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Gentle Duplicate
Gentle Duplicate
As well our regular club nights, we run a 'Gentle Duplicate' session every Thursday evening at 7pm.   This is billed as 'a friendly duplicate for novice players'.   This is ideal for players straight from their first bridge course (and in fact is aimed at those players).   It is also suitable for those returning to the game, or who have not yet built up enough confidence to play in the main sessions
In the gentle duplicate sessions we play fewer boards during the evening.  Also we do not play under strict 'competition rules', and assistance can be provided by the more experienced players who run the session
Unlike our regular club nights you do not need to come with a partner, you are guaranteed a game even if you turn up on your own.   A host system is operated and you will be matched up with someone else who has come without a partner, or you will play with the host.