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April 2016


 Number 57

            April 2016


Chairman’s Letter

Dear All,

At the AGM on 23rd March there was an almost unanimous vote to discontinue the newsletter as all the club information is on the website.

As this is, therefore, the last newsletter, I wanted to again thank all the committee, directors, teachers, helpers and all of you members who make the club such a success and so good to be a part of.

Unfortunately you are all suffering inconvenience due to the reduction in parking in the school yard and this will continue at least to the end of 2016. The school does need to refurbish some of its classrooms and so I ask you please to be patient and tolerant for the time being.

We have good relations with the school and our Licence arrangement works well, although over the winter the outside lighting has been a problem. At the AGM the committee was asked to rectify the lighting and some other problems, which we shall be doing.

Just as a reminder, under our Licence we have exclusive use of the building every weekday evening, Tuesday and Friday afternoons and all over the weekend. Because of this we are able to offer 4 nights play, supervised play, classes and occasional matches at the club.

Depending on the building remaining in good condition, we should be able to extend our Licence for further 5 year terms after the initial 25 year licence expires in 2018. In general, the building is in good order but it is very much in our interests to ensure that the building is well maintained. I am hopeful that we can use the building for at least 40 years.

As you know the committee has a policy of saving the club’s excess income each year for the provision of another building, but hopefully this is very much in the future.

The club was started in the mid-1960s. Unfortunately I am not sure exactly which year but certainly it has been running for about 50 years. I am hopeful that the club will continue for many more years.

I always feel proud and lucky that we have such a good club with wonderful members.

My kinds regards to you all,

Julie Jones.



The AGM was held on March 23rd and was attended by the Committee and 22 members.

Bridge Lectures     –         Arranged by David Telfer and Cliff Vince (with acknowledgement to Andrew Robson and thanks to Thea Sydenham for screen layout)Another 4 illuminating sessions led by David and Cliff, ably assisted during the practice hand play by Mike Campbell and Yves Le Brec.                                                           The subjects covered were Defence,Strong Hands,Simple (?!) Squeeze and Doubling. The sessions were attended by almost 40 members

£735.50 was raised for the Air Ambulance who saved the life of the daughter of one of our members last year.

A big thank you to all.

Sim Pairs

 The second year students who attend lessons at the club recently took part in a Sims Pairs for students run by the EBU. Leading the pack at the moment are Chichester pair Caroline Clarke-Jervoise and Sally Eisen with an excellent 73.43%. Followed closely by fellow class mates Jo Scholes and Alison Fitch in 5th place with 64.07% Well done to them and all the other students that took part.

Pro Am Evening

On Wednesday January 27th the Club held another PRO/AM evening.   Kerry Jackson was due to direct, but unfortunately she was unwell.   Peter Burns stood in for Kerry.   Thea Sydenham had previously paired up all the club members, so that on arrival everyone was allotted a partner, position and table.  This was a very efficient start to the evening.                                                                                    

It was a very successful and well attended evening the aim of which is to give the students a flavor of club. There were 10 ½ tables in play in a relaxed environment.   The winners were… N/S Alan Wagg and Babs Walker.  E/W Prue Davies and Jane Bellinger.

Mention must also to go our Chairman Julie Jones who took control of the kitchen and refreshments.                                                                                                                          Our thanks go to everyone involved in the organization of the evening.  Let’s hope the committee agrees to another evening of PRO/AM Bridge.



Arun League

Chichester was presented with the cup after winning the sixth and final match of the league on March 16th, having won all previous matches.

It has been a real team effort this year, with a total of 24 players taking part.  Teams were chosen to match the opposition and it was good to see some of the stronger players pitting their wits against Bognor who won the cup in recent years.

Many thanks to all who took part, the list is too long to mention each individual.  If you would like to be considered for next year, please contact organiser Thea Sydenham.  The matches are all played in a friendly spirit and it’s a good opportunity to gain match playing experience.

Sussex League

Further to the club’s success in the Arun league, we have also had a team in the Sussex league division 3 composed entirely of Chichester club pairs:  Chris Bury, Mike Campbell, Gerry Hegan, Peter MacLarens, David Telfer and Cliff Vince.   The matches are for teams of four and our pairs have competed in rotation.  With one match to play the team are currently top of the league and guaranteed promotion.  They have won their six matches thus far 20 – 0, 19 – 1, 15 – 5, 19 – 1, 20 – 0 and their most recent match away at Tunbridge Wells 16 – 4.  We look forward to following their progress in the second division next season where they will face another club player Yves Lebrec who already has a team in that division.

Our NICKO team this year (Mike Campbell, Gerry Hegan, Peter MacLarens and David Telfer) lost narrowly in the first round but have had some success in the plate competition.   Having beaten the Avenue ‘A’ team in the first round (away) they then beat the Avenue ‘B’ team at home last month.  They have now been drawn away to Patcham in the last 32 of this national competition and we wish them every success in this match next month.

December 2015


Number 56 

December 2015 


Club telephone 07974 777133 07974 777133 (only available when the club is open) 

Committee News 

New members - Peter Burns 

Ian Bartle 

David Telfer 

Sandra Ward Brown is the new Membership Secretary - Please let Sandra know if any of your contact details have changed since the last list was produced. 

Arun Lea ue 

Chichester won their first match against West Worthing Club by a good margin. 


Our new Random Seeded Teams Event has had a flying start with ten tables in September and again in October. The event is run on the fourth Thursday of each month (December excepted). 

Pairs intending to play do not need to be part of a foursome but must sign up on the club notice board in advance of playing. The field is divided into a top half and a bottom half using current NGS grades and teams are drawn at random one from each half of the field. Those drawn in the top half only play against others in the top half and similarly for those in the lower half. Hence it is not intimidating for those who are not so used to the cut and thrust of Monday and Thursday nights. New teams are drawn every month. 

