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Bridge Club Library
Bridge club library

We now have a small library of bridge books that are available to be borrowed by members and students. It is on the shelves in the room where the table cloths are held.

If you want to borrow any book, please record the details in the folder with the books.  If there is a book  you would like to borrow that is already out, by all means approach the borrower with a request to borrow it. We would expect books to be passed on within a month if this is the case.

If there are any problems or queries, please contact Peter Burns.

Library books
Title Author Comment
Opening Leads Robert Ewen  
Bridge Conventions Made clear Rhoda Lederer  
Opening Leads for Acol Players Lwarence & Klinger  
Ron Klinger's Master Class Ron Klinger  
Modern Losing Trick Count Ron Klinger  
Breakthrough Bridge - Defence Zia & Grant  
Breakthrough Bridge - Declarer Play Zia & Grant  
Bridge Literature Nick Smith  
Modern Bidding Systems in Bridge    
Double Trouble Sally Horton  
Better Signalling Now Mark Horton  
Conventions Today Brian Senior  
Duplicate Pairs for you Andrew Kambites  
Better Duplicate Bridge Ron Klinger  
Precision System of Bidding Charles Goren  
Practice your Acol Bidding Rowlands et al   
Defensive Skills for you Andrew Kambites  
Bridge with the Times Jeremy Flint  
Guide to good Acol Bidding & play Ron Klinger  
Slam Bidding for you Andrew Kambites  
Basic Bridge Ron Klinger  
Card Play Made Easy 1 - safety plays and end plays Ron Klinger & Andrew Kambites  
Card Play Made Easy 2 - suit combinations Ron Klinger & Andrew Kambites  
Practice defense to multi Tom Townsend Practice series pamphlets
Practice Negative Doubles Hacketts Practice series pamphlets
Practice Benji 2 bids Hacketts Practice series pamphlets
Practice Weak 2 bids Hacketts Practice series pamphlets
Practice Pre-emptive bidding Hacketts Practice series pamphlets
Practice Asptro Nevena Senior Practice series pamphlets
Passport to Duplicate Bridge David Parry