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Thursday May 2nd - Board 22

Another interesting hand.


South plays in 3NT, after West made a 1H overcall. West leads the HK, and East encourages with the HJ.


Declarer has 10 solid tricks, and has to wonder about making an 11th.


With only 10 points in opposition hands, West surely must have the SK for his bid.

Hence, if he is thrown in on the 10th trick, he will probably win another heart and then need to lead a spade away from the SK. (If he cleverly comes down to the SK singleton, you will still make 10 tricks.)


So, Declarer should win the first trick with the HA, and cash 8 minor-suit cards, ending in hand.


West probably discards 2 spades and 2 hearts, and East 2 hearts.


Now, you exit with the H7. West wins the HK and H10 and has to lead the SJ. You make the SQ & SA, for 11 tricks.