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President — June Buckland

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Your Committee

Chairman — Gavin Wilson 📧

Treasurer — Muriel Hodder

Secretary — Kay Wilson 📧

Refreshments  Yvette Barton 📧

Membership — Pauline Harris 📧

? — Julie Minards 📧

? — Vicky Bevan 📧

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The Director team

The Director team comprises:

  • Rowena Austin
  • Gavin Wilson
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The Scorer team

The Scoring Team comprises:

  • Carol Wildig (Team Leader)

  • Gavin Wilson

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Claygatenow uses a wireless scoring system called BridgePal, which runs on smartphones and tablets.  The implementation team today consists of Gavin Wilson and Carol Wildig, but more volunteers are very welcome.  We will provide as much help and training as each North needs to enter the scores into the handset.

Further information about BridgePal can be found here.

Welcome to Claygate Bridge Club
  Feedback from Members on Re-opening the Club

Keep it coming! Here's what you've said so far:


Playing Online

  • 'I have to admit that I am enjoying playing online as I can play with my granddaughter in Capetown!' <Ⓜ#18>
  • 'Regardless of all the online alternatives—which are fine in themselves and really quite enjoyable—there is no substitute for playing together in person at the Club.' <Ⓜ#16>
  • 'I really miss playing as I do not play online.' <Ⓜ#1>
  • 'I haven’t been playing online so I shall probably have forgotten how to play anyway!!' <Ⓜ#6>
  • 'I am extremely happy playing online until you feel sure things will be OK.' <Ⓜ#8>
  • 'Online bridge is fine but it doesn’t compare with the face-to-face experience and a lot of the members rely on the club as a very important part of their social life.' <Ⓜ#9>
  • 'I could suggest holding online Claygate Bridge Club tournaments but that would involve you in a lot of work!' <Ⓜ#9>
  • 'I've been playing Swiss Pairs on line using RealBridge. It works really well, you can see people and chat. I've also formed a little syndicate of seven players where I send out a weekly WhatsApp for who is available and when for the following week. I draw up a matrix and when four people sync, I nominate one of them to book an EBU RealBridge table for £5. Usually gives a game each week sort of face-to-face.' <Ⓜ#13>

Overall Approach

  • 'I am with you and the Committee about not rushing into starting up again if it still involves many restrictions.' <Ⓜ#20>
  • 'Both XXXX and I miss playing bridge at Claygate and all that it entailed.' <Ⓜ#19>
  • 'It’s a very difficult decision for the committee but hopefully you’ll be able to find a way so we can meet up again.' <Ⓜ#9>
  • 'Cautious approach is best. I suggest not yet—and this is going to be with us for years.' <Ⓜ#4>
  • 'No economic argument to get back quickly and in reality caution may be best economic route.' <Ⓜ#3>
  • 'You are wise to be cautious but it is good to think in the long term as Claygate was such a wonderful club in a wonderful location. It would be sad if its demise was a result of the dreaded Covid!' <Ⓜ#5>
  • 'I am now 91 but I have recently had a new lease of life and I for one would return to play at Claygate once it is safe to do so.' <Ⓜ#5>
  • 'With all those provisos [in the EBU Risk Assessment], I cannot see it being possible to return.' <Ⓜ#10>
  • 'I would love to think that we might be able to get together to meet and play bridge.' <Ⓜ#9>
  • 'I really miss seeing everyone; it’s has been too long.' <Ⓜ#10>
  • 'Just had a quick look at the “Planning and Face to Face Bridge 2021” and it looks quite ominous to me!' <Ⓜ#12>
  • 'Absolutely beggars belief. Who on earth could be bothered to go through all that palaver and still end up being accused of spreading the virus?' <Ⓜ#13>
  • 'I'm of the "be sensible but don't end up like Howard Hughes" way of thinking. Life's for living, not living in a germ-free capsule.' <Ⓜ#13>
  • 'Good to hear from you with the possibility of Claygate BC opening up again.' <Ⓜ#14>
  • 'Happy to fit in with anything.' <Ⓜ#15>

