Cheltenham Bridge Club
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Emergency Contacts
The Club landline number is 01242 522502,  but in the case of an emergency please call 07515 398027 (Pauline Sanderson) or 07787 148152 (Lesley Harrison)

Cheltenham Bridge Club
is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation.
Registered Charity No:   1188825


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Did you know?

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Election of Members of the Management Committee
Election of Members of the Management Committee

Nominations for Management Committee

There are several positions open for nominations for the Management Committee

The following Committee Members are retiring:

Mel Barlow          Chairperson
Lesley Harrison   
Formerly Vice Chairperson
Ed Pigott             Treasurer
Judith Sanis        Bridge Programme
Kate Maxwell      Player Development (Teaching)
Hugh Wilkinson  Member Services and Communication

Recommended Management Committee Nominees:

Chairperson                      Chris Healy
Vice Chairperson              Toby Roberts
Treasurer                          Angela Gatliff
Bridge Programme           John Skjonnemand
Player Development         Nicola Renshaw
IT                                      Pauline Sanderson
Membership Secretary     Linda Barratt

Membership Services and Communication   Beverly Graham-Jones

These nominees are proposed by Lesley Harrison and seconded by Hugh Wilkinson


Health Safety and Environment

Continuing Management Committee Members:

Teresa Thomas – Secretary
Peter Swales – Premises
John Skjonnemand (formerly Membership Secretary)
Chris Healy (Vice Chairperson to become Chairperson)
Pauline Sanderson - IT (Incumbent, to be ratified)
Linda Barratt - Membership Secretary (Incumbent, to be ratified)

Role Descriptions for all Management Committee roles are listed in Schedule C of the Club Rules

The term of a Management Committee member is two years.  The Committee generally meets once per month for approximately two hours.  

There is no specific requirement to nominate a member for a stated role on the Management Committee.  However, it is important that nominees do have an interest in contributing to at least one of the portfolios that is vacant.

To nominate a member for election to the Management Committee please complete the following form and send a head and shoulders photo to