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Address of this website

President — Mary Blundell

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Your Committee

Chairman — Gavin Wilson 

Treasurer — Rowena Austin 📧

Secretary — Fay D'Abo

Membership — Pauline Harris 📧

Refreshments  Julie Minards 📧

Refreshments  Vicky Bevan 📧

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The Director team

The Director team comprises:

  • Rowena Austin
  • Gavin Wilson
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The Scorer team

The Scoring Team comprises:

  • Gavin Wilson

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Claygate now uses a wireless scoring system called BridgePal, which runs on smartphones and tablets.  The implementation team today consists of Gavin Wilson and Carol Wildig, but more volunteers are very welcome.  We will provide as much help and training as each North needs to enter the scores into the handset.

Further information about BridgePal can be found here.

Running a Sims Event
Running a Sims Event

This document was last updated on 16th February 2015.

Deciding to run a Sims event

  • The Committee decides on the general policy with particular regard to frequency of Sims events, and which events to participate in.
  • The Committee decides the SIMS events in which it will participate, and notifies the dates of these chosen events Club's Webmaster and the Club's Diary Manager.

Requesting the Club's participation in a specific Sims event

  • The Club's Secretary notifies the event's organiser that the Club would like to take part.
  • Any deal files and softcopy documents should be sent to the Club's Duplimater. It may be that one of these files specifies the expected contribution per member.
  • The Secretary, or the Duplimater if he/she has received the information, notifies the Treasurer, Chairman and Director for that evening of the Table Money that should be paid by each member and visitor.

Creating the boards for a Sims event

  • The Club's Duplimater downloads the files to a suitable folder on his/her PC.
  • The Duplimater then signs on to our Bridgewebs site and uploads the Bridge Movie file to the correct event on our site.
  • The Duplimater uses the Duplimate machine to deal the boards.
  • The Duplimater prints off a copy of the 'answer sheet' or 'commentary book' for each member likely to want one. (As at February 2015, around 25 copies are needed.)
  • The Duplimater takes the boards and printed copies to the event.

Notifying Members

  • The Chairman or her/his delegate should let members know of the future event at preceding Monday evenings.
  • The Club Webmaster should post a notice on the front page of the website notifying members of the events and the extra table money needed.

After the Event

  • The Webmaster should remove the notice about the event from the website.

Appendix A — People involved in these processes

  • Club Chairman
  • Club Committee
  • Club Diary Manager
  • Club Duplimater
  • Club Secretary
  • Club's Tournament Director for the Sims evening
  • Club Webmaster
  • Sims Organiser

Appendix B — Contributors to this process document

  • Gavin Wilson