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Emergency Contact

The Club landline number is 01242 522502,  but in the case of an emergency please call 01242 524890 (chairman).

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Play on BBO

Online play. Bridge Base Online (BBO) is the largest online Bridge platform, providing for club and social play, tournaments and practice play. 

  • You will need to create an account on the BBO website with a unique username.
  • You will need to buy credit in US dollars in advance on the BBO website.
  • You will need to register your username with CBC.
  • Play in CBC sessions by going to the BBO website, logging in, finding the session, and registering to play.
  • Robots are allowed. You may choose to partner a Robot, and Robot pairs are used to avoid sit-outs.
  • You will need to "Self-Alert" your own bids.

Initial Preparation


Playing Tips