Timing of Re-opening

  • 'The way things are going at the moment I think the possibilities of opening up Claygate Bridge Club again in at least the foreseeable future are good and, as long as there are no further disasters, I don’t see why we shouldn’t have a go after the end of June.' <Ⓜ#16>
  • 'I’d be in favour of opening asap.' <Ⓜ#1>
  • 'I favour an early restart, being aware that some may be nervous and that attendance figures may be low initially. However, when people see that the survival rate is no worse than normal, more will feel comfortable to come.' <Ⓜ#2>
  • 'Tricky set of decisions but I agree no sense in rushing back. Keen bridge players have option of online or other clubs they can go to.' <Ⓜ#3>
  • 'Some members will be missing the social interplay so that may be a consideration.' <Ⓜ#3>
  • 'If we leave too long, we may risk members moving to other clubs. It would be interesting to see what other clubs plan to do.' <Ⓜ#3>
  • 'I am in no hurry to have a face-to-face bridge session. However when all of the nation have had their first vaccination, the risks should be minimal. That should be in the summer. (The risks are lower in the summer.)' <Ⓜ#6>
  • 'We shall just have to wait until we can really resume normal service.' <Ⓜ#10>
  • 'I would be happy for the club to re-open later this summer/autumn.' <Ⓜ#11>
  • 'Luckily we don’t have to make an immediate decision until at least 21st June but if it involves all the points mentioned I wouldn’t be too quick at starting up.' <Ⓜ#12>
  • 'I agree with most people that while I`d love to come back to the Club, it's not going to be possible for quite a time yet. There are just too many problems.' <Ⓜ#17>
  • 'Having seen all the EBU requirements, I am in favour of not being in a hurry to return.' <Ⓜ#18>
  • 'I am in the cautious camp and still have some concerns about where we shall be in September vis-a-vis Covid. The coming few weeks are probably the safest time but I would prefer to wait a little longer to see how things pan out.' <Ⓜ#19>
  • 'Am sure that most of my social Bridge Fours will be playing back indoors later this month and once that happens hopefully it should be for clubs to open with very few restrictions.' <Ⓜ#20>

Confidence in Other Members

  • 'I’m sure that people would be sensible about social distancing.' <Ⓜ#1>
  • 'I imagine we are all vaccinated.' <Ⓜ#2>
  • 'I suspect more than 90% of us will have been vaccinated by the time the Club re-opens. If a list of vaccinated members is kept by the Club, it should be reviewed periodically as booster (or variant) jabs are given.' <Ⓜ#7>
  • 'Everyone should have been vaccinated.' <Ⓜ#8>
  • 'Certainly, it would seem sensible to ask only those who’ve been vaccinated to attend but I imagine that almost all of the membership will have done that.' <Ⓜ#9>
  • 'Anyway, I’m sure it will a personal decision for each member—and risk aversion is pretty variable—but I for one would just love to get going again TOGETHER, UP CLOSE (ish) and fairly personal!' <Ⓜ#16>
  • 'Would there be enough willing players to start on a small scale?' <Ⓜ#2>
  • 'Am sure all players can be relied upon not to form a crowd on entry and would be happy to bring their own bidding boxes and hand gel: windows open as usual …..' <Ⓜ#20>

Confidence in the Day Centre

  • 'Given the main use of the centre, if the local government authority is prepared to have it open all day, every day for the more vulnerable, I don't see why we should worry.' <Ⓜ#2>

Requirements for Members to Play


  • 'All Members should have had both vaccinations by July (and if not, why not?!); valid exceptions may be considered.' <Ⓜ#16>
  • 'When we do return, I agree it should be only for those who can show they have been vaccinated.' <Ⓜ#3>
  • 'YES to only admitting the vaccinated or by special dispensation.' <Ⓜ#4>
  • 'Each player should be given the option of either proving they been vaccinated or taking a test on arrival.' <Ⓜ#7>
  • 'Permit vaccinated players only.' <Ⓜ#11>
  • 'As a fully vaccinated person I am awaiting official removal of many restrictions.' <Ⓜ#20>

Testing whether members have COVID

  • 'It makes the heart sink (pre-session testing?)' <Ⓜ#20>
  • 'NO to Tests at any time for this purpose (Bridge) only.' <Ⓜ#4>
  • 'Each player should be given the option of either proving they been vaccinated or taking a test on arrival.' <Ⓜ#7>
  • 'Asking for tests prior to playing sounds very difficult to enforce.' <Ⓜ#9>

Testing whether members have a Temperature

  • 'NO to Temperature checks (who by?)' <Ⓜ#4>
  • 'I think it’s been proven that temperature checks are pretty useless as its possible to be carrying COVID but have no symptoms.' <Ⓜ#9>


  • 'The prospect of spending 3+ hours in a mask does not appeal. Over an hour in Waitrose and I am feeling faint!' <Ⓜ#20>
  • 'Perhaps it would be a good idea to wear masks for a few weeks, if that gave members more sense of security.' <Ⓜ#16>
  • 'We can wear masks.' <Ⓜ#2>
  • 'Wearing masks could be uncomfortable over an entire evening.' <Ⓜ#7>
  • 'The idea of such a long time in a face mask does not appeal to me.' <Ⓜ#8>
  • 'Unsure re. mandatory masks. Depends on situation at the time. To begin with they would give extra protection and reassurance.' <Ⓜ#11>
  • 'I wouldn`t fancy playing with a mask on.' <Ⓜ#17>

Setting up the Room


  • 'The Day Centre has plenty of windows—although it may be necessary to err on the side of cryogenesis to begin with!' <Ⓜ#16>
  • 'Keep room as well ventilated as possible.' <Ⓜ#11>
  • 'With the weather the way it has been so far this Spring, wide-open windows are a worry.' <Ⓜ#20>

