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Some forthcoming events you might not want to miss!

Gentle Duplicate: Lavenham Village Hall, Fridays at 2:00 for 2:15
Next session 20th May

Andrew Robson masterclasses:

  • 3 October 2022
  • 3 Feb 2023
Bridge Events in Suffolk

Have a look at the SCBA calendar 2022.

See below for details of:

  • Sunday 15 May - AGM and AGM Pairs
  • Sat 21 / Sun 22 May - East Anglian Bridge Weekend
  • Wednesday 8 June- Bridge with lunch
  • Monday 17 October - golf/bridge day

The AGM of the Suffolk Contract Bridge Association will be on Sunday 15 May (2pm), followed by the AGM Pairs (3pm).

The AGM will take place via Zoom and the AGM Pairs will be played on BBO. Click on AGENDA to see it together with nominatdions for the SCBA committee.

If you wish to attend the AGM and/or play in the AGM Pairs please click on AGM.

A Zoom link for the AGM will be sent to all members for whom we have an email address.

If you have any questions or require more ahout any of these items information, please email us at

East Anglian Bridge Weekend

EABW online at RealBridge

The East Anglian Bridge Weekend will be held online at RealBridge on 21 and 22 May.

Swiss Pairs on the Saturday and Swiss Teams on the Sunday will both start at 11am.

For the second year running, Suffolk is joining forces with Kent for the teams.

To enter the Swiss Pairs click on SATURDAY. To enter the Swiss Teams click SUNDAY (which will take you to the entry form which is on the Kent website)

Bridge with Lunch

Bridge with Lunch will be the first F2F event organised by Suffolk for sometime - and what better way to celebrate than with a free glass of champagne.


So please put the date -  - in your diary. The event will take place at the Blackbourne community centre in Elmswell (IP30 9UH) on Wednesday 8 June @ 1pm  and offers a chance to meet up with bridge friends, some of whom you may have not seen for a couple of years.

A two course lunch followed by bridge has been deliberately kept to a minimum price.

To enter click on BRIDGE WITH LUNCH

Golf-bridge day

A golf-bridge day for Suffolk Contract Bridge Association members will be staged at Aldeburgh golf course on Monday 17 October 2022.

Aldeburgh is the oustanding golf course in Suffolk and is ranked in the top 100 in the country.

The day will comprise 18 holes of foursomes, a two course lunch, 18 boards of bridge and tea. Prizes will be awarded to the overall winners of the golf and bridge. 

Aldeburgh is able to accomodate up to 48 players. Further details, including an entry form, will follow in due course. In the meantime, please put the date in your diary.

Coronavirus and Clare

Due to Government restrictions to ensure social distancing during the Coronavirus outbreak, Clare Bridge Club is suspended until further notice.. Thank you for your understanding. If we can do anything to help during this challenging time, please do not hesitate to contact one of the Committee members.

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Pages viewed in 2022

The Poslingford Plate 2019

Last year was the inaugural teams of eight match for the Poslingford Plate, between Stansfield and Clare.

This year, to quote John Symons, "by the skin of only one tooth Clare have retained this iconic trophy beating Stansfield by TWO IMPS! "

Well done: Patience and Philippa, Fred and Mo, Jenny and Peter, Robert and Derek.

Many thanks to Richard and all at Stansfield for their excellent hospitality .... roll on next year! 

Clare lose out to Stansfield in Bridge/Golf match
Clare lose out to Stansfield in Bridge/Golf match

A match consisting of 18 holes of golf and 18 boards of bridge ended with Stansfield enjoying a comfortable success over Clare at Newton Green last week.

As expected, the Stansfield team finished well clear in the morning golf - a total of 23 holes up, with all four pairs winning - but the big question was whether they could hang on to their lead when bridge followed lunch.

In the end, they did so quite comfortably with Clare winning the bridge by a margin of only four points.

A special scoring system means a hole of golf is equivalent to a board of bridge. By close of play, Stansfield finished 19 up.

Pictured are both teams.

The Clare Team consisted of Ian, Peter, Philipa, Will, Nick, Dave, Andrew & John.

Match v Colchester in August
Match v Colchester in August

The scoring system for the golf-bridge matches


There will be four matches of greensomes over 18 holes. Each team or team captain will pick its own pairings and place them in the order of 1 to 4 and then each numbered pair will play the same numbered pair of the opposition. The scoring will be on a match play basis and all 18 holes will need to be played and a final scored reached for each match. The scores will then be aggregated and one team or the other will have a final net score to carry forward to the bridge competition.


There will be two rounds of two teams of 4 matches with each round being 9 boards long. Each captain will pick two teams of 4 and they will stay the same for both matches. For the first round of 9 boards one visiting team will play one Clare team and then for the second round of 9 boards the teams will switch and play the other opposition team. For scoring purposes each board will be worth two points so that the total number of points available is the same as for the golf (72). If there is a difference of 30 points or less between the two scores on a board (e.g. 420 and 450) it will be deemed to have been halved.


Once all the boards have been played there will, hopefully, be an aggregate winner. In the event of a tie there will be a further 6 boards of bridge played against the team played in the second round of the bridge.