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"We all make mistakes when playing!"

Postcards, Pictures++
Tony's Blog

30 October 2021

Day 72: Porlock to Minehead
"I reach Minehead early afternoon, with the obligatory pose by the SWCP start/end marker."
See Porlock to Minehead
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Tony's Blog

1 October 2021

Day 62: Boscastle to Bude
"That was an exciting night. The tent survived! Unfortunately, my boots and gear are still wet from yesterday. The weather looks threatening, so I pack quickly, and enjoy some beautiful early morning views....The sun is out, and I stand on the cliff, arms wide, eyes closed, drying out in the warm wind. The restorative power of the sun."
See Boscastle to Bude
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Postcard from Wednesday Online

22 September 2021

How to pass time on a long car journey

Tony's Blog

16 September 2021

Day 56: Portreath to Perranporth
"The sky is on fire. I am torn between sitting in the dunes to watch the sunset and finding the way to the campsite before night falls. I am not confident of navigating the hilly dunes in the dark with only my headtorch, so I press on, crossing a golf course. I could always pitch on a green if I get lost. That would go down well with the early morning golfers!"
See Portreath to Perranporth
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Tony's Blog

14 July 2021

Day 42: Plymouth to Seaton
"It is a scorching morning, so I cool down with a pint of Dartmoor Legend outside The Devonport Inn at pretty Kingsand. A sailor tells me the village was the setting for Mr. Turner, starring Timothy Spall, a film that I missed. He is heading to The Isles of Scilly and convinces me to include them in my trek."
See Plymouth to Seaton

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Tony's Blog

21 April 2021

Emsworth to the Needles
"I reach a tiny platform on the cliff edge. There are birds silently gliding and soaring. Black silhouettes. The only sound is from the waves gently rolling up on the shore far below. The view is breathtaking."
See Emsworth to The Needles

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Postcard from Orpington

5th May 2021

Orpington, 5th May 2021,  15 minutes before sunset. A moment later it all disappeared into twilight.
Kanzan Cherry and Golden Elder in the garden. The fata morgana on the horizon is the reflection from indoor lights.

Tony's Blog

19 February 2021

Isle of Grain Tower Battery
"I want to explore the mid 19th century offshore gun tower in the mouth of the River Medway. It is only accessible at low tide so this means a very early drive over and then back home in time for breakfast."
See Isle of Grain Tower Battery

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Sunrise at Dungeness

19 December 2020

"The howling wind is whipping up the sea and the loud crashing of waves on the deserted shingle fills my ears, as the sun breaks through the clouds. Stunning. I stay here for quite some time. How can the rest of the walk better this?"
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Derek's Lockdown Blog - Postcard 5: Last week on BBO

21st April 2020

Again, plenty of you meeting up on BBO. As people become acquainted with the techniques for moving, the mechanism is becoming fairly smooth. Thank you to those who have resisted the temptation to start another board after the move has been announced - this really is quite important because, otherwise, people can be kept waiting, unfairly, for some considerable time. Also, please remember that we are playing “matchpoints”. Congratulations to all - some scores below:

Tuesday April 14

Charles and Norman
Andrew and Graham
Hilary and David
Jon and Bill
David and Roy
Graham and Bob
Dave and Pat
Eleanor and Diana
Mary and Elaine
Brian and Brian
Abdol and Richard
Mirna and John
Christine and Peter
David and Mike

Thursday April 16

Jon and John
Brad and Craig
Caroline and Luke
James and Brian
Jan and Roger
Helen and David
Jean and Paul
David and Mike
Dave and Pat
Ashley and Pauline
Annie and Brian
Joan and Tony
Brian and Brian
Diana and Gill
Scores have been presented on the assumption that each pair played at least 20 boards and that some include boards that were scored in IMPs - not an exact science !
Please take care and stay safe! Derek :)
Derek's Lockdown Blog - Postcard 4: Last Week on BBO

15th April 2020

Around 15 tables for both evenings - here are the leading results from last week. Congratulations, in particular, to Abdol & Richard and Jon & Bill !

