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Monday June 10th - Board 17

West will play in spades. Only 1 West managed to make 10 tricks


North will play 3 rounds of diamonds and Declarer will ruff the 3rd round.


Declarer should now lead a heart towards Dummy, intending to finesse the H8. North will probably go up with the HQ, and Declarer wins with the HA. (Note, if the finesse were to lose, Declarer would subsequently take a ruffing finesse, playing North for the other top honour.)


Trumps are finessed and Declarer discovers on the 2nd round that South has 4. A 3rd round should not be played, because a trump is required in Dummy to protect against a diamond return when a heart is lost.


Instead, the HJ will be led, which North will win with the HQ. North will not wish to give a ruff & discard or open up clubs, so will probably return a heart.


Now Declarer plays to the CK, and takes another trump finesse. The last trump is drawn and Declarer's hand is good. 10 tricks made.