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Phone for BBO Help

Hord Tipton 703-945-7169

Beth Black 736-2743

Marge Boldus 481-6201

Matt Weingarten 385-2982

Helen-joe Owens 938-1387

Face to face games now Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat at 12:30
Looking for a Partner?

If you would like to leave a message, please enter the details below.  Note that information such as email and telephone numbers will be viewable by all.
Press very small rectangle at bottom of form to submit your information.

Virtual Online BBO Game Schedule
Virtual Online BBO Game Schedule


Virtual BBO games

We are pooling with Sudbury Bridge in Ontario, Canada
All virtual Clearwater Duplicate games are cancelled

Look for Sudbury Bridge instead.
Offering nine games a week, with a mixture of 299er, 499er games and open games


To reach director: Norm Malette
phone 705-507-1232
or email VACB125823


District 9   99er Events at 7pm
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday


BBO registration for game is not visible until 2 hours before game time

Current Schedule at Regions Bank

Face to Face games at Regions Bank

Open pair games Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 12:30 pm
0-49 section Wednesday at 12:30
Saturday morning lesson at 9:00 am followed by 0-199 game at 9:15 am

The following items are available: single-serve snacks, bottled water and soda,
and (of course) ample sanitizing supplies.

Guidance has been issued by the federal government stating that face coverings are no longer required in outdoor and most indoor locations for those who have been vaccinated. Thus, CDBC will no longer require face coverings at the bridge table. However, individuals may request that you use a face covering while at their table, please have one at your disposal. Hand sanitizer is still available, and there is a thermometer recommended for your use. This does not assume that everyone who chooses to play at the Club has been vaccinated. It does assume that we want to have friendly bridge games and personal preferences will be honored.

 Saturday Open Pairs 12:30
with separate 0-499 section
(if there are at least three tables).

Lunch will be served on Saturdays beginning at 11:30 am.
Keeping with healthy guidance it will not be self-serve.
Food willl be plated for you.
Let's all stay healthy.


Come back and enjoy in-person bridge again!

Renew your dues
Here's how to renew your annual Clearwater dues:
To pay by mail send a check made out to CDBC in the amount of $10 per person to

Clearwater Duplicate Bridge Club

Van Black, Treasurer

601 Wilkie St

Dunedin, FL  34698-7130