The evenings will be scored as a competition from October to June, like the Ladder. Current leaders are Chris Burnard, Anne Richardson, Michael Ponsonby and Arthur Field. However, perhaps a bonus point should be awarded to Ursula Evans who was called in the middle of eating her tea last month to convert nine and three quarter tables into ten. She duly obliged and partnering Lavinia Massey for the first time, her team finished joint second. 

The evening is providing good bridge and is proving to be both fun and unpredictable. Everyone is welcome to give it a try but you MUST sign up in advance by the previous Monday on the sheet on the club notice board. 

Chari Brid e Evenin 

October 15th in aid of Chichester Area Talking News -A free service designed to keep visually impaired people informed and in touch through local news recorded on memory stick or CD. As usual the committee provided a marvellous spread for all who came to the charity evening. 

We had 9 tables with Kerry Jackson directing — Peter Burns and Ian Bartle came top N/S and Mike Campbell and David Telfer top E/W 

The amount of money raised for the charity through table money and the raffle was £384.00 

Thanks to all who contributed in any way. 

Su ervised Pla 

This has proved to be very popular with average 6 — 8 tables per afternoon. A bridge topic is covered briefly, followed by bidding, play, and discussion of prepared hands. If anyone else is interested, please contact Peter Burns on 023 9237 8766. 

2016 BRIDGE SEMINARS by David Telfer and Cliff Vince 

The committee is pleased to confirm that David will again give three classes in January/February 2016. They will take place on Tuesday evenings, January 19 and 26, and February 2nd. An additional seminar led by Cliff Vince will follow on February 9th. The seminars will involve tuition, followed by play. Notes on the topic and hand notes will be issued. Please make a note of the dates in your diary now! The classes are open to all members and students, but will not be suitable for beginners. 

There will be a charge of £7.50per person per lesson(or an upfront payment of £25.00 for all four). David and Cliff will donate the entire takings to Air Ambulance. 

To book a place or places, please sign up on the list on the board or e-mail class organiser (phone 01243 776540). 

Host Rota 

As usual, the host and directors rota is attached to this Newsletter. Will you please all take the time to read the instructions for the host scheme which are also attached. Members are requested to sign their name on the list once it is on the board so that Directors know the date has been noted 

Subscriptions are due in January please. 

New Members 

Welcome to Debbie Smith, Neil Joughin, Sheila Joughin & Alistair Murray. 

Beryl Richmond 

It is with sadness that we report the death of Beryl Richmond, Beryl was a member for many years and will be missed by her partners who were also friends. 

Mike Saunders 

It is with sadness that we also report the death of a very longstanding member, Mike Saunders. 


ImageA lot of work goes on behind the scenes to keep the bridge club running and pre-dealing the hands is one of the jobs. For various reasons a number of dealers are not able to continue with this commitment and we need to recruit new dealers and someone to take over the responsibility for the machine and the rota. Dealing duties, allocated for a three week period, come round two or three times a year depending on the number of dealers on the rota. The machine occasionally needs attention, but is generally trouble-free. Full training will be given. Please consider helping if you can — we all benefit from the hand records which are available online immediately after each session. Contact or phone 0123 776540 

Dates for the Diary 

January 27th — Pro-Am evening. All welcome to sign up for a fun evening where novices and students will be paired up with more experienced players for an evening of duplicate bridge. There will be a sign-up sheet on the board later this month, but for the moment can people reserve it in their diaries. 

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

April 2015



April 2015 


Club telephone 07974 77713307974 777133 (only available when the club is open) 


The directors at the club have now been using Bridgemates for scoring each event, for 5 months. They make a big difference to directors, who previously had to end the evening at 10.30pm, then go home & score the event on computer, which took another hour. Now, the event is finished and scored instantly, with results available straight away. We now have 12 directors using the system, and getting more confident all the time. New directors are also practising with Bridgemates. 

With thanks to Lilias & Rick for setting up the Bridgemates scoring system, and to Barbara & Judy for carrying on with the training. Roll on new technology 

Dealing and printed hand records 

There are currently six dealers, who undertake to deal boards for a three week period, dealing 12 sets of 32 boards during that time. It takes a minimum of 30 minutes to complete a set, apart from the time required to set up the equipment and transport the boxes from and to the club. Printing of the hand records is time consuming and costly. It was decided at a recent committee meeting that this would be discontinued since the introduction of the Bridgemates, hand records are available online immediately, eliminating the need for hard copies. There was a discussion at the AGM with regard to this with several people wanting to retain the hand held records. No decision was made but will be discussed again by the committee. Many thanks to all the dealers who undertake this work, which goes largely unnoticed! If anyone is interested in joining the dealer rota, the committee would be pleased to hear from you! 

Host Scheme / Rota 

With a few exceptions the host scheme has continued to run successfully. The new list will be displayed on the notice board as soon as it is available and members are reminded to check the list as soon as possible. PLEASE sign against your name to indicate acceptance and/or record any changes you have made so that the director knows who is acting as host that evening. 

Director Training 

The Club took advantage of the recent offer by the EBU to train more directors at the special rate of two for the price of one, also known as BOGOF Congratulations to newly qualified directors in February – Peter Burns and Thea Siddenham. 

Peter is also to be congratulated on getting a distinction in the final assessment. Mary Sharpe and Ann Bartle are currently in training with two more members going in May. 

Congratulations also to David Telfer. He is the ' level 5 Champion of Sussex’ in the 2014 Masterpoint Rankings. This means that in his category he achieved the most Master points in Sussex in 2014. 


The last of the six matches in the Arun league was played on March 18th, when Chichester won against Arun. Bognor won all their matches and retained the Cup, with Chichester in second place with four wins. Arun came third with two wins and West Worthing finished last. Many thanks to all who played in the league. Thanks also to Mike Percik from Arun who organised the League. He has announced his retirement from the role, as he is leaving the Arun club. Hopefully, a new organiser will step forward for 2015-16. 

