The Bridge Club of Chiang Mai
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If you wish to join us in a game of contract bridge in a friendly, congenial atmosphere, please contact Jim.

We hope you like what you see and that we will be playing bridge with you at the Club soon!

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Winter Pairs Update
Winter Pairs Update

Greetings from India. We are staying, and playing bridge, at the wonderful Udaipur Lake Palace. We thought that we would send you a couple of photos as possible items for the web site. See you later this month.

Cheers, Neil


BCCM Buddy System

The Bridge Club Buddy System is up and running.

Once again the members of the Chiang Mai Bridge Club have stepped up to help their fellow members. The response of those that are willing to be Buddies is 7:1 for those that have requested a Buddy.

Away from the bridge table we are compassionate and caring people. We can all be proud to be members of a “Friendly” Bridge Club.

Although the program is in full motion, any person can request a Buddy at anytime by e-mailing Cinda Rankin.

Some further thoughts,

1. Do you have “In Case of Emergency” information readily available?
2. In case of an accident or sudden illness are you carrying identification and contact information?
3. Have you provided information so your family members can be contacted in case of emergency?

Expect the best, but plan for the worst.

For information please contact Cinda by email or on her mobile 080-131-2884 and she will put you in touch with a helping hand. You may also use the "Contact Us" form (link on the homepage) and we will get the ball rolling.