Cheltenham Bridge Club
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Emergency Contacts
The Club landline number is 01242 522502,  but in the case of an emergency please call 07515 398027 (Pauline Sanderson) or 07787 148152 (Lesley Harrison)

Cheltenham Bridge Club
is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation.
Registered Charity No:   1188825


Did you know?
Did you know?

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Members Accts & How to Pay
Members Accounts

Members Accounts

All members, online visitors and students have their own personal Player Account on the CBC website.
Use your account to pay for RealBridge and Face-to-face sessions played at the club'

*NB for BBO sessions you should pay in BB$ on the BBO website. Your BBO account is quite separate from your CBC personal account, and unfortunately, it is not possible to transfer funds between them.

Please credit your account with bank transfer payment in advance of playing as described in the panel below. For your convenience, it is suggested that you pay in a lump sum from which your match fees will be deducted. You will only pay for sessions in which you actually play.

To view the balance on your Members Account, login to the Members Only Area and select the 'Payment A/C' tab. You will also be sent a regular statement by email.

*N.B. there may be a short delay before your payments appear in your CBC website account. 

For the payment of Subscriptions please click here see   Membership and How to Join .

How to Pay into your Members Account

How to Pay

Bank Transfer (preferred)

Payee:          Cheltenham Bridge Club
Sort Code :  40-17-53
Account:      01572253
Reference:   EBU

NB. Please always use your EBU Number as your Reference, not doing so, makes it harder to identify you. You can easily look up your reference number at the bottom of this page - even if you don't have an EBU number.

To Pay for your Partner

  • If one person of a partnership wishes to pay for his or her partner, then this would need to be two separate bank transfers, one with your Reference, and the other with your partner's Reference. If you pay with a single bank transfer, we will credit the reference you supply with the full amount - we cannot know that part of the payment is intended for another player's account. 
  • For husband and wife partnerships, please contact us first if you wish to make a special fixed arrangement for one of you to pay for both.

Ask a Friend or Relative

  • Whoever pays, must use your Reference so that we know who to credit.
  • A friend or relative can make a bank transfer payment for you using your Reference.

Pay by Cheque (non-preferred)

  • As a last resort, bring (or post) a cheque to the Club, with a covering note giving your Reference.
  • Paying for several sessions in advance will be less effort all round.

Type your surname in the Search to look up your EBU Number :