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The Club landline number is 01242 522502,  but in the case of an emergency please call 01242 524890 (chairman).

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Regular Bridge Sessions


We know that lots of you are back at work.  So we have 3 evening sessions starting at 19.30:

19:30 Tuesday evening – normal pairs event
19:30 Wednesday evening – Danish Pairs (a little different from F2F Swiss but you will be playing those who have a similar score)
19:30 Friday evening – pairs but with IMPs scoring  (so the strategy would be more like a team game)

We will have a leader board for each evening with the best 3 scores each month qualifying for the “best of the month”

All morning sessions start at 10.00.  All afternoons start at 13.45.

13:45 Monday afternoon - open session
13:45 Tuesday afternoon - open session
13:45 Thursday afternoon - open session
13:45 Friday afternoon - open session
10:00 Saturday morning - open session

We will have a leader board for the top individual and the top pair each month for the day time sessions.

We have 3 gentle bridge sessions for players with NGS 7 or below.

10:00 Tuesday morning
19:00 Wednesday evening
10:00 Thursday morning

We will play slightly fewer boards at a gentle pace.  A friendly way to improve your bridge. We will have a gentle bridge leader board each month

You may also want to check out the GCBA website –