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Scorebridge Instructions
Scorebridge Instructions



Before you start select the Box Number of cards you are going to play.

Turn on the computer, ensure the Bridgemate control USB is plugged in.

Click on the EBU pairs Icon on the bottom task bar.

The MAIN MENU will come up.

1. Click on ‘PAIRS EVENT’

The next screen will launch, at the bottom click on ‘Create New Event’

The club events page will launch. Do NOT Change any of the Info in the top boxes.

Change the Name of the Director and Scorer. (use backspace to delete)

Make sure the EBU charge code is 10 Normal P2P session. If it is not use the drop down menu at the end of the line and select 10

At this point you have to Import the deal. Click on the Box ‘Import Deal’. This will take you to the file list from Dealer 4. Select the Box No. you want and double click. This should return you to the import screen and insert the Box file.

Once everything is correct, click on OK to get you back to the Main Menu.

2. Click on ‘Select Movement’

Enter the Number of Tables 3,4,5,6,7 or 8. If there is a missing pair count upwards i.e. 3 ½ = 4 etc.

A list of Club Standard Movements will appear. Consult with the Director as to the movement to be played. Get the movement cards from the small box if needed. 5,6,7 or 8 tables should be a Mitchell movement. 3, 3 ½, 4 or 4 ½ will probably be a Howell movement to reduce sit out time.

Select the movement to be played.

If there is a missing pair enter it now. Mitchell movement will be NS1 to NS8

Or EW1 to EW8. Enter the position that is vacant.

(Howell movement, you need to look at the movement card to get the pair number that is missing.)

Click OK once you are done. A summary of the movement and missing pair will be shown on screen. Click Yes to accept. If it is not correct then click No

and go and correct the movement. Clicking yes will return you to the Main Menu.

3. Ask the Director to hand out a Bridgemate to each table.

Select and click ‘Bridgemate Scoring’

Menu will come up which you can ignore. Click the ‘Create Database’ button

This will clear the old results and prepare the system for the new movement

Click ‘Launch BCS’ ( Bridgemate Control software if you were wondering)

Should get to a split screen with LH top Bridgemate’s – Connected

You should have a number of red dots for the number of tables being played.

The system is now ‘Live’ and NSEW can be entered at each table. As the names are confirmed the light will change to green.

MAKE SURE THEY ENTER THE NAMES CORRECTLY AS TO CHANGE THEM LATER, OR CHANGE ANY SCORES IS A PAIN IN THE BUTT !!!!! Visitors can enter their EBU number, the system will find them. Guests can use 003, look at the printed list if you are not sure.

If scores are entered in the Bridgemate incorrectly use the director PIN to go into the machine and delete the result.(option 3) It can then be re-entered correctly. This is also where you enter 50/50 or 60/40 averages.(option1)

If the board is ‘mis boarded’ then the Director can access the hand so that the players can correct the board(s). (Option 7 I think.)

There are other options which you may like to look at .

At the end of the session, as each Bridgemate is closed down, the lights will change back to Red. Make sure all are closed down, as one green light will prevent you from going to final reports !!. If in doubt keep pressing OK on the bridgemates until you have got all red lights. Click OK to return to the Main menu

4. Select Reports

Click on select reports. Menu will appear with a number of Options along the bottom.

Select Display on Screen. Normal result sheet will be displayed, things to check are the Names, boards played etc. If correct go to the Print Option.

Make sure the printer is connected and turned on. Print and post the result.


Click on ‘Internet reports’


Top LHS click on ‘upload bridgewebs CSV file’ click YES. This is the file that allows members to view that nights results on the Chorley Bridgeweb Site.

Check it is correct by clicking on ‘Go to Chorley Bridgwebs Site’

Takes you to Chorley site Click on results and todays results should be available to view. Close Chorley Bridgeweb, returns you to internet reports.

Click on create EBU UMS file. This will create the UMS file for uploading.

Go to the EBU website. It should remember the Chorley site access code and password, if not then the number is 00204431. Password is the normal Chorley password.

Once in the EBU website then click on the button ‘UPLOAD’ (top RHS I think)

Click on browse to select that nights file and select and click OK. File should upload to the EBU, if there are problems it will prompt you for EBU numbers etc, just use the option treat as a guest.


Once done you can exit and switch off and go home. Make sure someone can lock up, CHECK ALL THE WINDOWS AND DOORS.

Alan Bradford 

August 2021