Chelmsford Bridge Club
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RealBridge - Social Room Table Reservation
RealBridge - Social Room Table Reservation

I would like to reserve a RealBridge Social Room table for the date below.

Please note

  • Tables are available every day of the week (Monday to Sunday)
  • The Social Room will be open all day (9am to midnight), and you can choose when during the day you would like to play
  • You may play up to 20 boards in each session
  • Tables must be reserved in advance using this form, naming the 4 players, by 9pm the day before
  • You may reserve tables as far in advance as you like, but please only reserve if you have a reasonable expectation of playing
  • The session link to play will be emailed to players by 9am on the day of the reservation to the their registered email addresses
  • All players must have registered for membership of the club, and will be expected to pay the annual subscription (£2 for the current year up to 31st August)
  • The cost is £2.40 per table
  • All charges will be invoiced monthly in arrears, and you will only be charged if you play