Unfortunately Chichester ‘A’ (David Telfer & Mike Campbell, Peter McLarens & Gerry Hagan) and ‘B’ (Ken & Penny Haines, Thea Sydenham & Nigel Jolley) teams were knocked out of the NICKO competition. 

Lilias Lamont 

Lilias has been away in Uganda working as a volunteer doctor in a Medical Centre in Kimaka, a village near Jinja, Uganda. This is a new project, set up by the Order of St Camillus, which are a Catholic order dedicated to helping the sick. She is hoping to return in July. Lilias kept a diary whist she was there and would be happy to give a presentation (with photos) if anyone is interested 

Christmas party 

Thanks to the committee who as usual laid on a splendid spread and to David Telfer and Mike Campbell for ably directing us all to our correct seats as well as helping with the scores! 

Andrew Robson 

On Friday 23rd January, the Club once again welcomed Andrew Robson to lead a tutorial, this time on Card Placement – or how to become a ‘better guesser’! David Telfer’s words of welcome left us in no doubt as to Andrew’s pre-eminent standing as one of the world’s leading bridge players, but Andrew’s relaxed approach to the evening meant that we were inspired rather than overawed. Using his special ‘arrow-backed’ cards, Andrew guided 18 tables through a series of prepared hands highlighting the importance of counting points and ‘shapes’ in a more forensic approach to card play. The challenge for us all is to put seemingly straightforward observations into practice - which requires a clear head and 100% concentration. It’s just as well we’re a ‘dry’ club. 

Pro-Am Bridge evening 

Tuesday, February 10th saw the Pro-Am competition held at the club. We had 26 players, 14 novices and 12 regular club members. Michael Cook was promoted from the novice category to even things up! The evening was a very relaxed affair with students and novices rising to the challenge. 

The winners were, 1st Jean King partnered by Anne Dudley-Smith and 2nd Maggie Allgrove partnered by Peter Burns. All four won boxes of chocolates! 

It was nice to hear the novice players ask if we could run the event again next year or sooner. 

Many thanks to all the club players who turned out to give encouragement and help. 

Thanks Thank you to Chris Burnard who has stopped doing the newsletter after 3 years. 

New Members 

Welcome to new members: - 

Peter and Margaret Goldfarb, Maggie Allgrove, Anne Irwin-Brown, Abigail Rowe, Jean Buttery & Chris Northcott

December 2014




December  2014




Club telephone 07974 777133 (only available when the club is open)



Christmas Message from the Chairman

Christmas is almost here and I hope that as many of you as possible will be able to come to the Christmas Party on Thursday 18th December. The Students’ Party is on the 9th December and the Committee is again hoping for a good turnout. Both parties are good fun so please come.

I hope that you have enjoyed your bridge at the club this year. The big change has been the introduction of BridgeMates and the response to them has been very favourable. The Committee is most grateful to all those who have helped with their introduction and for getting us through a few initial problems.

As ever, I would like to say thank you to the Committee, Directors, BridgeMate assistants and all the others who help in various ways and also to all of you for making bridge at the club so enjoyable throughout this year.

With Best Wishes for Christmas and the New Year,

Julie Jones,  Chairman.


Shirley Stedman

It is with sadness that we report the death of Shirley Stedman.  The date and details of Shirley's funeral will follow.


Arun League and NICKO news

The Chichester team won the first match again Worthing West, but unfortunately lost the second one against a strong Bognor Team.  The third match takes place on December 10th against Arun.

Both teams entered in the NICKO competition lost their first match and will now compete in the Sussex Plate competition.  The A-team played against Hedge End and lost by a whisker, while the B-team played against Southampton, which proved too strong for the Chichester team.


Charity Evening

Many thanks to all of you who attended to the Charity Evening for the Air Ambulance in November  and to those who brought prizes.  The Evening raised £538 and the Sussex Sevens contributed £65 from their last event.


Andrew Robson

Andrew Robson will be teaching on 23rd January 2015. This session is open to both intermediate and advanced players. The session will last from 7-10 pm. If you can sign on the list as a pair that would be very helpful for the organisation. Charge of £10 per person to cover costs.

The club can take a maximum of 18 tables ie 72 players. So there will be a limit on numbers. This sessions is for club members only – we will not be able to accommodate visitors if they are as popular as before

Other sessions which the committee is planning to organise are a Pro-Am session and to set up a Buddy Scheme to support students and intermediate players as they improve. Any advanced players who are interested in supporting this, please contact Michael Cook, who will be organising this. Michael is on 0787 5313365


Heather Dhondy

Two successful teaching sessions were held in October by Heather Dhondy.   The evenings were well attended and many members found them to be interesting and useful.


Host Rota

As usual, the host and directors rota is attached to this Newsletter.   Will you please all take the time to read the instructions for  the  host scheme which are also attached.    Members are requested to sign their name on the list once it is on the board so that Directors know the date has been noted.


New Members

A warm welcome to Simon Reade,  Greg de Lacy, Roger Robinson, Patsy Johnson,  Chris Williams,  Nancy Von Koettlitz and  Alice McMillan.


                                         Merry Christmas and  a Happy New Year

Newsletter 52 August 2014




August 2014




Club telephone 07974 777133 (only available when the club is open)


Richard Lowe

Members will know of the sad news of the death of Richard Lowe.    Richard had four children with his first wife Suzanne and worked a as a scientist with Ferranti.    He married his second wife, Noel,  in 1979 and they moved to West Wittering when Richard retired in 1999. Richard was a long-standing member of the club and joined initially in 2000 with Noel.  Richard worked hard on behalf of the club helping to run the Saturday  bridge , the website, the directors rota  and also as a committee member. 

Richard ‘s funeral  took place on 22nd April at Chichester Crematorium.

 Also, we are sad to announce the death of  Jean Koennecke who was a member of the club for many years.  She died on 17th April.

Team News

The Chichester  team (Mike Campbell/David Telfer and Gerry Hegan/Peter Maclarens) have had mixed results in the NICKO and Sussex Plate.  In the NICKO they were narrowly beaten by a strong East Sussex team in the 4th round in a match that went right down to the last board.   They just missed out on an exciting tie in the next round as the team that beat them now play Sally Brock's seeded team.

