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Address of this website

President — Mary Blundell

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Your Committee

Chairman — Gavin Wilson 

Treasurer — Rowena Austin 📧

Secretary — Fay D'Abo

Membership — Pauline Harris 📧

Refreshments  Julie Minards 📧

Refreshments  Vicky Bevan 📧

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The Director team

The Director team comprises:

  • Rowena Austin
  • Gavin Wilson
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The Scorer team

The Scoring Team comprises:

  • Gavin Wilson

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Claygate now uses a wireless scoring system called BridgePal, which runs on smartphones and tablets.  The implementation team today consists of Gavin Wilson and Carol Wildig, but more volunteers are very welcome.  We will provide as much help and training as each North needs to enter the scores into the handset.

Further information about BridgePal can be found here.

Organising the AGM
Organising the AGM of Claygate Bridge Club

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Checklist of Things to Do

To Do
Agree Agenda with Committee.
Publish Agenda on website.
Agree with committee that the evening's play will be free to members. Advertise this freebie on the website.
Agree with Day Centre manager that the Centre will be open at 18.30 on the evening.
Ask the Honorary Auditor if he is prepared to do it for another year.
Discover which committee members want to retire. Organise replacement candidates if needed.
Ensure annual accounts for the past year are done.
Publish annual accounts on the website.
Ensure the Treasurer is prepared to present the Treasurer's Report and answer questions about the annual accounts.
Get someone (the Secretary, for most of the time) to take notes for the minutes.
Write the Chairman's Report.
Ensure the prize-giver knows who won what.
Ensure the Chairman and Secretary understand which items on the agenda need:
  • a proposer and a seconder,
  • a vote, and
  • the level of voting needed to pass the item.
Write outline script for the management of the AGM.
To Take to the AGM
Print off one copy of the outline script for the management of the AGM for each committee member.
Print off 12-ish copies of Agenda for meeting.
Print off the year-by-year financial comparison.
Print off a copy of each email broadcast of the year.
Get some flowers for the President. (Ensure you get a receipt to enable the expense claim.)
Take a working amp-and-mike, if you can.
Take a gavel or bell to move on to next item.
Print off a blank attendance register. Affix to a clipboard with a pen-on-a-rope.
Print 20 copies of annual accounts.
Ensure minutes of last AGM (and any subsequent SGM) are on the website and available in 20 hard copies.
Ensure trophies are available to be awarded.
Print off one copy of minutes of last year's AGM and any subsequent SGM, to sign off once approved.
Print off one copy of minutes of all committee meetings since last year's AGM, for reference.

Appendix A — People involved in these processes

  • Club Chairman
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Webmaster
  • Rest of Committee
  • President

Appendix B — a sample Agenda for an AGM

  1. Apologies for Absence
  2. Minutes of the Previous Meeting
  3. Matters Arising from Minutes of the Previous Meeting
  4. Chairman’s Report
  5. Adoption of Updated Constitution
  6. Treasurer’s Report
  7. Approval of Independent Assessor
  8. Increase in Table Monies
  9. Presentation of the Trophies
  10. Election of Officers and Committee
  11. Any Other Business
A P Baker (Secretary)

Appendix C — Contributors to this process document

  • Gavin Wilson