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Emergency Contact

The Club landline number is 01242 522502,  but in the case of an emergency please call 01242 524890 (chairman).

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Application for Full Membership
  • Please read the following and complete the form below; this is the preferred method to join Cheltenham Bridge Club.
  • The club's preferred method of contact is by email.
  • As a non-preferred alternative, for example if you do not have an email address, you may download a Membership Application Form here for printing and posting to the club.
  • Cheltenham Bridge Club is affiliated to the English Bridge Union (EBU) and by joining the club you will automatically become a member of the EBU. You will also become a member of Gloucestershire County Bridge Association (GCBA) and the personal information on this form will be passed across to them.
  • If you play online using Bridge Base Online (BBO), we ask for your BBO username for CBC online sessions. If you don't have a BBO account, enter 'none'.
  • To join the club a prospective member must be proposed & seconded by two people who have been members of the club for more than one year.
  • Members should observe the behaviour code described here: Best Behaviour.
  • To comply with the General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR, we need you to confirm how you wish us to handle your personal data and communicate with you. Please read the club's Privacy Notice for how we use your data and for what purpose.
  • Please make the Chairman or Membership Secretary or aware of any physical/medical difficulties you may have which would be helpful for us to know (either privately or in the form below - this is optional).
  • Cheltenham Bridge Club is only able to function because of the contributions of many of its members in supporting the club's activities. If you would be happy to help, please describe any skills, expertise or general areas of interest in the form below.
  • Information that you disclose will be held securely and not passed to any other organisation unless we are legally obliged to do so.
  • By submitting the form below, you agree that your name (and no other information) will be displayed on the Club Noticeboard for all club members to see. This will be removed after two weeks.
  • Any club member should send any endorsements or objections to an applicant becoming a member of the club to the membership secretary.
Joining Fee: £20
Annual Subscription:   £25 - Pro-rata for those joining part way through the year. 
Table-money: £3.50 per session or 4BB$ per BBO online session

If you have already paid £25 to become an Online Visitor, then only the Joining Fee is payable to convert to a Full Member.

Questions marked with an asterisk * are compulsary.