In the Sussex Plate semi final they faced the Smallwood/Lucioni team.  The aforementioned pair won the South East pairs competition this month so it was always going to be a very tough match.  In a 28 board match the Chichester team were 20 imps down after 7 boards and 51 imps down at the half way stage.  The match looked to be all but over but staging the greatest comeback since Lazarus they won the 3rd and 4th quarters each by 31imps to win by 11imps and gain a place in the final.  We wish them lots of luck in the final.

A Great Team Win at the Sussex Championships

On 18th May four of our Chichester regulars won the Sussex Championship Teams plate, winning the final by a margin of 30imps.  This is not the premier teams competition of Sussex but it is a fiercely competitive event. The team of David Telfer, Michael Campbell, Gerry Hegan and Peter McLarens needed to beat teams from the Sussex first, second and third divisons to win the title.   It was a great team effort.   In the final David made a small slam with 28 points and a few boards later Mike did even better by making a small slam with 25 points.   All of this would have counted for nothing unless  Peter and Gerry had prevented their opponents from  making the same slam at the other table with their accurate defences. Congratulations to the team on their success.

Update on Bridgemates from Lilias Lamont

As you know, at the AGM it was agreed that the club would like to adopt bridgemates. Getting this underway was initially delayed because Richard Lowe, who sadly died in May, was the lead on this.

I have placed an order for Bridgemates. However, the company is currently out of new ones! This includes the UK and the head office in Rotterdam, Netherlands. We will not be able to get our own bridgemates until the end of August.

We have also ordered a club computer and printer from PC World, via Rick Assad. We will set up all the software on this computer. The school have kindly put us on their guest network, so we also have an internet connection. Rick, as a Hampshire committee member, has the Hampshire bridgemates, so when we have the computer set up, we will start some sessions with the Hampshire bridgemates.

Many thanks to all those who have volunteered to help with this. For the first few sessions, we would like people to continue to complete travellers, so results can be checked. I think it would be sensible if all directors were familiar with bridgemates, and helped as bridgemate operators. I will circulate a comprehensive 22 page guide to bridgemates as well as a “quick guide” to all directors and volunteer operators.

We will be sticking with Scorebridge as our scoring system for the first year, but once everyone is familiar with bridgemate use, this may change to the Jeff Smith system. This should not affect use of the bridgemates for players.

2014 Club Handicap Tournament and Ladder

The NGS Handicap and the Ladder have been completed. In both cases the lead changed on the final evening.

In the Ladder competition, Francesca and Mike Campbell with an excellent final round leapfrogged Chris Bury and David Telfer to secure first place. The Campbells have played consistently well in this tournament and are worthy winners.

In the NGS Handicap tournament, this time Mike Campbell was leapfrogged on the final night as Cliff Vince and Chris Bury scored very well to overtake him and secure a worthy and well earned joint first place. The handicap was a close fought competition and the top 50 scores are now on the website. Congratulation to all winners and participants.


Thank you to all who hosted a Thursday evening these last three months.  The system has worked very well, with members arranging a substitute when needed.  The new rota is now out – please check the list on the notice board against your name and arrange a swap if you are unable to make your allocated date. 

New Members        A warm welcome to Mary Hammond, Ken Snape and Yves Lebrec.

Newsletter 51 April 2014




April 2014




Club telephone 07974 777133 (only available when the club is open)



The prolonged period of rain this winter did not deter our Members from attending the Bridge Club and our events have been well attended.

It is with sadness that we learn that Paddy Baverstock passed away on Friday 3rd January.


The Chairman said that relations with the School were good.   The school has become an academy but this will not affect our licence or legal requirements.

The number of students attending classes is good.   Friday supervised play is also very successful with students learning many helpful aspects of play.

The Club’s finances are in good shape.

The Chairman was sorry that Vicki King  was resigning and thanked her for her tireless efforts in organising the classes.


The Ladder competition was  won by David Telfer and Chris Bury.

ThePerfect Partner competition was won by Francesca Campbell

The Wednesday ladder was won by Ros Brandon and Edward Johnson, and the Saturday ladder won by Liz Senior and Judy Hole.  Many congratulations to all winners.

The club will pay for entry fees for outside competitions that can only be entered by clubs eg NICO.   All other expenses are to be paid for  by players.

Committee elected

Julie Jones -  Chairman        Lilias Lamont – Secretary   P Davies -  membership secretary

Francesca Campbell  - catering       Thea Sydenham - running of classes

Michael Cook -  web wizard     Penny Haines -  acting  Treasurer




After much discussion it was decided to adopt the use of Bridgemates. The pros and cons were aired.  To start there will be a person in charge of the Bridgemates as well as a director during a session.

Arun League

Congratulations to Team Captain Debs Camp-Simpson and her partner Louise Mellor and team members Peter Dunne with Peter Burns, Gillian Williams and Anne Bartle and Anne Dudley-Smith with Karin Davies for beating Arun in our Third Arun League match of the season by 24 imps.

Our team, comprising Anne Dudley-Smith and Karin Davies, Francesca Campbell with Prue Davies, Thea Sydenham and Nigel Jolly and Peter Burns with Peter Dunne, unfortunately lost our fourth match of the season against West Worthing at home by a narrow margin of 14 imps.


In the NICKO,  Chichester ‘A’, Mike Campbell and David Telfer with Peter Burns and Peter Dunne had a fine win against a Petersfield team back in December in the second round of the NICKO.   They did particularly well recovering from being down by 32 imps at the half way point to win by 8 imps.  In the third round the team was Mike Campbell and David Telfer with Gerry Hegan and Peter McLarens and they had an excellent win against a highly regarded team from the Avenue Club in Brighton.   Further success has also come in the quarter finals of the Sussex Plate when Mike Campbell and David Telfer with Gerry Hegan and Peter McLarens beat Nigel Osmer’s team, last year’s winners.

