplicate
Director: TBA
BCL Duplicate
Director: John Wells
Scorer: Bridge Club Live
BCL Duplicate
Director: Michael Hartnall
Scorer: Bridge Club Live
BCL Duplicate
Director: Angela Paterson
Scorer: Bridge Club Live