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Competition Winners

The following competitions are played in the club throughout the year:

  Club Championship

Trophy awarded for the Club Championship Pairs. The qualifying round is a two winner movement and the top 6 pairs in each direction qualify for the final 6 table full Howell. There is a 40% carry forward score. Normally the qualifier is on the second Thursday in August and the final the following Tuesday.


2019: Bill Charlwood & Stefan Syplywczak
2018: Alan Hodkinson & Ossie Saeed
2017: Keith Ashcroft & Stefan Syplywczak
2016: Bill Hirst & Pat Collins
2015: Gerald Tredinnick & Stuart Tredinnick
2014: Bill Charlwood & Jon Chapman
2013: Bill Charlwood & Jon Chapman
2012: James Foster & Brian Hogg
2011: Bill Charlwood & Farah Diggens
2010: Brad Featherman & Marian Hunt
2009: Bill Charlwood & Jon Chapman
2008: Jon Chapman & Paul Beckenham
2007: John Hemington & Keith Ashcroft
2006: Bill Charlwood & Jon Chapman
2005: Brian Grimwood & Janne Green
2004: David Powell & Adrian Lis
2003: Brad Featherman & Marian Hunt
2002: Michael Prior & Gary Wiles
2001: Marie Horlock & Tony Price
2000: David Powell & Brad Featherman
  Thursday Ladder

The Ladder is usually played each 2nd Thursday of each month. Dates are posted on the club noticeboard & on the website calendar. The winners of the Ladder receive the Ladder Trophy and other prizes are awarded to the top 10 pairs.

The Ladder is played over a period of eleven months, the first round is played in September and the last round in July.

Players are divided into three divisions.

  • First and Second Division are played as two 6 table full Howells (22 boards, 11 rounds each).
  • The Third Division is played as a one or two winner movement, depending on the number of tables.
  • Seating in Division One and Two is based on the overall ranking. Seating in Division Three is random.
  • If two halves of partnerships play together they will be deemed to represent both.
  • Players may play with a substitute, but 4 Ladder points will be deducted. When playing more than 4 times with a substitute, only 4 best substitute scores count.
  • Players may play with a non-member, but after 4 Ladder points for the substitute have been deducted, only 2/3rds of the remaining score counts.
  • All partnerships are automatically entered in the competition unless they specifically request not to, in which case they have to play in Division Three and are allocated 0 Ladder points.


Division 1 - 30 Ladder points to the winners, then down by 2.
Division 2 - 28 Ladder points to the winners, then down by 2.
Division 3 - 26 Ladder points to the winners, then down by 2 (for 11 or more pairs), 3 (for 8-10 pairs) and 4 for fewer pairs.

In addition 1 point is added for a result of 60% and above, 2 points for a result of 65% and above, 3 points for a result of 70% and above etc.
4 points are deducted for a substitute. No points are allocated to the absent pairs.
When playing more than 4 times with a substitute, only 4 best substitute scores count.
If playing with a non-member, after 4 Ladder points for the substitute have been deducted, only 2/3rds of the remaining score counts.

The total Ladder points are then calculated as:-

TOTAL = 1/4 of the worst result + 1/2 of the next two worst results + the rest.

If there is a tie for any place in the ladder after the last round, the three worst results are fully taken into account to determine the higher placed pair.


2018/2019: Annie Davies & Brian Davies
2017/2018: Mike Hampton & Michael Prior
2016/2017: Keith Ashcroft & Michael Collins
2015/2016: Gerald Tredinnick & Stuart Tredinnick
2014/2015: Bill Charlwood & Jon Chapman
2013/2014: Mike Hampton & Chris Wall
2012/2013: Norman Inniss & Stefan Syplywczak
2011/2012: Michael Prior & Keith Ashcroft
2010/2011: Norman Inniss & Stefan Syplywczak
2009/2010: Bill Charlwood & Jon Chapman
2008/2009: Bill Charlwood & Jon Chapman
2007/2008: Bill Charlwood & Jon Chapman
2006/2007: Michael Prior & Keith Ashcroft
2005/2006: Stuart Spinney & Graham Pound
2004/2005: Brad Featherman & Marian Hunt
2003/2004: Gary Wiles & Michael Prior
2002/2003: Tony Price & Mirna Goacher
2001/2002: Christine Kempton & Phil Jones
2000/2001: David Powell & Adrian Lis
1999/2000: Brad Featherman & Marian Hunt
1998/1999: Michael Prior & Gary Wiles
1997/1998: Michael Prior & Gary Wiles
1996/1997: Brad Featherman & Marian Hunt
1995/1996: Michael Prior & Gary Wiles


  Ladder Shield

Ladder Shield is awarded to the highest placed pair in the main Ladder event that never actually won it. Other prizes are also given to the second and third qualifying pairs.


2018/2019: Rodney Meredith & Tony Barker
2017/2018: Jean & Paul Fishleigh
2016/2017: Beryl Magrath & Naseer Dashti
2015/2016: Annie Thompson & Brian Davies
2013/2014: Norman Kincaid & Mike Pearson
2012/2013: Eleanor Keeley & Jim Cormack
2011/2012: Goodie Sehmi & Jean O'Doherty
2010/2011: James Foster & Brian Hogg
2009/2010: Roy Lambert & Bob Middleditch
2008/2009: Jenny Watson & David Futcher-Smith
2007/2008: Pat & Marco Alcalay
2006/2007: Joyce Hogston & Dave Parkinson
  Master Points Ladder

Prize awarded to the player with the highest number of master points. The competition runs for 12 months starting on the 1st August. Before 2010/2011 given to the winners of the combined Red and Green Section. Since then it is played in Red Section only to encourage competitive spirit among those members that normally don't play in Thursday Ladder.


2018/2019: Brian Mcintier
Runners up: Brian Casey(2nd) and Maureen Curry(3rd)
2017/2018: Ann Cowley
Runners up: Brian Mcintier(2nd) and Ian Cotton(3rd)
2016/2017: Ann Cowley
Runners up: Maureen Curry(2nd) and Brian Casey(3rd)
2015/2016: Ann Cowley
Runners up: Brian Mcintier(2nd) and Maureen Curry(3rd)
2014/2015: Brian Mcintier
Runners up: Ann Cowley(2nd) and Brenda Braybrooke(3rd)
2013/2014: Ann Cowley
Runners up: Brian Mcintier (2nd) and Maureen Curry (3rd)
2012/2013: Ann Cowley
2011/2012: Jean Rose    Runner Up: Des Gibson
2010/2011: Green Section: Adrian Lis     Red Section: Des Gibson
2009/2010: Graham Moorehouse    Runner Up: Adrian Lis
2008/2009: Bill Charlwood     Runner Up: Adrian Lis
2007/2008: Bert Balkwill
2006/2007: Alf Ricketts    Runner Up: Chandra Jeyaratnam
2005/2006: Adrian Lis
2004/2005: David Powell