Heather Dhondy

Heather Dhondy visited our Club in February to deliver two evenings of coaching, one for intermediate and one for advanced players.  Both evenings proved to be successful, and were greatly enjoyed by many members.

Host and Directors Rotas

In the recent past, Club members have been contacted prior to the  Host and Directors rotas being compiled.   However, this process was hampered by people not replying to enquiries regarding their availability and took about two weeks to complete.   This time, slots have been allocated and it is members’ responsibility to check when they are due to be Host or Director.   If you cannot attend on the allocated date, please make arrangements to swap with someone else, and enter the details on the paper Host and Directors rota on the Club noticeboard.

New Members

A warm welcome to new members Linda Stevens,  Bryan Stephens, Sue Newsom

Rupert Emerson  Jane Bellinger  David Robbins  Leigh Robbins  Liz MacLaren Sheila Peers.





December 2013



Club telephone 07974 777133 (only available when the club is open)


Christmas Message from our Chairlady, Julie Jones

It is difficult to believe that this year is almost at an end – the time has flown by.

I am pleased to say that the club is functioning well and I hope that you are all enjoying the facilities and your bridge. A big thank you to all of you, the committee and our directors and helpers for your support throughout the year.

There has been a major change this year in that the school has converted to an Academy from the 1st December. However, the change in its status does not affect our licence and other agreements with the school.

The Christmas parties are yet to come as I write this and I hope that many of you will be able to take part in one of them.

With Best Wishes for Christmas and the New Year, Julie Jones,

Sad News

We regret to inform members that Geoffrey Siddle died, aged 93, on Sunday 22nd September. Geoffrey was a long-standing member of the club and particularly enjoyed playing bridge.   Several Club members attended the funeral which was held at Chichester Crematorium on Friday 4th October.

Sadly, Lila Monks, a member of the Club for several years, passed away in November after a short illness.

Charity Evening

Our Charity Evening in aid of St. Wilfrid's Hospice was held on Thursday 19th September. A good time was had by all and congratulations to Kerry Jackson and Peter Dunne for winning the duplicate.   A donation of £550 has been sent to St. Wilfrid's so thanks to everyone who came and contributed.

Arun League

Congratulations to Team Captain Debs Camp-Simpson and her partner Thea Sydenham and team members Peter Dunne with Peter Burns, Shirley Stedman and Mike Parks and Anne Dudley-Smith with Karin Davies for beating West Worthing in our first Arun League match of the season by 36 imps.

Congratulations to Team Captain Debs Camp-Simpson and her partner Kerry Jackson and team members Peter Dunne with Peter Burns, Dennis Witcomb and Lilias Lamont and Ken and Penny Haines for beating Bognor in our second Arun League match of the season by 37 imps.

New Members

Pam Hart, Christine Harper, Pam Blythe, Fran Syson, Mike Dunckley, Yvonne Dunckley, Keith Hotchkiss,  Michael Cook, Chris Barker.

A Message from the Treasurer

It is nearly that time of the year when subscriptions are due.  The subscription has remained at £25 per annum.  Would you, very pretty please, pay this subscription as soon as possible after January 1st.  If you would like to give me a cheque before that date I will keep it to be banked in January.  Sincere thanks and wishing you a very Happy Christmas and healthy New Year.  Margaret Bray


         May I also wish you a very Happy Christmas and a peaceful New Year.

                               Christine Burnard – Newsletter Editor






August 2013



Club telephone 07974 777133 (only available when the club is open)



I hope you have all enjoyed the glorious summer, so different to last year’s incessant rain, and have returned from wonderful holidays ready for the Autumn.


Charity Event

The charity event this year will be on 19th September starting at 6.30 in aid of St Wilfrid’s Hospice. There will be canapés and a glass of wine (second glass of wine will be £1),               followed by a duplicate session.  Table money is £5 per player with prizes for the winners.  There will be a raffle. Those giving prizes for the raffle please give them to Penny Haines or another committee member.   Director Margaret Paterson, scorer Mike Webber.

 Wednesday nights

The format of Wednesday Evening Bridge has changed.   It is no longer restricted to "Improvers" and will consist of Duplicate Pairs. All club members are welcome to attend and it is not necessary to come with a partner. The Directors (kind souls) also act as hosts.

Arun League

Our team comprising Julie and Roger Jones, Prue Davies with Francesca Campbell, Ken and Penny Haines and David Telfer with Mike Campbell won their Arun League match against West Worthing on Wednesday 17th April by 47 imps.

This left Chichester in second place behind the League winners The Bognor Club. So congratulations to Bognor, but watch out for next year!

 NGS Handicap Competition

The mini Handicap Competition which was run over five months has proved a success and will be implemented as a full tournament in October when it will be run over 9 months with best six scores counting.

After a close competition the top 15 places for this year’s competition were as follows: 

1st equal Mike Campbell     67
                  David Telfer       67
3rd            Marie Howlettt    50
4th equal  Martin Stubbs      49
                  Carol Stubbs       49
                  Richard Smith     49
7th equal Doreen Read         48
                  Alan Wicken      48


9th equal Peter Dunne         45
                Kerry Jackson      45
11th equal Barrie Small       44
        Margaret Paterson        44
              Alan Jones             44
14th       Vicki King             43
15th   Geoffrey Siddle         42

Congratulations to all the above on an excellent performance.

Host system

Some members are unable to host for personal reasons (eg transport, carers needed for partners). Some members are unwilling to be hosts. Tournament directors and committee members are exempt. Thea Sydenham has kindly agreed to take on the rota for the Thursday hosts. There was concern that there were not enough volunteers for a host scheme on Monday as well. Penny Haines has agreed to take over from Ann Bartle the current arrangement of finding a partner if asked. There will be a new area on the noticeboard where members can sign up for dates they need a partner.

