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How to Register to Play in a BBO Tournament

How to Register to Play in a BBO Tournament

Our regular Friday morning sessions are “Tournaments” in BBO parlance. Before registering you need to:

  • Have a partner & know their BBO username
  • Agree with your partner which of you will register you as a pair for the session
  • Have sufficient BB$ in your BBO account to pay the entry fee (3.50 BB$ if you are paying just for yourself or 7.00 BB$ if paying for both of you)

The registration desk in BBO opens two hours before the scheduled start time, so in our case the registration desk will open at 8:00 am for play starting at 10:00 am.  It is advisable to start your registration at least 15 minutes before the start time, that is 9:45 am. This will allow time to resolve any problems that arise. Please note that the session (tournament) will start on time with the players that have registered.

  1. Both you and your partner need to be logged onto BBO to register.  If you add your partner to your list of Friends on BBO, you can use the People tab to check whether they are online. One partner completes the registration for both of you as a pair and the other partner waits for their invitation to join the session.
  2. The steps to register are:
    1. On the BBO Home page, click (or tap if using a touch screen) on “Virtual Clubs”. Do not click on “Casual” as this will prevent you or your partner being able to register you to play
    2. Click on “EBU – England”
    3. Click on “Church Hill Bridge Club”.  If you cannot see an entry for Church Hill, then make sure that you are looking at Pending tournaments.  If you still cannot see it, perhaps because there are too many entries on the page, then use the "Search" function to look for "Church Hill".  As you type, the list is reduced to only those entries that contain the text you have typed.
    4. You will now see a box telling you that you need a partner to enter the tournament.  Type your partner’s BBO username where it says “Partner”.  
    5. Depending on what you have agreed with your partner, you can tick the box next to “I will pay for both myself and my partner”. 
    6. Click on the "Invite" button.  Depending on your choice either the button will be labelled “Invite (3.50 BB$)” or the “Invite (7.00 BB$)”. 
    7. If you get a message that says you are not allowed to enter the Tournament because it is a closed tournament, it means that we don't have a record of either your BBO username or your partner's BBO username.  
    8. Your partner will receive an invitation to play with you.  Your partner’s invitation will specify whether their entry fee has already been paid or will be taken from their account.  Your partner needs to accept the invitation.
    9. You will receive confirmation that you have entered the tournament.
    10. You and or / your partner may receive a message asking you to enter your EBU number. You can either enter your EBU number and click "OK". Or you can just click "OK", in which case you will be asked the next time you enter one of our sessions.
  3. You are now registered as a pair for the tournament.  Just stay logged on to BBO and you will both be seated automatically at your first-round table when the session starts at 10:00 am.  Please note you both need to logged on to BBO when the tournament starts, so, for example, do not go to the go the Casual area in BBO while you are waiting as this logs you out of the main BBO competitive area.
  4. If for any reason you are logged out of BBO before play begins, just log back on and wait until the tournament starts.
  5. If you want to check that the registration was successful, navigate back to the tournament (steps 2a, 2b & 2c above).  Instead of receiving a request to register, you will receive a notification that you are already registered.