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The Summer Season is upon us and many of our players have headed back up North.   We are trying very hard to keep track of all the players that still available to play in the Fort Myers area.   If you have not already filled out a Snowbird form, please do so when you can.

Also, it is important during this time for the health of the club that our players continue to support the club by playing in the Florida Bridge Collection's online games.

Thanks and see everyone again in the fall!

Don McCullough- Club Manager 

Membership Form
Memberships run from 10/1 thru 9/30

City of Palms Bridge Club Member Form 2023-24.pdf

You may either click on the above link, fill out the form and mail it to:

City of Palms Bridge Club

℅ Don McCullough Club Manager

12903 Epping Way

Fort Myers, FL   33913

or Fill out the form below and submit it to us and then mail in your check to the above address or Paypal the amount due to (Be sure to mark "Sending to a Friend" and NOT "Paying a for an Item or Service")