Heart  Diamond
Release 2.19p
Session Payments

 Please remember to check you have sufficient  BB$ and that your Face to Face and/or Realbridge are in CREDIT


Well done to the following members:

April 2022

Graham Moxey  1 Star Regional Master

March 2022

Fred Hart  1 Star Premier Master

Wenda Wray     3 Star  Master

Tina Trivett       2 Star  Master

Gill Spurway     Advanced Master

Julia Gay          County Master

Hilary Cargill     Club Master

Bob Holder       Local Master

David Marshall  Local Master

February 2022

Roger Harris   2 Star Premier Master

Paul Winstone  1 Star Premier Master

Chenube Roy      County Master

Fearnley Martin   District Master

Mark Prentice     District Master

Christine Wimbush  District Master

Lawrence Kitchen   Area Master

Ann Roberts Phare  Club Master

Cynthia Sales         Club Master

Bob Roberts Phare  Local Master





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