Cheltenham Bridge Club
Release 2.19r
Emergency Contacts
The Club landline number is 01242 522502,  but in the case of an emergency please call 07515 398027 (Pauline Sanderson) or 07787 148152 (Lesley Harrison)
Database Key
Database Key

Explanation of Database Fields

The status of those listed in the database is described by two fields: BW Status and Club Status. We can describe the status of each person by giving values to just these two fields.

BW Status = Member means someone who has paid a subscription (or is in a grace period for paying e.g. during January).
BW Status = Visitor means someone who is a visitor or a guest.
BW Status = RIP means deceased.
BW Status = Held means everyone else.

The Club Status values of Honorary, Full, Online, Student, Visitor are self-explanatory.
Grace means we are expecting payment soon.
Lapsed means someone who was a former member but has not renewed their subscription.

Most Common Combinations

BW Status Club Status (one of)
Member Honorary, Full, Online, Student, Grace
Held Lapsed, Guest, Grace


  BW Status Club Status
A Full Member of the club Member Full
An Online Visitor (online only) Member Online
A Student member Member Student
An Honorary member Member Honorary
A Visitor or Guest Visitor Visitor
Member, waiting for subs payment Member Grace
A former member Held Lapsed
A non-member e.g. U3A players Held Guest
A prospective new member Held Grace


Email Groups

These are set independently of BW & Club Status. We can easily add new groups as required. Use these for creating Email groups that cannot be generated using the other data fields.
BBO, BCL, FB Has an online account with BBO, BCL, FunBridge
BDIR BBO Director
COM Committee Member
TRU Trustee
IT IT Subcommittee
U3A U3A Player
Y3S Year 3 Student
SE1 Non Member eligible for a Special Event



Only if we have no EBU number, allocate a unique "dummy" number in the range 888000 to 888999 (so as not to be confused with a real EBU number). Order the Membership List by EBU Number to find the next available number. This is so that all members whether they have a regular EBU number or not can use this number as their reference for their Members Account. Club Id numbers would be better but unfortunately they get re-allocated and it is really important that payment references are precise and unique. I know this is clumsy, but until we stop re-allocating Club Id numbers, I can't think of a better way.

Club Id

Club Id number as allocated in Pianola.

Other Database Fields

Show in Lists Set to 'Yes' to appear in Member, BBO Lists      
Join / Leave Data Not currently used
Club Renewal Date Date when subscription expires
Club Notes Notes - not visible to members
Member Notes Notes for Member's private usage
Stale Data Lapsed data e.g. Club Status, Club Number
Club 4,5,6,7,8 Spare data fields for future use
Member Admin Grant members access to specific admin areas