Tuesday April 7

Abdol and Richard
Graham and Bob
Jon and Bill
David and Helen
Keith and Gill
David and Mike
Marian and David
Mirna and John
Dave and Pat
Andrew and Graham
David and Adrian



Thursday April 9

Jon and Bill
Marian and Craig
David and Mike
Graham and Brad
Helen and David
Barbara and Pat
Mirna and Roy
Barbara and Bob
Ashley and Pauline
Norman and Charles
Abdol and Richard
Pam and Chris

Please take care and stay safe! Derek :)
Derek's Lockdown Blog - Postcard 3: Still Going Strong!

9th April 2020

We are continuing to play online, the idea being to start play at around 7pm, move between tables, thereby playing against various friends, and finishing just after 10 o'clock - in some respects, much like playing at the village hall !
Some like to continue for longer but that is up to them! If you would like to join us, please contact Derek for an introduction.
Last Thursday, 60 of us met and congratulations go to Christine and David for their performance and to those who were hot on their heels!

Thursday April 2

David and Christine
Eleanor and Jim
Mike and David
Helen and Peter
Tony and Joan
Jon and Bill
Graham and David
Marian and Norman
Abdol and Richard
Dave and Pat
Jan and Roger
Barbara and Bob

Please take care and stay safe! Derek :)
Derek's Lockdown Blog - Postcard 2: More Online Bridge

7th April 2020

We are getting used to playing online and so, it seems, is everyone else - BBO has never been so popular!
Last week on Tuesday, we had 60 people playing in the club movement. Having overcome the initial hurdles, it is a pretty straightforward experience as illustrated by Mike and David’s result on their debut outing. Congratulations to them!
If you would like to join us, please contact Derek for an introduction. Here are some of the notable performances from that session:

Tuesday March 31

David and Mike
Tony and Steve
Ashley and Pauline
Brian and Brian
Graham and Bob
Keith and Gill
David and Adrian
Jon and Bill
James and Brian
Eleanor and Richard
Brenda and Maureen
Norman and Charles
David and David
Helen and Chris

Please take care and stay safe! Derek :)
Derek's Lockdown Blog - A Postcard from the World Wide Web

2nd April 2020

Becoming acquainted with the intricacies of playing bridge on the internet has taken up much of our time recently. Despite the circumstances, the club has continued to run on Tuesday and Thursday evenings with BBO replacing the more familiar village hall. A big, “thank you” to all of you for your patience as people learn to navigate around the site. With each session, we have been able to play with increasing confidence and last Thursday, March 26, 44 of us participated. Here are some of the notable performances:

Thursday March 26

Brenda and Maureen
Roger and Jan
Eleanor and Jim
Graham and Bob
Norman and Charles
Jenny and David
Neil and Shanti
Margaret and Val
Mirna and John

If you would like to join us, there is little to fear - just the first hurdle. Please contact Derek for guidance and to be included !
Doggy & Snow

"Happiness in snow", Wiltshire, 24th Jan 2021

Christmas Dinner 2020

Happy New Year 2021

London Fireworks 2021
Happy New Year 2021

Postcard from the Isle of Skye

October 2019

Sunset at Stein, Isle of Skye
from Pat and Marco 19th October 2019

Beauty of the Round Pond

Marco's model yacht in Kensington Gardens Round Pond. It sails on Sundays. Designed by Marco - many passersby comment on its beauty. Last Sunday it caught the eye of the Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park Bird blogger - see his blog for Sunday the 21st October 2018 and scroll down until you get to the video. He was filming a national model yacht event across the pond when - in his words - he noticed something unusual on the other side of the pond. He looked through his binoculars and "noticed this fabulous boat". He said this was his star video of the day. Marco is member of The London Model Yacht Club.

