Cheltenham Bridge Club
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Emergency Contacts
The Club landline number is 01242 522502,  but in the case of an emergency please call 07515 398027 (Pauline Sanderson) or 07787 148152 (Lesley Harrison)

Cheltenham Bridge Club
is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation.
Registered Charity No:   1188825


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Did you know?

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BBO Sessions Description
Guidelines for CBC BBO Sessions

Open tournaments

  • Our thanks to our own Cheltenham Director volunteers and to Sarah Amos for hosting and directing.
  • Our thanks to our own Cheltenham Scoring volunteers for publishing the results and uploading them to the EBU for allocation of master points.
  • The director of the day will make sensible decisions about the movement based on the number of entries.
  • We will aim to play for around 2 hours - this is expected to be around 18 boards.
  • Each round of 2 boards will last approximately 14 minutes, and a round will be called if all play has finished within this time.
  • At the Director's discretion, rounds may be extended.
  • Players can choose to play with a robot.
  • Substitutes will be allowed either from the wider BBO community, or by selecting a robot. This will avoid a half-table or keep play going if a player drops out.
  • Use of the UNDO button is allowed for mis-clicks only (not for change of mind!).
  • Opponents are urged to be generous in agreeing to UNDO requests.
  • If a player loses connection, and logs back in quickly, they will be reseated.
  • Scoring will be by Matchpoints.
  • Kibbitzers are allowed but no chatting to players.
  • Master Points awarded, and events will qualify towards NGS rating.
  • Payment of 4BB$ on BBO when registering.

Gentle Bridge

  • As above but,
  • For less experienced players.
  • We suggest that these sessions are most suited to those with an NGS grade of 7 or lower.
  • We aim to play 14 to 16 boards, allowing 8 to 9 minutes per board.
  • Substitutes will be used at the discretion of the Director.
  • Kibitzers not allowed.