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Some forthcoming events you might not want to miss!

Gentle Duplicate: Lavenham Village Hall, Fridays at 1:15 for 1:30
Next session 25th November

Christmas Party at Old School Hall, Clare on Sunday 11th December at 12:30

Andrew Robson masterclasses:

  • 3 Feb 2023
Bridge Events in Suffolk

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SCBA calendar 2022

SCBA calendar 2023

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  • Suffolk Online Teams League
  • 9-high Pairs
9-High Pairs

It's time for you to enter the 9-High Pairs event to be held at Nayland Village Hall (CO6 4JH) on Sunday December 4, starting at 11am.

This is open to players with an NGS grade of 9 or below.

Don't know your NGS grade? Click on NGS and put your name in the Search box to find out.

We'll have a break at around 1.00pm when a glass of wine will be provided on the house but please bring your own lunch.

Entry fee just £5/head.

For the entry form, you can click HERE.

Suffolk Online Teams League

This is an invitation to all Suffolk players to play teams bridge on line in the popular Suffolk On Line Teams League.

All experience levels are welcome, from beginner / intermediate players to county level. Teams are placed in a division suitable for their experience levels. You don’t have to have played teams bridge before. Those trying it out for the first time have really enjoyed it.

If you have a team of four players and would like to play in the League you will be welcome. Bridge teachers are welcome to play in a team with 3 of their pupils. If there are pairs who don’t have team mates we will do our best to try to match you with other pairs of similar experience levels in a similar position.

Please contact Malcolm Pryor, the League organiser, via

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EBU Events
EBU Events

Online Year End Congress - 27-30 December

Due to Covid, the usual Year End Congresses in London and Blackpool will not be taking place face-to-face this year. Instead we will be running an online Year End Congress, held on RealBridge.

The online congress will be held between Christmas and New Year over four days.

There will be the usual events, Swiss Pairs, Swiss Teams, Mixed/Open Pairs, and Jack High Swiss Pairs. The Swiss Pairs and Swiss Teams are both stratified events.

The Jack High Swiss Pairs, will also have a Zoom seminar the next morning to go through the hands. It will also be stratified for pairs who are 9-high or 6-high.

For more information, visit the event webpage.

Daily Online Games

The daily online games currently held on Funbridge and BBO will continue as usual for the most part over the Christmas period. However, on Christmas day we will only have the three evening games.

For further information, visit the event webpage.

New Year Bridge Bonanza - 1-2 January

Organised by the Yorkshire Contract Bridge Association. There will be Swiss Pairs (1st January) and Swiss Teams (2nd January). There will also be a 9 High Pairs event on the 1st January.

For further information, visit the YCBA website.

National Point-a-Board Teams - 23-24 January

Due to covid, this event will be held on RealBridge. The competition will be played as a complete round-robin over the two days. Master Points for matches won will be enhanced throughout.

As well as providing a rare opportunity to play with this fascinating and skillful form of scoring, the congress will be ideal for players wishing to add to their Green Point tally since there will be enhanced master points (masterpoints will be awarded for matches won at a 50% enhanced rate in the qualifier and main final of the Point-a-Board teams).

For further information, visit the event webpage.

Ranked Masters Pairs  - 27-28 Feb

For players at or above Region Master rank. For details, visit the event webpage.

Portland Pairs  - 28 Mar

This year the Portland Pairs will be run by the EBU as a single two-session event on RealBridge, rather than having heats in clubs around the country.

For details, visit the event webpage.

Easter Festival  - 2-5 Apr

We will run this online, but if it proves possible to run such an event in a live venue, we will do so and have a hybrid congress, with some playing live and others online.

For details, visit the event webpage.

National Pairs Final  - 10-11 Apr

We will allow those who qualified in a heat last year to enter for this year’s final if they do so before the qualifying heats take place, even if they do not qualify again. This means that the final may be larger than usual.

For details, visit the event webpage.

Schapiro Spring Foursomes  - 30 Apr-4 May

While we hope we may be able to run this event live, we are also currently considering the feasibility of running the Spring Fours online while maintaining its current classic format, if a live event is not possible by then.

For details, visit the event webpage.

The EBU Online Knockout

Every year the EBU holds an Online Knockout Teams Competition. As you evidently enjoy playing bridge online, perhaps you would like to get together a team to take part in the 2021 competition? Entries are being taken now, and close on 15th January. 

It is for teams of four (from a squad of up to six), all of whom must be members of the 'home union' federations - so tell your friends in all corners of the British Isles. 

There is a plate competition, at no extra charge, for those losing their first match. Half-price entry is available to junior players.

Green Points are awarded for each match won in the main competition; Blue Points are awarded in the plate competition.

For more information please visit the 

event webpage.


To enter please do so online via My EBU if possible, or alternatively by telephone on 01296 317203 or by email to