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How to Pay

From September 2021 we are using the Bridgewebs "Attendance" feature to record table money payments.


Please pay the additional table money of £1 by bank transfer (details below). We would like you to pay:

  • EITHER at the end of the current month to settle any outstanding money. Please wait until you have played all sessions in the month before making a payment.
  • OR in a form of a topup (e.g. £5, £10, £20 or similar) to keep your balance always positive and to avoid frequent small transfers. Any surplus money will be carried forward. 

You can check your balance any time in the Member Area. We will not be issuing regular invoices but might send some if it helps to get things going.


How to pay for somebody else

You may pay for one or more other players.  If you would like to do so, please let us know. We will make sure this arrangment is reflected in your respective balances.


You need to be able to access the Member Area, where you can check your table money balance and also obtain payment details.

How to log into Member Area

Click on "Member Area - Login" on the website menu.

Enter your full name and Password and click on Login. If it is the first time you are logging in or you forgot your password - 

  • Click on "Set/Reset Password"
  • Enter your email address (Your email address has to be pre-registered with us.)
  • Click on "Send Set Password Email"
  • You will receive an email in your Inbox (if it doesn’t arrive, please check Junk or Spam!)
  • Follow the instructions to set up your password

Once you are logged in your Member Area, the following tabs will appear.

  • Click on the Account tab to see your account details, including EBU number.
  • Click on the Payments tab to see outstanding balance and your payment referenceYou will notice that this is based on your EBU number. It starts with a prefix 'CBC', followed by your EBU number, padded with leading zeros to 8 digits. If you are not a member of EBU, you will not have an EBU number, and we have created a temporary EBU number for you - you will see it under the Account tab.

For club bank details click here.

Making a Payment

In your online banking account create a new payee with Derek's bank details.

When making a payment it is very important that you use your unique payment reference.

It is as simple as that !

If you do not have the facility to pay by bank transfer, then the payment will have to be arranged by other means.
  Please send an email and we will explain what to do.


Contact Mirna if you have any queries.

Thank you.smiley