The Bridge Club of Chiang Mai
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If you wish to join us in a game of contract bridge in a friendly, congenial atmosphere, please contact Jim.

We hope you like what you see and that we will be playing bridge with you at the Club soon!

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BCCM Book Exchange

The members of the BCCM supplied their used books to the library as a service to other members. Cinda Rankin did a masterfull job of organizing the library. There's no rules for use, like "take 1 - leave 1". Just respect the principle behind the free exchange of books. If you get them here, leave them here, or exchange for ones you may have that others might enjoy.

The largest group of books is the fiction paperback books which are arranged alphabetically by author. Fiction hardback books and larger paperback books are also organized alphabetically by author. All of these can be found on the book shelves near the staircase.

In the bookcase which is located at the end of the bar (away from the toilets), you will find books in these categories:

* Bridge Books
* TravelBooks
* History and Political Books
* Self-Help Books
* Buddhism Books
* Etcetera

There is also lots of DVD’s in this bookshelf.

There is a box labeled “Books to be Shelved”, it is on the floor under the fiction books. If new books or returned books are placed in this box, Cinda will put them on the shelves and try to keep things organized.