Clane Bridge Club
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  Objects (Sample)

The objects of "The Club" shall be to provide facilities for the playing of Contract Bridge.

  General Rules (Sample)

Constitution / Rules

  1. Basics
    1. The name of the club shall be "Clane Bridge Club".
    2. The club shall be registered with the Contract Bridge Association of Ireland.
  2. The Aim
    1. To encourage the game of bridge among the members and their friends.
    2. To broaden the base of the members social activities by means of the Camaraderie and Goodfellowship to which to which the game of bridge is so well suited.
  3. Officers / Committee
    1. The club shall be run by a Committee on the mandate of the members.
    2. The members shall exercise their control through the Annual General Meeting.
    3. The Committee shall be members and shall consist of President, Vice President, Hon. Secretary, Hon.Treasurer, Tournament Director and five other members.
    4. No member shall serve more than 3 years in any one office.
  4. Members
    1. Members must have passed their 16th. birthday.
    2. Every candidate shall apply, in writing, giving details of previous bridge experience.
    3. Election shall be by the committee and shall be by ballot. Simple majority to admit.
    4. The members shall be entitled to equal rights in all competitions and in the management of the club.
  5. Finance
    1. The financial affairs of the club shall be the responsibility of the committee in general and of the Hon Treasurer in particular.
    2. The committee shall open a bank account and all transactions shall require two signatures (Treasurer / Secretary / President).
    3. All monies received on behalf of the club shall be paid into this account and suitable records of receipts and payments shall be kept and the statement of account and balance sheet shall be presented to members at the A.G.M. 
  6. Subscriptions
    1. A suitable membership fee shall be charged, payable on an annual basis.
    2. Annual membership fees shall be paid not later than a date to be decided by the committee, following the A.G.M. A member may not play in any major prize competitions following this date unless the annual fee has been paid.
    3. The Hon. Secretary shall write informing lapsed members that unless they play on or before the next prize competition they will be deemed to have resigned.
  7. Meetings
    1. The Club shall hold an Annual General Meeting of members each year at which the committee shall make its reports and at which matters notified in advance by members shall be decided. The committee shall be elected by simple majority ballot at this A.G.M. The outgoing President, if present shall be Chairman of such meeting. In the absence of the President, the members shall elect by simple majority a Chairman of such meeting.
    2. The outgoing Vice President must be ratified as President for the coming year.
    3. The Annual General Meeting shall be held each year on a date to be decided by the committee. Only members may vote at the AG.M.
    4. All members shall be notified by the Hon. Secretary of date time and venue of the A.G.M. at least two weeks in advance.
  8. Handicaps
    1. Club members handicaps are the responsibility of the Tournament Director.
    2. A new member shall play off scratch for the first three competitions. A first handicap shall be not more than 1/2 the club max.
  9. Visitors
    1. The committee may permit visitors to play in any major competition if the circumstances permit. Visitors may only partner a member and shall play off a handicap of + 10%.
  10. General
    1. All questions of interpretation of the rules above, which shall be the basic rules of the club, shall be referred to the Committee whose decision thereon shall be final.
    2. The making or amendment of rules shall be a matter for the Annual General Meeting. Notice to make or amend a basic rule shall be given in to  the Hon. Secretary not later than two weeks prior to A.G.M.
    3. Amendments to and making of rules shall be made at the Annual General Meeting and shall require two thirds majority of members present and voting.