Hand Sanitiser

  • 'Perhaps suggest everyone brings their own sanitiser?' <Ⓜ#2>
  • 'Ensure alcohol-based hand sanitiser is available. All members should use it before sitting at a table.' <Ⓜ#7>
  • '[Ensure] Hand sanitiser available.' <Ⓜ#11>
  • 'I agree that players should sanitise.' <Ⓜ#14>


  • 'Loos present no real difficulty. Probably just two occupants at one time.' <Ⓜ#16>

Staggered Arrivals and Departures of Players

  • 'NO to Staggered arrivals & exits (what?)' <Ⓜ#4>
  • 'Can you stagger arrivals and departures to avoid bottlenecks in entrance ways? It is not really practical to stagger arrivals and departures but we should ask (and remind) members to use a queue two metres apart. (And to be patient—some are not so spritely!)' <Ⓜ#7>


  • 'May be best to have no biscuits etc, but surely OK for members to make their own drinks.' <Ⓜ#2>
  • 'Ask members to bring their own disposable paper cups?' <Ⓜ#7>
  • 'I agree that players should bring their own refreshments.' <Ⓜ#14>

Electronic Tablets

  • 'If we could feel confident of its working well, using tablets might be good.' <Ⓜ#2>

Own Bidding Boxes

  • 'It should not be necessary for all players to have their own bidding boxes. Recent research evaluated the survival of the COVID-19 virus on different surfaces and reported that the virus can remain viable for up to 72 hours on plastic and stainless steel, up to four hours on copper, and up to 24 hours on cardboard. So club boxes should be ok at the beginning of play. However members could pick up the bidding boxes as they enter the room and deposit them back in the crates at the end of play.' <Ⓜ#7>
  • 'Bidding boxes: players could have their own but as they will be touching cards, and chairs etc, it doesn’t seem too useful. Gloves?' <Ⓜ#11>
  • 'I agree that players should bring their own boxes.' <Ⓜ#14>
  • 'I’d like to have my own bidding box, if available to buy, but as stated elsewhere COVID transmission is not so much by touching objects as by aerosols, so not important in my view.' <Ⓜ#16>

Screens between players

  • 'NO to Screens.' <Ⓜ#4>
  • 'If screens are available, I guess we could try using them. If not, we could expand the play area to space between the tables.' <Ⓜ#7>
  • 'I think that keeping our distance at the table as far as possible should suffice, especially if we wear masks and use plenty of sanitiser.' <Ⓜ#16>

Spacing between tables

  • 'It makes the heart sink (4 tables put together?)' <Ⓜ#20>
  • 'Spacing out the tables as widely as possible, using a Mitchell movement, using plenty of hand sanitiser and bringing our own drinks seems sensible.' <Ⓜ#16>

Non-cash payment to play

  • 'YES to Remote paying.' <Ⓜ#4>
  • 'Is a cashless-only system possible? Yes, there are cheap portable credit card readers available which buskers use. And some clubs have introduced monthly and annual table money subscriptions.' <Ⓜ#7>
  • 'I agree with payment by online banking (if possible).' <Ⓜ#14>

Complete Set of Boards at each table

  • 'Then how can the cards be treated as they are passed from one table to another?' <Ⓜ#8>
  • 'NO to Set of boards for each table (who pays then organises?)' <Ⓜ#4>
  AGM axed
AGM axed

The committee emerged from hibernation today (24th February) to hold its first meeting by Zoom.  Understandably there were exchanges about haircuts, holidays and vaccinations, but once the chairman had regained control, the committee provisionally agreed:

  1. To cancel this year's AGM. It is never the highlight of the club's year, and there are no prizes to be handed out anyway.  We hope members understand.
  2. To approve the annual accounts, subject to the Honorary Auditor first approving them.

In the absence  of any guidance from the EBU or Boris, none of the committee believed that the Club would be returning to face-to-face bridge at the Day Centre before June.



I am very sorry to have to announce this, but Claygate Bridge Club is now closed until further notice. Yesterday afternoon, the committee decided to call an SGM at the start of the evening session to implement the government's advice regarding coronavirus. The mood of the members who attended was that we had no choice but to suspend the club's activities until further notice. We then had a final session of five-and-a-half tables before the enforced break.

We hope to resume activities at the earliest opportunity.

Hope to see you all very soon.


  Information for Visitors about the Club

We play Duplicate Pairs each Monday, except Bank Holidays.

The club is affiliated to the EBU, so every session attracts Masterpoints for the highest-ranked players on the night.

Play starts at 7.30 pm, but all players must arrive by 7.20 pm.

A session normally consists of 24 boards, and it should be over by 10.30 pm.

Visitors are very welcome.

We always play at Claygate Centre for the Community, Elm Road, Claygate KT10 0EH.

Commonly called the 'Day Centre', its phone number is: 01372 463476    Map  

The cost per player, which covers both play and refreshments, is:

£2.00 for members, and £3.00 for visitors.

As the club is approaching its limit of 110 members, we may soon have to introduce a waiting list for membership applications.  

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Information for Visitors about the Club
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