National Inter Club Knock Out Competition (NICKO) 2013/14

It was agreed that the club should support entries of teams for this event. Any number of teams (4 players) can enter this event. Entry Fee £66, Closing date 20th September 2013. See EBU website for the rules of entry. The club will pay the entry fee of any team who wish to enter, but will not fund travel or entertainment costs

New Members

A warm welcome to  James Estall     Ronnie Estall    Paddy Baverstock    Derek Perkins    Daphne Perkins    Louise Meller   Pat Sparkes  Geoff Cole  Anna Sierankowska.


Congratulations go to the following for their promotion to Local Master:  Anita Hitch, Roger Hitch, Thea Sydenham, Nick Huggett.

School Activities

Please note there will be Parents’ evenings on 3rd and 5th October.  As a result, parking may be difficult.

Speed Bumps

Finally, please beware of the “vicious” speed bumps which have been installed on the school drive and are very “car unfriendly”.






APRIL 2013



Club telephone 07974 777133 (only available when the club is open)


Spring has finally arrived after a long, grey, cold winter and the Bridge Club is thriving with good attendances at all our many events.

Sadly, we have lost several members of many years’ standing, including IngerThorskov who died aged 93, on 14th December 2012.  She particularly enjoyed Saturday nights at the Club.

 Derek Lakey passed away in hospital on 13th January.   Derek was a great character and a supporter of the Club for many years.

Denis Delaney, former Secretary to the Club, died on 25th February, and Keith Setchell passed away in March.  Keith worked tirelessly for the Club, fixing and mending anything which needed such attention.

AGM held on 27th March 2013

There were 39 members present including the Committee.  Apologies for absence had been received from another 37 members.

The adoption of the minutes from the 2012 AGM was proposed by Yvonne Graham and seconded by Sandra Ward-Brown, agreed unanimously and signed by the Chairman.

The Chairman gave her report in which she thanked everyone who helped in the running of the club, not just the committee members but the directors, tutors, the people who did the dealing machine, website and newsletter.  She said relations with the school stayed good.

The membership of the club stands at 188.  Mention was made of those no longer with us.

She further went on to say that agenda item 6 would not be dealt with at this AGM but would be dealt with under an EGM in the near future.

She was pleased to announce that Mike Webber had been awarded the Sussex County Bridge Gladys Hakki Award for his services to bridge.

The Treasurer reported that we were in a healthy state even though it was hard to get good interest on our investments.

The nomination of the Officers and Committee of the Club were as noted below.Julie Jones – Chairman:Margaret Bray – Treasurer:Lilias Lamont – Secretary:   Vicki KingPrueDavies  Penny HainesFrancesca CampbellRichard Lowe

Elizabeth Peavot proposed that they be duly elected; this was seconded by Anne Dudley Smith.

Under AOB – one item had been received which was for a change in the host system. However, members attending overwhelmingly voted to retain the current host system and several would like it extended to Mondays.  The Committee are to look at this.

The Chairman thanked everyone for coming and there was a presentation of gifts for those retiring committee members. Dennis Witcombe proposed a vote of thanks to the Committee. The meeting closed at 7.55 pm.

Bray-Richardson Trophy

Very many congratulations to Robin Birtley and John Parr for winning the Bray-Richardson Trophy on Wednesday 19th December

Handicap Competion

David Telferis running a new handicap competition on third Thursday of each month from February to June.   This gives everyone the chanceto shine and is proving to be great fun.

Arun League

Unfortunately we lost our Arun League home match against Bognor on Wednesday 20th February by the very narrow margin of just -3 imps.

Our team consisted of Chris Bury and Cliff Vince, Prue Davies with Francesca Campbell, David Telfer and Mike Campbell and Kerry Jackson with Nancy Free.

The next Arun League match was at home against Arun on Tuesday 19th March.  Our team consisted of Peter Dunne and Peter Burns, Prue Davies with Francesca Campbell, Kerry Jackson and Nancy Free and David Telfer with Mike Campbell.Our  team won  by the substantial margin of 110 imps.

Wing Cup

Congratulations to Frank Griffin and Greg Sharpe who won the 'Wing Cup' at this special event for Improvers on Wednesday 13th March.  Many thanks to David Wing for initiating the event and providing the Winners’ Cup and to Ken and Penny Haines for running the evening.  The Club contributed £52 to David’s charity.

Perfect Partner

Congratulations to Francesca Campbell for winning the Perfect Partner Competition for the third consecutive year and to runner up Alan Jones and Shirley Stedman in third place.


New Members

Nigel Jolley   Ursula Evans   Jo Johnson   Gillian Willison   Margaret Hammersley
Helen Scott-Cowell, Kevin Scott-Cowell, John Hardy, Ken Way, Linda Way.




December 2012


Club telephone 07974 777133 (only available when the club is open

Christmas Message from the Chairman

As the end of the year approaches, I wish you a Happy Christmas and a Prosperous New Year.

I hope you have enjoyed playing Bridge at the Club over the course of the year.  One of the highlights was the Andrew Robson evening which many of you supported.

Finally, I would like to thank you all for playing and my grateful thanks also go to the Committee, Directors and all those who help in many ways so that the Club runs smoothly.

Best Wishes, Julie Jones.


Subscriptions of £25 are due on 1 January. The Treasurer will be delighted to receive them promptly. Cheques should be made out to Chichester Bridge Club. Cheques can be posted to Penny Haines at 3 Beacon Square, Emsworth, PO10 7HU. Cash and cheques can be given to the person collecting the table money.

Charity Event

Autumn has seen the Club hosting a very successful charity event for St Wilfrid’s hospice, raising a grand total of  £500.

Andrew Robson Evening

There was great excitement in November when the charismatic Andrew Robson visited for the second time and gave an entertaining and informative lesson to  64 lucky Club members.  Many of the club’s very experienced players as well as several  Improvers came to hear and benefit from Andrew's exceptional talent. 

