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Thursday July 11th - Board 1

Board 1 on Thursday July 11 is interesting.


North plays in 3S after he opened 1NT and West had doubled South's 2C Stayman (clearly showing a good club suit).


East leads the C2 and the CA wins trick 1. (The C2 must be from a 3 or 4-card suit, so West has at least 5 clubs). The SQ is then successfully finessed.


Declarer can see probable losers of 1 club, 1 heart, 1 spade and at least 2 diamonds. Clearly 1 or 2 diamond tricks might be developed, so Declarer leads a diamond to finesse the D8, losing to the DQ.


West cashes the CK and exits with a heart, won by the HK. Another diamond is played. West wins the DA and exits with the D3. Declarer wins the 3rd round of diamonds and comes to hand with the SA. The SK does not fall.


Declarer counts West's hand - 3 spades, 3 diamonds and at least 5 clubs. Hence he has at most 1 heart remaining. So Declarer cashes the HA, and throws West in with the SK. The forced club return is ruffed in hand and a heart discarded from Dummy.


Dummy's SJ and 4th diamond give the last two tricks.


(Note that West can avoid the final throw-in by under-leading the CK at trick 4. East will win with the CQ and will be able to lead a second round of trumps. Declarer should have ducked the first round of clubs, in order to avoid this).