Postcard from Norfolk

July 2018

Norfolk Broads - a real discovery - we cruised on the Belle of the Broads. Clear waters of the Broads are framed by yellow and white water lillies overshadowed by trees. Lots of fish and wild birds. We passed other big and little boats. Families fishing or having Sunday lunch on the deck but still finding time to wave enthusiastically. A real gem. Love Mirna&John x

Postcard from Hobbledown Farm

May 2018

Hobbledown Farm, Surrey - half term - looking after granddaughter. After all day activities we collapsed on a bench watching her climb. The voice arrived: "Are you coming up here, guys?" It makes you feel young despite of aching joints.smiley

Postcard from France

March 2018

Peter and his carp, near one of his lakes at Cussac, south of Limoges. Peter says: "A quick health check, photo, weigh and record against their chip then a gentle return. Carp are similar to dolphins. If they are kept wet they can live out of water for several hours."

Snowy Pairs

February 2018

Sunny morning, 28th Feb 2018
(-8℃ last night on the way back from Snowy Pairs)

View from Newstead Avenue over Orpington and High Elms.

Postcard from 1998

February 2018

"Enthusiastic Novices"

This email from Choo arrived the other day. 

Subject: Old email from Mirna dated 19.9.98!! (20 years ago!)
dear all,
I was throwing out old papers and I found this email from Mirna written 20 years ago
and still relevant!
Have a good laugh.
love Choo

(Full transcript to follow)

Postcard from River Danube

October 2017

Hello from River Danube, on the way to Vienna.
John and Mirna x

Postcard from River Danube

October 2017

On the River Danube cruise with our BridgePal friends Reg and Judy from Oxted.

Postcard from the Isle of Skye

October 2017

Greetings from the Seawreck cottage, Isleornsay, Isle of Skye
                                      from Pat and Marco

Postcard from Gold Hill, Shaftesbury

July 2017

"One loaf of Hovis please"
from Marian and Brad

Postcard from Durham Heritage Coast

June 2017

On one of the hottest days of the year we walked down Castle Eden Dene a four mile long shady narrow gorge emerging onto the...

June 2017

...Blackhall Beach, streaching empty for miles in each direction, basking in blazing sunshine, birds diving into the sea. It was like landing on another planet. Collieries used to dump their waste directly into the sea and onto the beaches. After the last collieries closed in 1993, the coastline was cleaned and restored to its former glory.

Postcard from Camden Leigh, Chislehurst

April 2017

"Life is cosy. Love Boysie x"
B&B "Chez Gwenda"

Postcard from Camden Leigh, Chislehurst

March 2017

"Life is beautiful. Love Boysie x"
B&B "Chez Gwenda"

Postcard from Camden Leigh, Chislehurst

March 2017

Gwenda's new cat Boysie with Teddy and Lamb. First day in his new home.
"Life is great, folks!"

Christmas Party

December 2016

UK Football Clubs Quiz (Quizmaster: Janet):
Heavy toilet - Luton, Car smashers - Wrexham, Prison clock - Celtic, Heavy lock - Bolton...
Rodney's Quiz:

Did you know that 25% of population hate brussels sprouts? It's in their genes. A quick survey around our table revealed that 1 out of 8 people hated brussels sprouts...

Postcard from Northumberland

December 2016

30th December 2016
Winter Sun in Druridge Bay.

Mirna and John

Postcard from Jamaica

December 2016

Seasons Greetings from Jamaica

Postcard from New York
  • Barbara and Dietrich
  • Oculus building
  • St Paul`s Chapel

November 2016

Having a wonderful trip. Yesterday we visited the 9/11 memorial. I found it too emotional at times. I couldn't visit one of the rooms. Alex took this picture of me taking a picture of a church which survived 9/11 and became the refuge of rescue services for tea, coffee and respite. Dietrich was taking a picture of the new Oculus  building next to 9/11.
We have seen Hamilton on Broadway and today have Central Park buggy ride, champagne lunch for my birthday and Beautiful the musical tonight.

Postcard from the Isle of Skye

November 2016

Sunset on the beautiful Isle of Skye. Pat&Marco

Postcard from 1066

October 2016

Monday, 10 Oct 2016 - We were walking past Roman Villa at Lullingstone as a group of Saxons on horsebacks arrived - King Harold himself with entourage  (that's certainly worth more than 3 points) - arrived from York as part of the 1066 march reenactment (950th anniversary). They were aiming to get to Hastings by the 14th October when the battle begins. Poor King Harold... he looked tired...

