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The Suffolk Contract Bridge Association (SCBA) 2021 AGM will be held on-line on Sunday 16 May 2021 at 2.00 p.m, via Zoom. SCBA members wishing to attend the AGM must pre-register via the SCBA website at least 24 hours before the meeting. To do this click on AGM registration and complete the information requested.

A link to access the AGM will be sent via email to SCBA members who have pre-registered.

The agenda for the AGM,  including nominations for Officers and members of the Executive Committee is here: AGM Agenda.

The SCBA AGM Pairs will be held on-line at 3.00 p.m. on Sunday 16 May 2021, and is restricted to AGM attendees, who should enter via the AGM registration form.


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Coronavirus and Clare

Due to Government restrictions to ensure social distancing during the Coronavirus outbreak, Clare Bridge Club is suspended until further notice.. Thank you for your understanding. If we can do anything to help during this challenging time, please do not hesitate to contact one of the Committee members.

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Hand of the week
Hand of the week: 2/8/21 Board 19

How does E play when partner leads KS?

Inspired players take the A and lead a Club for a ruff, making KC later.
An inspired W may underlead Spades and try and persuade partner to give a ruff that way.
Due to friendly D break 5D makes otherwise, although the review on the website says 10 tricks only in Diamonds. No H game as long hand has to ruff and no C game due to the trump break.

Hand of the week: 26/7/21 Board 19

Why I hate robots angry

At the end of an evening where there seemed to be more than usual part-score hands, we encountered the robot pair. As South I opened a fairly obvious 3S. West's (robot) 3NT overcall is described as "2-5 ♠♣, 16-22 HCP, stop in ♠". What does East (robot) bid?

East leaps to 7H: how does he know West holds AC? I try 3C but my lead is immaterial and he runs off 13 tricks, adding insult to injury by discarding DAKQ from hand.

Most EW are in 6H, making +1 and scoring 35%, though two pairs realise that if 6H is making, so probably is 6NT - scoring 75%. So a cast-iron bottom for us, below even the brave souls who sacrificed in 6S.

Nick Kerry

Hand of the week: 12/7/21 Board 6

I liked hand 6 where declarer was booked to make 1NTX but got the timing wrong so we got lucky and ended up +500 rather than -180.

It’s a fascinating play hand. How do you play 1NTX on the auction shown?

Tony's (South) double showed an opening hand and short C; whilst we do not necessarily have the balance of points (indeed we haven’t – 19 versus 21 for declarer) all suits appear to be breaking badly for declarer so I doubled in case we could get it off. Double dummy we can’t. But declarers don’t always get it right.

I was happy with my double, and still would have been even if declarer had made his contract.

Tony led KH and hastily switched to a S when I showed out. Declarer correctly ducked the first S leaving me on lead with the QS to return a S which declarer won to switch to a D – 6-3-J-A. I returned a 3rd S, which declarer needs to win and then play on C to get home. AC followed by small to the Q will surely draw all South’s clubs and, if 1 only of the minor C honours is with South (surely likely?), declarer can then finesse against me to make 4 C tricks and then throw South in with the last S for an end play and his contract.

Instead, declarer ducked the 3rd S leaving the tempo with us: he now can’t end play South. Tony won and then put declarer in with his last S: declarer is now doomed. In an effort to get to dummy for the marked C finesse he then ended up going 2 off.

In such ways do tops emerge!

Andrew Moore


Hand of the week: 5/7/21 Board 1

This week several hands were very distributional, but this was the most interesting.

Should East open at the one level, as being strongish, or pre-empt? Should South then overcall or jump to 4S?

Play looks quite tricky: everyone received the lead of QH - there are potentially 1 diamond and 3 club losers. Declarer made 9, 10 or even 11 tricks, though only one of those who bid game made it.

Hand of the week: 28/6/21 Board 19

Board 19 was a tricky hand to declare. 4S was made by Jo Bell, Caro Hunt and Helen Mason but they all received relatively favourable leads. Everyone else went down. My partner received a spade lead. How would you plan the play with trumps breaking 4-0?

My partner won and played a trump to table. He led J diamonds to Q, K, A.  This was an error because its best to develop the long suit rather than go for a ruff, but its not fatal. Opponents led back a trump and my partner won in hand, leaving the A on the table. What now?

Clearly clubs must be attacked at this point, and A and another is probably best. However, my partner led a club to the J, K and 4. Another club followed, West played the 7. Do you play the A or the 8?

Unluckily, the 8 lost to the Q and the contract was now 2 down. The play of the A instead of the 8 means that the contract makes so long as declarer continues clubs and ducks the diamond return.

In my partner’s defence I must add that, unlike mine, his play was otherwise faultless, both at Clare and, on the day before, for the Suffolk A-Team against Norfolk.

Rick Hanley

Hand of the week: 21/6/21 Board 7

This hand (double dummy) can be game in diamonds for EW (slam if played by W) or game in hearts for NS. But most E ended in 4S or 3NT. Either is doomed to failure against the right lead but a few escaped intact. Look here for details.

Board of the week: 14/6/21 Board 7

Even by Clare standards this hand was unusual, played 10 times it managed to produce 9 contracts and 10 different results. Can you work out (guess!) what these might be before looking at Board 7 in Monday 14th June results.

Hand of the week: 14/6/21 Board 9 - example question

What do you bid sitting W?

A bit of a gamble ... the optimum contract as the cards lie is 5Hx by South as both 4H and 4S are making. But if you bid 4S you're relying on East rather than North to hold a singleton heart.