Andrew  ensured that everyone was involved as he walked between the tables giving advice and encouragement. The food prepared by the committee was much appreciated and a profit of approximately £60 was made for the club. At the end of the evening more than one person asked if the club would run another Andrew Robson evening again next year, if not every year.  David Telfer introduced Andrew and thanked him on behalf of the club at the end of the evening.

Sussex Pairs

Congratulations to Mike Campbell and David Telfer for finishing the first East/West pair and Lilias Lamont and Francesca Campbell for getting the third North/South spot in the County's Sussex Pairs heat held at The Bognor Club on 18th September.

Arun League

Our Arun League team of Peter Dunne and Peter Burns, David Telfer with Chris Bury, Ken and Penny Haines and Mike & Francesca Campbell did well in the First Match of the Season on Tuesday 16th October against West Worthing winning by a good margin.

Congratulations to them.

Chichester’s long run of wins in the Arun League finally came to an end on Wednesday 21 November when we narrowly lost to Bognor.

Our doughty team of David Telfer with Chris Bury, Ken and Penny Haines, the two Peters, Burns and Dunne, as well as joint captains Francesca and Mike Campbell put up a brave fight but, sadly, we lost by 12 imps.

Well done, Bognor. And we look forward to the return match – at home, next time – on Wednesday 20th February 2013.

Surrey Green Pointed Swiss Teams

A team of three Chichester Players and a visitor left Sussex and played in the Surrey Green Pointed Swiss Teams event on 30th September.

Our team of Bill Davies, Peter Mayes, John Austin and Ron Seymour came second out of a field of seventy six.Well done to all.

Master Point Promotions

Congratulations to Mike Parker, Vanda Rose and Margaret Lilley on attaining Local Master ranking.

 New Members

A welcome goes to Mike Payne and Nick Huggett.     

Lost Property

Please note that any lost property held at the Club will be taken to a Charity shop in the New Year if not claimed!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.




August 2012


Club telephone 07974 777133 (only available when the club is open)


Our  Bridge Club has continued to flourish this summer with members braving the floods and downpours to attend our many events.

On a sad note, we regret to inform members that Mr George Torrens died, aged 94, on Saturday 14th April. George and his wife, Marjorie, were long-standing members of the Chichester Bridge Club. They played regularly in the rubber bridge sessions on Tuesday afternoons and often played social bridge with other club members where George will be greatly missed.

The funeral took  place at on Friday 27th April at the Chichester Crematorium.

Another bridge player who will be sadly missed is Mrs Pam Pottage, who died during the night of 1st June. She was in hospital with her sons at her bedside.
Pam was a bridge Grand Master and a member of Chichester Bridge Club for many years, with her late husband, Michael.  Her funeral was held on Monday 18th June.

We have nine new members to whom we offer a warm welcome:
Christine Shaw                                   Roger Jones                          Jenny Ashby
Frank Griffin                                       Elizabeth Emms                   Jenny Walker 
John Taylor                                         Greg Sharpe                         Muriel Appelbee

Congratulations to Mike Campbell and David Telfer who came top in a fifteen table duplicate session at the Andrew Robson Bridge Club onWednesday 18th July. The strongest players were playing in the same direction as Mike and David and these included one full time professional.

Perfect Partner

The Club would like to congratulate Francesca Campbell for winning the Perfect Partner Competition for the second year running, closely followed in second place by her husband, Mike.

Ladder 2011/12

A storming finish for Peter and  Cliff, who are the Ladder Champions again.

Sims Pairs

Congratulations also go to Mike Parks and Prue Davies for being top Club Pair at 17th position nationwide in the Simultaneous Pairs Event held on Thursday 12th April and to John Austin and Peter Mayes for being second at 27th.

Wedding Bells

The Club would like to congratulate Michael Shaw and Brigitte Timmins on their marriage on Saturday 23rd June at St. Nicholas Church, Itchenor. We wish them well in their new life together.Reply to Prue Davies

Bridge Classes

The Classes are now advertised on the website and in many other places such as newspapers, parish magazines etc.   Beginners Friday 7 – 9 pm with John Austin.  2nd Year Monday          4 – 6pm with Kerry Jackson.  3rd Year Thursday 4 – 6 pm with John Austin.  Improvers Friday 4– 6 pm with Liz Senior and Penny Haines.

Chicago BridgeTuesday Afternoons

New – starting 21st August -  Chicago Bridge – no partner needed. 

The afternoon will start at 1.30pm.  Please contact Alison Porteus on 01243 785740 for more details.

Charity Evening

This year’s charity evening is on 27th September and is in aid of St Wilfrid’s Hospice. The cost will be £5 a head. RAFFLE PRIZES please to any member of the committee.  The evening will start at 6.30 pm with drinks and nibbles and play will commence at 7pm.

Christmas Parties and Closures

Xmas party is on 6th December, with Student’s Christmas Party on 14thDecember.

The club will be closed on 24th, 26th, 27th and 31stof December.

There will be bridge on Saturday 29th December.

The Championship pairs have been postponed due to lack of support.  Another attempt to run them will be made in the New Year when more people may wish to play.


Club House

The club has been decorated during August, and it is hoped that the curtains will be replaced in the near future.  Several new chairs have been purchased, and Ken has put many hours and much labour  into replacing feet and bottoms of many more, many thanks to him.



An evening with Andrew Robson at Chichester Bridge Club

Monday 5th November 2012

Drinks and Nibbles at 1830 for a 1900 Start  -  Finish 2230

Cost £15

Numbers Limited to 60 members – no guests

This event is likely to be oversubscribed. Places will be allocated by ballot if necessary.

Apply by October 1st to the Club Secretary, Kerry Jackson, with a sealed envelope containing your name and a cheque for £15 made payable to Chichester Bridge Club.  Mark the outside of the envelope ‘Andrew Robson’.

If there are over 60 applications the envelopes will be put into a ballot. To be fair to all it is one place per application. Couples and partners must apply separately, and we are sorry if only one of you gets a ticket.

