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Welcome to Chicago Duplicate Bridge
About Chicago Duplicate Bridge







Chicago Duplicate Bridge Inc. is a 501(c)(3) Not For Profit Corporation that runs a Bridge Club in Downtown Chicago. Financial Members of the Bridge Club elect the 7 Board Directors on a rotational basis. Our mission is to encourage and facilitate the growth of Bridge in the City of Chicago. Find us at 820 N Orleans, West on Institute Place, 4th Floor Suite 402. Our Phone # is (312) 631-3948. Check "Information" for other what and where details of the Club, including a Map of our location. 



 Upcoming Special Events  

September 1, Sunday – Club Closed

September 2, Monday – 12:15 Open and 299er Games

September 3, Tuesday evening – Mentor/Advanced Mentee Game

September 8, Sunday – Swiss Teams

September 10, Tuesday evening – Individual Plaque Event

September 20, Friday -- Free Intermediate Lesson by Gino Ginossar

October 5, Saturday Rank Advancement Party; I/N Plaque Event

October 25, evening – Annual Meeting and Election

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September 19, 2019
100ers/Open Fast International Fund
Director: Patt Quinn
September 20, 2019
Gino Free Lesson & Supervised Play
Director: Gino Ginossar
September 20, 2019
99er/Open International Fund
Director: Jim O'Neil/Carolyn Naselli
International Fund
Director: James G. O'Neil
International Fund299/Open International Fund
Director: James G. O'Neil
International Fund
Director: James G. O'Neil