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AGM/EGM Minutes 2014
Minutes of EGM Held on Monday 13th May



Chichester Bridge Club

Minutes of the Extraordinary General meeting held on Monday 13th May 2013

6.15 pm at the Clubhouse




Present: Julie Jones                Chairman

              Lilias Lamont            Secretary

              Margaret Bray            Treasurer

              Prue Davies

  Vicki King

  Penny Haines

  Francesca Campbell


And 25 members of the club


The meeting opened at 6.20 pm



1 Apologies for Absence


There were 33 members present including the Committee.  Apologies for absence were received from Sylvia Mundy, Sandra Ward-Brown, Tony Whiteley, Richard Lowe, Dennis Witcomb, John Austin, Jenny Ashby, Elizabeth Emms, Margaret Stanger, Mike Parks and Chris Coote.

The Chairman received 13 postal votes.


2. Chairman’s Statement


The Chairman thanked those present for attending. 


The Chairman explained that the purpose of the meeting was to ask the membership for the approval of a change in the constitution as proposed by the committee


The motion was that Clause 5(f) is substituted with the proposed Clause below, and the attached Schedule of Disciplinary procedures (which is referred to in Clause 5 (f)) is attached to the constitution as Appendix 1. The current Clause 5 (f) is:


“The Committee may suspend or terminate the membership of any member whose conduct they consider to be contrary to the interests of the Club, without being called upon to give reasons.”



The suggested new Clause 5(f)


“Each member of the Club shall be required in connection with the game of duplicate bridge and variations thereof, to conform to the standards of fairplay, courtesy and personal deportment prescribed in the Bye Laws and Regulations of the EBU.

The Committee and the Club shall have the powers for the enforcement of this requirement as set out in the Schedule of Disciplinary procedures (Appendix 1) which shall form part of these Rules and Constitution.

The terms Disciplinary Rules and Disciplinary Offences have the same meaning set out in the Bye Laws of the EBU Appendix A”




The reason for the change is that the current constitution does not have any form of procedure within it to follow should there be a significant complaint. It was felt that the current Clause 5 (f) was inadequate for several reasons, including that it is not in line with current EBU procedures. The committee were proposing to adopt the disciplinary procedures, which had been drawn up by the EBU for club use.


The Chairman then asked Lilias Lamont to explain the reason that it had come to light that we had no disciplinary procedure. LL explained that she had contacted the EBU on a different matter when a player had questioned a TD decision she had made and reported that it was biased. LL had received helpful advice on the relevant rules and procedure in such a circumstance and how to handle a similar situation in the future. Within the course of that discussion with the EBU, the chairman of the EBU Laws and Ethics Committee, Jeremy Dhondy, had pointed out that Chichester Bridge Club had no disciplinary procedure and it would be advisable to include in the constitution.


The Chairman then asked Ken Haines, who had publicly declared his opposition to the motion via e mail, to express his views. KH explained that he felt the suggested procedure was too adversarial and complicated with an unnecessary number of committees. He would prefer the procedure to be called a complaints procedure.


There followed a discussion among the members, some echoing KH’s concerns, others not. Vicki King stated that another club she knew of had had problems because they did not have an adequate procedure. The outcome had been unsatisfactory for both the complainant and the accused.



3. Voting


The letters, which the chairman received as postal votes, were placed in 2 piles on a table in the centre of the room.

Each member present was given an anonymised voting slip asking them to vote for or against the motion. The votes were placed in a ballot box.


The ballot box was opened by Kemal Ahmed (a past member present as a guest that evening), who counted the votes, including the postal votes.


4. Ballot Result


The results were


For the motion:             29 votes (including a postal vote that had been missed earlier)

Against the motion:             17 votes.


The constitution states that for a change to the rules a majority of 2/3 is required for a motion to be carried.

On this occasion, a 2/3 majority was not reached. (29 votes represent 63% of those who voted).  Therefore the motion was not carried.


The Chairman thanked everyone for coming. The outcome of the ballot will be discussed at the next committee meeting.


The meeting closed at 6.55 pm




Summary of AGM held on 27th March 2013

There were 39 members present including the Committee.  Apologies for absence had been received from another 37 members.

The adoption of the minutes from the 2012 AGM was proposed by Yvonne Graham and seconded by Sandra Ward-Brown, agreed unanimously and signed by the Chairman.

The Chairman gave her report in which she thanked everyone who helped in the running of the club, not just the committee members but the directors, tutors, the people who did the dealing machine, website and newsletter.  She said relations with the school stayed good.

The membership of the club stands at 188.  Mention was made of those no longer with us.

She further went on to say that agenda item 6 would not be dealt with at this AGM but would be dealt with under an EGM in the near future.

She was pleased to announce that Mike Webber had been awarded the Sussex County Bridge Gladys Hakki Award for his services to bridge.

The Treasurer reported that we were in a healthily state even though it was hard to get good interest on our investments.

The nomination of the Officers and Committee of the Club were as noted below.

Julie Jones – Chairman

Margaret Bray - Treasurer

Lilias Lamont - Secretary

Vicki King

Prue Davies

Penny Haines

Francesca Campbell

Richard Lowe

 Elizabeth Peavot proposed that they be duly elected; this was seconded by Anne Dudley Smith.

Under AOB – one item had been received which was for a change in the host system, however members attending overwhelming voted to retain the current host system and several would like it extended to Mondays.  The Committee are to look at this.

The Chairman thanked everyone for coming and there was a presentation of gifts for those retiring committee members.

 Dennis Witcombe proposed a vote of thanks to the Committee

The meeting closed at 7.55 pm