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Congratulations to Sally and Steve on winning the Mixed Pairs.


Welcome to Cheltenham Nomads Bridge Club
Welcome to the Cheltenham Nomads Bridge Club


The Club holds duplicates
 Thursday evenings from 7pm
Cheltenham Bridge Club

4 Tivoli Road.



We are affiliated to the GCBA/EBU

Club events are open to all players (both members of a pair or all members of a team) who have previously played at least THREE TIMES in the same calendar year in thursday evening duplicate.

Mens Pairs and Womens Pairs are held together; for a section to be valid there must be at least 3 competing pairs present and the leading relevant score must be over 50%

See Bulletin (left) for the latest info.


Special Dates

The final of the Ace of Clubs is scheduled to be held on Sunday 29th March 2020.   To qualify for entry you must appear in the upper half of a qualifying heat.   The club will hold 2 qualifying heats on 23rd January and 6th February respectively.

Director: Joe
Thursday Pairs
Director: Joe
Director: Joe