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Welcome to Chicago Duplicate Bridge
About Chicago Duplicate Bridge







Chicago Duplicate Bridge Inc. is a 501(c)(3) Not For Profit Corporation that runs a Bridge Club in Downtown Chicago. Financial Members of the Bridge Club elect the 7 Board Directors on a rotational basis. Our mission is to encourage and facilitate the growth of Bridge in the City of Chicago. Find us here or email to 




  This Week at Chicago Duplicate Bridge  

Chicago Duplicate Bridge has a new home--Dearborn Station, 47 W. Polk!

And a new phone number: 872-802-7941!

Day Time Games/Lessons  Learning / Joint Games Dir./Instructor Topic
MON 9:30   $35 Advanced Lesson Gino Ginossar Slam Bidding
  12:15 299er $12   Patt Quinn F2F
  12:15 Open $12   Patt Quinn F2F
  Postgame     Game Post-Mortem Gino Ginossar  
  6:30 Open BB$7 CDB/Clare VACB270876 ACBL Virtual Clubs
TUES 12:15 Open BB$7   VACB270876  
  6:30 Open $12   Dave Schroeder F2F
  9:30   $35 I/N Lesson Gino Ginossar NT Structure
  12:15 299er $12   Jim O'Neil F2F
  12:15   $12   Jim O'Neil F2F
WED Postgame     Game Post-Mortem Gino Ginossar  
  6:30 Open BB$7 CDB/Clare VACB275776 ACBL Virtual Clubs
THUR 12:15 Open $12   Jim O'Neil F2F
  6:25 299er $12 Matthew Dyer F2F
  6:30 Open $12   Matthew Dyer F2F
  11:00   $5 Supervised Play (no fee with game entry) Barry Little  
FRI 12:15 299er $12   Patt Quinn  
  6:30 Open BB$7 TreeTowns VACB163741 ACBL Virtual Clubs
SAT 12:15 499er $12   Jim O'Neil  
  12:15 Open $12   Jim O'Neil  
SUN 1:00 Open BB$7   VACB270876  



Contact with any questions or comments. 

Chicago Duplicate Bridge Board





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September 21, 2021
Open Pairs
Dearborn 6.30pm
Director: Dave Schroeder
September 22, 2021
Open Pairs
Dearborn 12.15pm
Director: Jim O'Neil
September 22, 2021
299er Pairs
Dearborn 12.15pm
Director: Jim O'Neil
Director: Jim O'Neil
Tuesday Evening Pairs
Director: David Schroeder
Open Pairs
Director: Patt Quinn