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Welcome to Chichester Bridge Club
What's New?

Ray Meredith Cup Ladder Pairs for 2022

As many of you will know the Ladder competition has been organised by Cliff Vince and run annually for over 30 years.  There was no competition last year but we are going to restart it commencing in February.  The scoring and format will be very similar to previous years; the regular evening tournaments that run on 3rd Monday of each month will be used for the Ladder.  The biggest difference is that this year it is a BBO online tournament rather than face-to-face.  The Ladder normally runs from October to June inclusive (9 tournaments) and we plan to start the 2022/2023 Ladder in October 2022.

This means that the 2022 Ladder which we are about to start will comprise of only 8 tournaments from February 2022 to September 2022 inclusive.

Here’s how the Ladder works:

You and your partner’s percentage score for the qualifying tournament (3rd Monday of the month) is converted to points as follows:

    • 35% and below scores 0 ladder points;
    • 65% and above scores 20 ladder points;
    • scores between 36% and 64% are converted to Ladder points ranging from 0 to 20 on a linear scale (see footnote below), so, for example, 50% scores 10 Ladder points.

The Ladder points for your pair are stored for the duration of the Ladder competition and the best 6 (out of 8 this year) are summed to make your Ladder total.  The winning pair is the highest points total at the end of the competition (after September’s 3rd Monday tournament).

So to have the best chance of winning you should play a minimum of 6 qualifying tournaments with the same partner.

You don’t have to do anything; when you play in a qualifying tournament your score will automatically be added to the Ladder and of course you are very welcome to play in Ladder qualifying tournaments even if you are not interested in the Ladder competition.  If don’t want to have your scores included at all in the Ladder please contact me and I’ll omit them.

If you have any questions or comments on the competition please contact Jon Brooks (  07932733870)

Footnote: The calculation is as follows: (tournament % minus 35) divided by 1.5 rounded to zero decimal places.  The result is capped at 20 (maximum) and any negative values converted to 0 (minimum).

Face-to-face and Online Sessions

We run regular club tournaments.

  • BBO Monday evenings, 7.00pm start.
  • Face-to-face Tuesday afternoons, 3.30pm start. Please don't arrive in the school car park before 3:15
  • BBO Wednesday evenings, 7.00pm start.
  • Face-to-face Thursday evenings, 7.00pm start.
  • Every other Friday afternoon, Face-to-face Gentle Bridge alternating with Supervised Play , 3:30pm start. Please don't arrive before 3:15. Check the Calendar for details.

For tournaments from Monday through to Thursday we plan to play 20 to 24 boards but the actual number will depend on turnout and the movement.  Occasionally it may be necessary to play more or less than this range; the Director will advise on the exact number and format before the Tournament commences.

2021 AGM

We held our AGM on Zoom on Tuesday 23rd March at 7.00 pm.  It was great to see more than 40 members attend. All the proposals were approved, and the relevant documents can be found on the website in the 2021 AGM section of the left hand menu. 

Minutes will be available in due course.



Why not join us?

Chichester Bridge Club is a friendly club which provides duplicate bridge and bridge classes for its members and potential members. New members and visitors are welcome. To get to know the club and its members, visitors may play up to two bridge sessions per calendar year after which they are requested to apply for membership. Please click here to apply for membership, the cost is £15 which extends until 31st December 2022.


Duplicate Pairs
Director: Peter Burns
Scorer: Margaret Stanger
Duplicate Pairs
Director: Carolyn
Scorer: Carolyn Cox
Duplicate Pairs
Director: Thea Sydenham
Scorer: Thea Sydenham
Duplicate Pairs
Director: Margaret
Gentle Bridge
Director: Sarah Hutchinsonon
Scorer: Carolyn Coc
Fri 28th Jan 2022
Supervised Play
Clubhouse 3:30pm
Director: Thea
Mon 31st Jan 2022
Duplicate Pairs
BBO 7pm
Director: Jon
Tue 1st Feb 2022
Duplicate Pairs
Clubhouse 3.30pm
Director: Jon
Wed 2nd Feb 2022
Duplicate Pairs
BBO 7pm
Director: Liz
Thu 3rd Feb 2022
Duplicate Pairs
Clubhouse 7pm
Director: Thea