If allocated a place, but you are then not able to attend, you must inform the Club Secretary (01243 265783) who will re-allocate your place to anyone remaining in the ballot.

 (And you thought seats for the Olympics were hard to get!)

A hand from Cliff Vince

Hand 16 on Thursday June 28 is interesting.

 Dealer West  Vul: E/W

                             S void

                        H A J !0 9 8 7 3 2

                        D Q 8 7 4

                    C 3

S J 8 5                                                 S A K Q 6 2

H 6                                                     H K Q 5

D A J 10 6 5 3                                      D 9 2

C Q J 5                                               C 8 6 2

                             S 10 9 7 4 3

                             H 4

                             D K

                                           C A K 10 9 7 4


North may open the bidding with 4H and play there, with the Spade A lead.

You can count at least 9 tricks (6 hearts, a diamond and 2 clubs). Your extra trick could come from a favourable trump position, a diamond ruff or a third club.


Your best play is to ruff the SA and lead to the DK. If East has the DA, then you will get a favourable trump return or you will be able to ruff a diamond.


Unfortunately, West wins the DA and naturally returns a trump. You finesse and East wins with the HQ. East might well continue with a "safe" spade, which you ruff. You now continue with HA and a low heart. East wins with the HK..

East might now lead a club, which will hold you to 9 tricks, but a diamond or another "safe" spade is more likely. If the return is a diamond or a spade, you win and cash winners until you reach this ending


                              S -

                          H 8

                      D 8 7

                      C 3

S -                                                     S Q

H -                                                     H -

D J                                                     D -

C Q J 5                                               C 8 6 2

                             S 10

                             H -

                             D -

                                           C A K 10


The play of the last heart will squeeze a club from first East and then West. So C AK10 will win the last three tricks.


Should East lead a club when winning with the H K?


Very definitely "Yes", because there are a number of clues:-


- If West had the DQ, he would have signalled that when the HA was played. So East knows Declarer has at least 9 tricks. Obviously a diamond return might be into a tenace which would give the extra trick.


- If Declarer had only 2 diamonds to start with (and hence 3 clubs) he will make the rest of the tricks regardless.


- if Declarer has 3 or 4 diamonds, it is obvious, to East, that West can be squeezed in clubs and diamonds, because East cannot help in either suit. A club lead now will prevent that in the case of Declarer having a single club.


- The only case where a club return would be wrong is when Declarer is also void in clubs. This is possible but less likely.








APRIL 2012


Club telephone 07974 777133 (only available when the club is open)


I would like to introduce myself as the new editor of the Chichester Bridge Club Newsletter.   My name is Christine Burnard and I have recently taken over from Ros Brandon to whom many thanks must go for her sterling work in producing  theNewsletters over the past year.

It is with sadness that the Club has learned of the deaths of Mrs Violet Burton and Mrs Joan Ainsworth, both of whom were  long-standing members of the Club

A warm welcomegoes  to our new members who are Marion Bruce, Clare Callaghan, John Parr, Gill Smith, Jacqueline Buchanan, Thea Sydenham and John Smith.

Brief Summary of the AGM by Kerry Jackson

The AGM was held on 28th March.  44 members were present including the committee.

The Chairman welcomed everyone and gave her report.

In brief relationship with the school still good.

There are 189 paid up members.  She gave a general report on the state of the bridge and classes, and thanks all those that helped, including the band of volunteers who do the dealing machine.  She also reported on the success of the various Christmas parties, the charity evening, the teaching weekend and the Andrew Robson evening.

Chichester Bridge Club have won the Arun League again this year, with a team comprising :

Mike Campbell – Captain                                 Cliff Vince

Francesca Campbell                                         Lillias Lamont

Peter Dunne                                                    Pam Pottage 

Ken Haines                                                     Penny Haines                                   

Dennis Witcomb                                              Rick Assad 

Mike Parks                                                     Chris Bury

David Telfer

The following were elected to the committee

Julie Jones - Chairman

Penny Haines - Treasurer

Mike Webber

Ros Brandon

Vicki King

Prue Davies

Kerry Jackson – Secretary

(There was one position vacant – since the AGM, the committee had co-opted Ken Haines).

There followed the Treasurers report – our finances are still good.
There were discussions about the dealing machine, prizes for competitions, competitions in general, repairs to the clubroom, and rudeness at tables

The Chairman thanked everyone for coming and the meeting closed at 8.10pm.


Monday 21 May Ladder R8

Monday 28 May Teams-of-four

Monday 18 June Ladder R9

Thursday 26 July Teams-of-four

Monday 30 July British Simultaneous Pairs ( table money £4 per head)

Arun League

On Wednesday 21 March, Chichester won the Arun League match against Arun Bridge Club by +40 imps. Chichester’s team consisted of Pam Pottage and Dennis Witcomb, Chris Bury with David Telfer, Peter Dunne and Mike Parks as well as Ken and Penny Haines. Well done to all and many thanks to Mike for stepping in at short notice.


For the attention of all players sitting North and East

Can all North scorers fill out their scores clearly, including Number of tricks made, and correct pair number for opposition. Make sure East checks & confirms score.

In the event of an error, director should be called, if practicable, to change a score. Otherwise, please make sure the adjusted score can be read clearly. If necessary, write it on a line at the bottom of the traveller.

Congratulations to the following on becoming Local Masters of the EBU

Margaret Bray                                           Judy Roberts                           John McEvoy

 Bob Dexter                                               Lesley West

Anne Dexter                                              Julie Magill

Jane Fenn-Smith        Lila Monks

Colette Gray                                              Catherine Plummer

Wednesday Improvers

Wednesday Improvers

It was confirmed at the last committee meeting that players attending Wednesday Improvers Duplicate should be current students or club members. However, non-students or non-members are welcome as visitors up to a maximum of six times per calendar year, from March 1st.
Thereafter, they must either apply to join a class, or for club membership. Table money for Wednesday evenings will be £2.00 (£3.00 for visitors).