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Bridgemate II is the successor of the popular and widely-used Bridgemate Pro scoring system. Bridgemate Pro is used by more than 2,500 clubs in 35 countries; it is the premier scoring system of 25 national bridge organisations, the World Bridge Federation and European Bridge League. Build on a track record of ten years, Bridgemate II offers you even more functionality and user-friendliness, all in a modern and slim design.

Key features

A modern and ergonomic design which fits perfectly on every bridge table. Its light weight and significantly reduced volume make it easy to carry and store.

Same large keys as Bridgemate Pro. Four function keys have been added for unlimited extra functionality.

Large LCD screen; three times bigger than Bridgemate Pro and bigger than any other scoring system. Large and clear fonts make it easy readable for players of all ages.

An intuitive entry process of board results requiring only a minimum of key strokes. All information is entered on one screen.

Very low battery consumption. Bridgemate II runs typically about 500 sessions on one set of 2 AA batteries and is therefore very economical[1].

Easy to clean and maintain due to its snap-on cover. The cover can be removed in just seconds allowing to clean or replace the keypad.


Bridgemate II offers you all the functionality of Bridgemate Pro plus many new features which make the game even more attractive. New functions are:

  • Entry of board result all on one screen.
  • Confirmation of score by east/west using a dedicated “accept” key.
  • Allow players to review their own scores at any moment, and optionally allow them to edit these scores.
  • Real-time movement synchronisation ensures that movement updates made in your scoring program are directly relayed to the Bridgemates.
  • Update Bridgemate settings at any moment during play.
  • Show previous board results as traveller or frequency list, either 4 (large font) or 6 (medium sized font) scores per screen. Browse through the results with up and down function keys.
  • TD-menu is accessible with a function key and locked by a self-configurable PIN code.
  • Show current ranking during play, or at end of session only[2].
  • Show player names at start of each round[2].
  • Show IMP instead of percentages as indication of board result[2].
  • Show seatings for next round.
  • Show remaining boards to be played in current round.
  • Setup menu for configuring basic settings.
  • Scan function for choosing between available sections in play.
  • Easy software updates through wireless transfer.

[1] Based on Duracell alkaline batteries, 26 boards per session and activation time of approximately two minutes per board. Number of sessions may be lower due to self-discharge during long periods of inactivity.

[2] Not available in first release. Feature will become available through free firmware update.
If you require any further information contact Kevin Hinds (Ireland Bridgemate Services)