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Course Description
Course Description
The Bridge Lessons are suitable for those completely new to bridge.   People with prior bridge knowledge are also welcome, but no existing knowledge is required.   We follow the 'Bridge For All' programme, recommended by the EBU (English Bridge Union).   This teaches the Standard English (also known as Acol) bidding system, which is the system played by the majority of players in the UK
Players who have already learnt the basics, but wish to to refresh their knowledge of specific topics are welcome to attend just those classes of interest to them
The lessons start by teaching mini-bridge, a relatively modern innovation which allows students to start playing a game within the first 2 lessons.   This enables you to play mini-bridge socially between the lessons, building your confidence and laying the foundation for learning the full game from lesson 6 onwards.
The total course is 32 weeks, this includes a number of revision, play lessons, where you get to play a number of bridge hands to consolidate your learning.   Like any learning activity, learning is a combination of taking on new skills, and practicing those skills.   The combination of mini-bridge and the revision lessons, are designed to provide plenty of opportunuty to practice, to consolidate what has been learnt
Once you have completed the 32 week course, you will be able to play bridge, at home, or any bridge club.   We recommend our Thursday 'Gentle Duplicate' session which is aimed at people straight out of this course
The EBU produce a student book which follows this course, which can be purchased from the teacher.   This is optional, but it will enhance your learning experience
Our bridge teachers are EBU trained in teaching bridge, as well as being experienced bridge payers; see the individual biographies