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Scorebridge Instructions
Scorebridge Instructions

Instructions for operating Scorebridge

 Do not hand out the Bridgemates till the event is set up in Scorebridge

Connect server, (white box) to laptop, plug in the lap top & switch o

Put the AA battery in the server, (this is only to protect the data in the event of a power failure) connect to the computer & power supply. The light should be red when you insert the battery & green when the power is turned on and fix into the USB port.

Open up Scorebridge which opens automatically to the Events page.

If any new guests/members are there then click on “PlayerDb” at the top then enter their details in the player database and click on “Order Players by ClubID”  select the next available number as a new Club ID- in the hundreds for members and 3 hundreds for guests and save. When finished click on “Events” at top of screen.

Click New Event. This automatically chooses today’s date.

Type in the number of tables.  Alter the name of the scorer, type in the director’s name & click on OK.

Make sure “Club Standard” is checked, click on the movement shown. Note for some tables there are 2 movements shown, Howell and Mitchell choose Mitchell for full tables and Howell for half tables, as with a Mitchell a 5 board sit out is not appealing. Club standard for 10 tables is a skip not share and relay.

If it is a Mitchell movement ensure that you have two winners checked and that you have share and relay or skip in agreement with the director’s choice.

Click on OK.

If it is a Howell movement it is the missing pair number that needs typing in and also ensure that the correct players are sat to match the cards.

Check the movement details & click Yes. Check the number of boards and settings on first and last table.

If there is a missing pair click yes then enter the table number & click whether it is N/S or E/W missing.

The Bridgemates program will flash open and then will sit on a screen behind Scorebridge.

Find the Bridgemates window and you should see the table list A1, A2, A3…. Each with a red dot against it.

A box comes up asking whether to use an existing  .bws Wireless Database. Click on “No.”

Click back to Scorebridge and under Scores Retrieved and click “Retreiving”.






Rectangular Callout: Under Score Retrieved click on Retrieving.Check with Table 1 to ensure they can see the enter player numbers on the Bridgemate and then give out the Bridgemate & ask north/south to enter the players’ Club ID number.

If the Bridgemate ask for contr/tables then enter any number followed by OK, Bridgemate should then ask for N/S Club IDs

All the red lights in Bridgemate program will turn green as people key in their numbers- leave the Bridgemate program on the task bar and not full screen since it shows the contracts for each table and board.

It is advisable to check that the names of all the pairs are correct at the end since sometimes people key in the wrong number!! These can be altered in the Scorebridge program.

At the end of play make any necessary alterations to the scoresheets.

Remove the battery from the Bridgemate server box  ( it runs down in 40 hours) and pack everything away- make sure that all the Bridgemates are at the End of Session state or that they have been reset using the TD key. If all rounds have not been played reset the server in Bridgemate using Server and then Reset.

TD Menu

The Director can change some functions on the Bridgemate in the event of an error, or director’s decision

Insert the TD key.

To enter an arbitral score press 1. Then press 5 to set average to 50%

For an overview of the entered scores press 2.

To delete an entry press 3.

To view the corresponding table & section of the Bridgemate and/or the corresponding round and pairs press 4 (retrieve status)

To retrieve an overview of the board numbers not yet entered press 5.

To reset the Bridgemate press  0.

 To set the contrast of the screen press + or -




Connect the dongle and initialise  it from the 3 screen.

Open the results page & print them.

Close the results page, then open the options sheet and tick the box marked “Include hands in Results”

Then send the results to Bridge Webs by clicking on Send and choosing Upload to Bridgewebs. (Ensure you have set up Scorebridge to look in the correct folder - Using Club Preferences and then Web Preferences and setting Log in Code to Chorley – only needs doing once) .

Click on Make File, then P2P file, then click on ‘Open the upload Page’. This opens up a screen on the EBU website. Click on Browse. This returns you to your Desktop find the PTP folder & click on the file –which has the date of the bridge results.  This returns you to the EBU website. Click on send. The EBU checks that it has details of all players if not it asks you to indicate whether they are guests, sometimes it asks whether they need a new EBU number & sometimes it shows the EBU numbers of existing members & asks whether they are the player. In which case you highlight the player. N.B. The first time that you upload the results to the EBU you might need to type in Chorley's Club number & password.


Ian Clemmitt

Revised 17 June 2015