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President — Mary Blundell

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Your Committee

Chairman — Gavin Wilson 

Treasurer — Rowena Austin 📧

Secretary — Fay D'Abo

Membership — Pauline Harris 📧

Refreshments  Julie Minards 📧

Refreshments  Vicky Bevan 📧

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The Director team

The Director team comprises:

  • Rowena Austin
  • Gavin Wilson
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The Scorer team

The Scoring Team comprises:

  • Gavin Wilson

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Claygate now uses a wireless scoring system called BridgePal, which runs on smartphones and tablets.  The implementation team today consists of Gavin Wilson and Carol Wildig, but more volunteers are very welcome.  We will provide as much help and training as each North needs to enter the scores into the handset.

Further information about BridgePal can be found here.

15th April 2019
Minutes of 15th April 2019 Committee meeting
Minutes of the Meeting of the Claygate Bridge Club Committee held at 10.00 on the 15th April 2019 at Torrington Close


Chairman: Gavin Wilson (GW)
Elected Committee Members: Yvette Barton (YB), Muriel Hodder (MH), Kay Wilson (KW), Pauline Harris (PH)
Co-opted Committee Members: none
Other Club Members: none

1. Apologies for Absence


2. Confirmation of the Minutes of the Committee Meeting held on 25th February 2019

The minutes of the meeting of 25th February 2019 were agreed and signed by the Chairman.

3. To Report on the Actioning of Items from Previous Meetings

  • 19-1Ⓐ1 MH to provide list of members who have yet to renew. ⓓⓞⓝⓔ
  • 19-1Ⓐ2 GW to publicise the renewal problem on the website. ⓓⓞⓝⓔ
  • 19-1Ⓐ3 GW to request access to the Day Centre for 1830 that evening. ⓓⓞⓝⓔ
  • 19-1Ⓐ4 GW to compile list of who won what during the past year. ⓓⓞⓝⓔ
  • 19-1Ⓐ5 KW to buy flowers. ⓓⓞⓝⓔ
  • 19-1Ⓐ6 GW to put AGM agenda on website. ⓓⓞⓝⓔ

4. Chairman's Report

GW expressed his view that Claygate should become officially a Level Two club, in an EBU Blue Book context. Because the club does not insist on pairs using system cards, and because everyone, he believed, uses Level Two systems and conventions at the club, he said he believed it made sense to formalise this practice, so that no regular player should be caught out by an artificial system or gadget allowed only at Level Four and above. He said, however, that he could be persuaded to allow also the 2 Multi, which was permitted by the EBU's defunct Level Three. The committee asked Gavin to canvass member opinion on this.

  • 19-2Ⓐ1 GW to solicit feedback on the club website on the Level Two proposal.

GW requested that the Club's official policy of running one Sims event per year be modified, so that the Club would not be committed to running any Sims tournaments, unless members requested it. The committee agreed to this proposal.

  • 19-2Ⓐ2 GW to modify the club's formal policy statement on the website.

5. Treasurer's Report

Some members have yet to pay their sub for the year.

6. AGM Review

The committee believed it went briskly and well.

7. Electronic Scoring — Progress Report

This remains an area of concern for GW. Two more handsets have been purchased, in part to enable the club to handle more tables, and in part to create a pool of spare handsets ready to be used when a handset fails. The location of the router has been moved, as an experiment, to the middle of one of the long walls of the room. GW keeps a record of the particular handsets which fail during a session. It seems largely to be the same handsets, and it seems to happen from the middle of the session onwards. Provided the scorer has a sufficient pool of handsets charged up and ready to be swapped in, it is a fairly easy process for the scorer to do so.

GW said that if any member wanted to use their own mobile phone or tablet when North, he would be happy to assist them with the set-up. The rest of the committee thought this might be dangerous!

If members encounter a problem with their handset, they should shout "Scorer, please" rather than "Director, please". In a non-aggressive way.

We continue to believe that the scoring handsets provide an overall plus for the club, as they provide a much clearer display of the results and what was possible than any known local club currently offers.

8. Calendar Card

  • 19-2Ⓐ3 PH to send updated membership list to GW.
  • 19-2Ⓐ4 GW to produce 2019/202 Calendar Card, in a lower quantity than last year's.

9. Host Reimbursement Policy

The committee agreed that, an an incentive to host, members should be offered one free session each time they turn up to host (whether or not they actually get a partner). GW suggested a paper voucher system to aid the collector of table money, but the committee felt this would complicate life unnecessarily.

  • 19-2Ⓐ5 GW to record the host reimbursement policy on the club website.

10. Any Other Business

  • 19-2Ⓐ6 KW to remind all hosts with duties coming up over the next 5-6 weeks.
  • 19-2Ⓐ7 GW to remind members of forthcoming Bank Holidays on 22nd April and 6th May when the club will not open.

GW said that, in response to the director shortage, he has constructed an ebook aimed at collating the 93 Laws and the contents of the EBU Blue Book. It contains a lot of links, to enable the director to move quickly to related topics. Currently it contains 37,000 lines of HTML code. GW would be happy to give a review copy to any club member; alternatively Kindle owners can download it for £0.99 from Amazon — search on 'claygate' — with all profits going to a particular charity.

11. Date of Next Meeting

The committee agreed that the next meeting should take place at 1000 on Monday 12th August 2019 at Torrington Close.