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How to use Chat Manager
How to use Chat Manager

How to use Chat Manager in BBO

Chat Manager in BBO is used to store chat messages that you want to send more than once, for example a brief summary of your conventions, to be used at the beginning of each round.

The notes below provide a step by step guide to using Chat Manager, with screenshots at the end of the notes. There is also a useful Paul Gipson video on YouTube (

You can play with this at any time on BBO. No one looks at the Lobby messages, so you can send your test messages to the Lobby without impacting any other users.

  1. Logon to BBO (figure 1 below).
  2. Click in the white chat area (bottom left of the screen) and a small green pop-up menu will appear (figure 2).
  3. Click on ‘Chat Manager’ and the Chat Manager pop-up window will appear (figure 3).
  4. The Chat Manager is used to store messages that you want to use again later. As you can see in figure 3, I have four messages stored in my Chat manager.
  5. To add a new one, type your message where it says “Message” at the bottom of the Chat Manager window (figure 4).
  6. To save the message in Chat Manager, click “Add” and it will be added to the list (figure 5).
  7. To send any of the messages in your Chat Manager, simply click on the text of the message you wish to send. When you do a new “Chat” pop-up window will appear (figure 6).
  8. To send the message, just click on the “Chat” button in the Chat window. Note: make sure that the “Channel” (top left corner of the Chat window) is set to Table. You can do this by clicking on the Channel and selecting Table from the list. By the way Table will only be an option in the list when you are playing at a table.
  9. When you click the “Chat” button in the Chat window, your message will be sent, and the Chat window will disappear (figure 7).
  10. You can Edit and Delete messages in your Chat Manager by using the buttons on the right side of each message.
  11. To close the Chat Manager just click on the “x” in the top right-hand corner of the Chat Manager window. You can get it back again at any time (see step 2 above).

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