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Emergency Contact

The Club landline number is 01242 522502,  but in the case of an emergency please call 01242 524890 (chairman).

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BBO Lists

This page holds BBO Include Lists for various sets of players. The main club list can be supplemented by appending other lists as required.

Use the URL below to manage your include / exclude lists:

The host enters their username and password, selects whether they want to manage the include or exclude list, and chooses one of the operations: replace, append, remove, or download.

Replace -> re-writes host’s list
Append -> adds to host’s list
Remove -> deletes host’s list
Download -> downloads the list as a .txt file

The Include Lists that can be downloaded from this page are CSV files which can be uploaded to the BBO tool directly.

More details here.

BBO Main Club Include List

Main Club Include List for CBC members.
This includes full members, online members, and student members .