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Club Teams of 8

The annual CLUB TEAMS OF 8 for the ABBEYGATE SHIELD will be played in Colchester (Highwoods CO4 9SR) on Sunday November 7 at 2.00pm (ends around 9.00pm).

Entry £60 per Team of 8. Tea & Coffee will be provided but please bring any food you require.

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Stansfield "Hybrid" Handicap Pairs

The Stansfield Handicap Pairs on Sunday 24 October (11am start) offers all players an equal chance of winning and is open to all players belonging to a Suffolk club affiliated to the EBU.

Your handicap is based on the NGS grades of a partnership so pairs with a higher grade give a percentage start to lower rated combinations.

There is a new twist to this year's renewal with entrants being given the choice of playing F2F at Stansfield or online at RealBridge. There will be a lunch break at approximately 1pm; please bring your own lunch if playing in Stansfield village hall.

To enter please click on STANSFIED HANDICAP PAIRS

Championship Teams of 4


The Suffolk Championship Teams competition for 2021/2 will be held online on BBO as a knock-out event. Teams losing their first match will be entered for the Plate, guaranteeing all entrants at least two matches.

Closing date for entries is the end of October and the draw will be published shortly afterwards.

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Bridge for everybody

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Coronavirus and Clare

Due to Government restrictions to ensure social distancing during the Coronavirus outbreak, Clare Bridge Club is suspended until further notice.. Thank you for your understanding. If we can do anything to help during this challenging time, please do not hesitate to contact one of the Committee members.

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Clare teams
Club Teams of Eight 2018

The Clare Team - David Price & Tony Philpott, Jan Havard-Davies & Adele Wayman, Jenny Price & Rosemarie Mascall, Andrew Moore & Cleopatra Hensby - came second out of 12 teams, event that was held in Colchester.

To see all the results and details about hands click RESULTS .


The wonderful tea served during the break was prepared, now becoming traditionally, by the local sea scouts.


The Summer League 2018

Clare has two teams: one in division 1 and one in division 2 of the SCBA Summer League 

The team for Clare A is: David Price, Jenny Price, Jane Moore, Andrew Moore, Tony Philpott, Rosemarie Mascall, Nick Farr, Sarah Farr and Cleopatra Hensby.

The team for Clare B is: John Symons, Joyce Wood, Adele Wayman, Jan Havard-Davies, Will and Angie Pavry, Dave Allen, Derek Brinkley, David Goodliffe, John Hooper.

 At one of the matches (Clare A against Stansfield):  

do you recognise him (on the left)? Yes, it is Andrew!

Punished by his partner Cleopatra or trying to think what to lead next

or maybe just playing with Gracie, the golden retriver?  

We were all having fun !



To see the latest results for Division 1 click here .

To see the latest results for Division 2 click this.


Suffolk Championship
Suffolk Championship

The Suffolk Teams Championship took place on the 3 December 2017. The winners will represent Suffolk in the Pachabo Cup.

Clare was represented by 2 teams: team Havard-Davies (Jan Havard-Davies & Adele Wayman, John Symons & Joyce Wood) and team Price (Jenny Price & Rosemarie Mascall, David Price & Cleopatra Hensby). After round two Price's team qualified top for the Champoinship and Havard-Davies finished 3rd in the contest for the Plate.

Team Price qualified second in the end. Well done Clare ! 

Summer League..2017..from the middle of Div.2.

The clubs’ primary focus this year was to get the first team back into Div.1...I can report that in helping them to achieve this the 2nd. Team was spectacularly successful...losing to them by a cataclysmic margin...well done.

Our team was chosen by reference to the position of established pairs in May and I then stuck to the same team( spirit building!!?). We played 4 , won two, lost two.. but had most enjoyable and friendly evenings. My thanks to all who played and especially to Jan who hosted our home games.

Playing ‘teams’ where the scoring is like (proper) rubber bridge, is really refreshing as we can focus on what is important( bidding and making games or slams) rather than getting huge rewards for the odd overtrick. I’m glad that we do practice sensible scoring(IMPS) occasionally at the club but we might all benefit from playing ‘kitchen’ rubber bridge more often. 

 Roll on next summer...promotion???  John S.

CLARE has won the top division of the Suffolk Summer League.
A comprehensive defeat of Stowmarket - 76-4 - on Wednesday ensured division one honours.
The club's first team won three of its four matches, including against Ipswich & Kesgrave and Colchester.
Players representing the club were Andrew, Sarah, Nick, Richard, Jane, Jenny, George, David (pictured right) plus Paul, Joyce, Geoff, Rosemarie and Mary.
Hail the winners of the Club Teams of Four! 
Jan and Adele plus Nick and Sarah pulled off a great victory when they landed Suffolk's Club Teams of Four competition.
The event took place at Pakenham village hall although players could have been forgiven for thinking they had been transported back in time to Ancient Rome, given the backdrop on the stage.
Nick and Sarah were winning the Club Teams of Four for the second year running, having been successful with David and Jenny 12 months earlier.


The event attracted 12 teams. Following the qualifying heat, seven contested the main event, while the remaining five played for the Suffolk Plate. 

The top four teams will take part in a knock out to determine the overall winner, winner that will represent Suffolk in the Pachabo Cup.

The team of David Price&Jane Moore, Jenny Price&Cleopatra Hensby qualifyed for the knock out.

To see the results click: Round1 , Round2 , Plate . Click on Picture gallery for views of the day.



Clare Bridge Club has two teams: one in Division 1 and one in Division 2. The members of the team in Division 1 are: David&Jenny Price, Andrew&Jane Moore, Rosemarie Mascall, Nick&Sarah Farr, Tony Philpott, Tony Aldous and Cleopatra Hensby. The members of the team in Division 2 are: John Symons, Joyce Wood, Jan Havard-Davies, Adele Wayman, David Goodliffe, John Hooper, Will&Angie Pavry, Derek Brinkley, Dave Allen. A very good job was done by John Symons and Joyce Wood who played for the team in Division 1 also, helping the team to become champion! The Div.2 team didn't do too bad either, coming second, so they might be promoted to Div.1 next year. We have to wait for the final matches between the top 2 teams for this. To see all the qualifications click DIV1 or DIV2.



If you want to know how our county is doing in the league click on TeamA or TeamB or TeamC.

To see the scores and the hands click on CALENDAR.

The team C that won against Northants.