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Address of this website

President — Mary Blundell

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Your Committee

Chairman — Gavin Wilson 

Treasurer — Rowena Austin 📧

Secretary — Fay D'Abo

Membership — Pauline Harris 📧

Refreshments  Julie Minards 📧

Refreshments  Vicky Bevan 📧

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The Director team

The Director team comprises:

  • Rowena Austin
  • Gavin Wilson
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The Scorer team

The Scoring Team comprises:

  • Gavin Wilson

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Claygate now uses a wireless scoring system called BridgePal, which runs on smartphones and tablets.  The implementation team today consists of Gavin Wilson and Carol Wildig, but more volunteers are very welcome.  We will provide as much help and training as each North needs to enter the scores into the handset.

Further information about BridgePal can be found here.

Member Annual Subs Form
Membership Renewal Form


Membership Renewal Form


The Annual Subscription remains at £10 per person.

If paying by cheque:

Cheques should be made payable to Claygate Bridge Club. If paying for more than one person please write the names of each renewing member on the reverse of your cheque. Cheques can be handed to Muriel at the club or posted to: Muriel Hodder, 5 Elm Gardens, Claygate, Esher KT10 0JS

If paying by cash:

Payment may be handed to Muriel. Please do not post cash.

If a member has not paid their subscription by the end of January, then they will be charged table money at the visitor rate until payment is made.

Please provide the following details with your payment to ensure our membership records are correct:

Name: EBU Number:
Address (continued):
Phone Number: email address:

If you DO NOT wish to renew your subscription, please tick here and return this form to Muriel: 

Claygate Bridge Club provides members with an annual Calendar card which contains one contact detail for almost every member — most popularly, their telephone number — so that members can contact each other when they need to arrange a one-off partnership. If you AGREE that your details should be provided to other members via this Calendar card, please tick the box below:

 I wish my phone number to be provided to other Claygate Bridge Club Members.

 I prefer my email address, rather than my phone number, to be provided to other Claygate Bridge Club Members.

Due to the new General Data Protection Regulation, you must positively opt in to this programme if you wish your contact detail to be made known to other members. Members who have not ticked one of the above boxes will not be listed on the 2018/19 Calendar card.