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2019/20 Season has kicked off

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Welcome to Claddagh Bridge Club


The "analysis" of the Claddagh Club's resident "Badmaster" runs as follows:
As there are 11 winners in the combined hands, perhaps a squeeze is on the cards (outrageous pun!). There is a possibility of getting a 4th trick in Hearts or a third in Spades if either suit breaks 3-3. What to do if both suits break 4-2, or worse even?
Anyway East led off a spade. North should duck, and East will probably switch to a diamond. Say North wins in hand, They should play a top Spade and test two rounds Hearts to learn that everyone follows suit.
Assuming 4-2 breaks in both majors (otherwise a 12th trick is a cinch), then if one hand has the remaining 4 major cards, that hand will only have 4 minor cards, (because a diamond has already been played at trick 2), so North can play off 4 clubs and the remaining top diamond and watch (with exquisite but concealed pleasure) East discard a heart or a spade and, hey presto, the 12th trick will materialise!
Should both outstanding Hearts and both outstanding Spades be in separate hands (and then East and West have 6 major cards each, and thus 7 minor cards each), then the only hope is that Clubs are not 3-3, as then Diamonds would be 4-4 and "Badmaster" thinks the slam can't be made. So North must cash the 4 club tricks, and, mirabile dictu, East turns out to have only 5 minor cards, and thus after the 4th top club and the second top diamond, East, with weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth, has to part with one of their beloved major cards. Then North can pounce for the 12th trick, making the small slam. Congratulations to those who got 12 tricks!


Resumption of bridge

Bridge resumes 24th September 2019

Claddagh Bridge Club


Welcome to the Claddagh Bridge Club. The club meets every Tuesday upstairs at 7:30 in Galway Bridge Centre during the period of September-May. We welcome new members to join at any stage. Please contact Martha McInerney if you would like to come along any evening.
Please visit the Western Region's Bridge Website to see events going on in the western region that may be of interest to you.


Club Officers 2019/20

Committee 2019/20 Teresa Martin, Rachel Ennis, Valerie Kiely, Patricia Russell & Eileen Brannelly 

Contact for partners : Mary Griffin 087 6390184

Calendar 2019/20


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Claddagh Bridge Club
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