Postcard from Yorkshire
  • Put t`wood in t`oil
  • We Love Yorkshire
  • Where there`s muck there`s brass
  • It`ll be reet
  • Bloomin `Eck
  • It`s either nowt or summat
  • Fair to middlin
  • Eeh by gum
  • You can tell a Yorkshire man but can`t tell him much
  • Chuffed to bits

July 2016

Souvenirs from Saltburn Pier
(click here for Yorkshire Anthem).

Photos taken after sunset, sandy beach in the background.

Mirna & John x

Postcard from Scotland

May 2016

Pat and Marco with their grandchildren at their son's wedding in Pitlochry.

February 2016

Playing bridge in Thailand can be a criminal offence - read here about it.

Postcard from Zagreb

January 2016

Voted Best European Christmas Destination 2016

Postcard from Scotland

Pat and Marco 11th October 2019
Finally we made it to Helen's Over 50 Gym Class!! We loved it, everyone was very welcoming and friendly and we came out fizzing with pheromones!!
(Videos available for viewing in the club)

Postcard from New York

A beautiful day today - view from our room over Central Park
from Barbara S 26th Oct 2019

Postcard from Cornwall

Tin mines from Poldark country. View from the South West Coast Path. You cannot see the bluebells nearby here or smell their perfume.

Postcard from Zagreb

January 2016

It used to take just 15 minutes on the tram to get to the centre... I wish I was there...

Postcard from Las Vegas

December 2015

"Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Chrissie"

Website Front Page Cartoon

November 2015

"You know why I am livid! You went to bed with an ace!"

Postcard from Lincoln

October 2015

"Harry at the Lincoln Memorial Service to Bomber Command.
Love Gwenda x"

Postcard from Chennai

October 2015

"Greetings from Chennai! - Derek"
Worlds Teams Championships 2015, Chennai, India -  England Ladies Team:
Sally Brock & Nicola Smith;
Heather Dhondy & Nevena Senior; Catherine Draper & Fiona Brown; NPC: Derek Patterson; Coach: David Burn

Postcard from the Isle of Skye

October 2015

"Hello from beautiful Portree. Pat and Marco"

Postcard from Mexico

October 2015

"Swimming with the dolphins in Mexico - Chrissie"
Ole! Do they do fit-showing jumps? wink

Postcard from Northumberland

September 2015

Weather good so far did Alnwick yesterday at Cragside today x (Marian)

Postcard from Wye Valley

Hi from Symonds Yat, Brad and Marian x

Postcard from Nairn

August 2015

"From Nairn Games. Massed pipes and drums. Love Mair x"
(see it on YouTube)

Postcard from Loch Ness

August 2015

"Hello from Loch Ness. Mair x"
Oops, he popped up just as I was uploading...

Postcard from Nairn

August 2015

"From Nairn Farmers Show
Love Mair x

Thank you for this lovely piccy, Mair. And here is a farmer playing bridge, not in Nairn, but in India.


July 2015

"Full results are available on this website within a couple of hours of the end of the session."

Postcard from Palma

June 2015

"Hello from Palma! Great hotel - life is goodsmiley
back next week - Peter Cox"

"Is this your holiday job, Peter?"
"From Peter Cox: Re Holiday job -
I get a bucket and spade to follow the horse!"

Postcard from Croatia

June 2015

Beautiful blue Adriatic, white sailing boats, oleander in bloom, scent of dalmatian pine, red sunset and bonaca, old fisherman with a glass of wine... and... a bridge club down the road!
                                                        Mirna &John x

Postcard from Kefalonia

June 2015

Hello from Norman K in Kefalonia. 
That's what you call a crystal clear sea!


May 2015

Postcard from New York

April 2015

Have you been wondering where Pat and Marco are? Here they are in New York with their daughter.